I strongly believe the FAA and Ronald Wood are guilty of violating the RICO Act

Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Ohio Employees in Year 2017

FAA Corruption is Rampant
Attention John Mayfield-Metro Airport FAA-page 8
Attention John Mayfield-Metro Airport FAA-page 7
Attention John Mayfield-Metro Airport FAA-page 6
Attention John Mayfield-Metro Airport FAA-page 5
Attention John Mayfield-Metro Airport FAA-page 4
Attention John Mayfield-Metro Airport FAA-page 3
Attention John Mayfield-Metro Airport FAA-page 2
Attention John Mayfield-Metro Airport FAA-page 1
New York Congressman Steve Israel calls the FAA the "Federal Arrogance Administration."
FAA corruption exposing activists learn from famed Nazi hunters
Ron Wood, James Arrighi expected to feel the wrath of millions for routing planes over Milford HS
The lack of professionalism perfectly exemplified in the office of the Connecticut Attorney General
High levels of exposure to aircraft noise linked to serious physical/mental health issues
Tell Colorado senators to support amendments addressing aviation noise
Phoenix legal defeat prompts FAA to address noise concerns
Maryland asks court to urge FAA to change low flight paths near BWI because of noise
FAA tells airline passengers-We are a safety agency, not a creature comfort agency
I went out with a decibel reader, and just a normal jet flying over is 85 decibels
California Congressman Brad Sherman (D-Sherman Oaks) released a letter he sent to Dan Elwell FAA
The FAA, she added, has been "derelict in its duties" to residents
Lawmakers To Meet, Demand FAA Public Hearing On Helicopter Noise
Three cheers to the Washington Post, Paul Verchinski-Columbia, Lori Aratani (Wash Post reporter)
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-New York Employees 2017
Why are the sixty-nine top people at the FAA allowed to keep their jobs?
Request help/Contact/Request a meeting with Peters, Stabenow, Trott,
Peters, Stabenow, Trott, Tash, Evans, Danley, McPherson, Wood, Arrighi
Michigan Corruption Hall of Fame-Sen. Gary Peters (scheduler-Courtney A. Evans) Kwame Kilpatrick
Federal Highway Administration United States and Puerto Rico Employees U.S.-2017
Thanksgiving Utensils c/o Ronald W. Wood and James Frank Arrighi-
Daniel K. Elwell's FAA covers up another failure
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Maryland Employees 2017
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Delaware Employees 2017
Sky Justice National Network-The Great American Patriots of Culver City, California
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-California Employees in Year 2017
Federal Aviation Administration High Level Organization Chart (text only): November 2018
FAA Great Lakes Region Corruption starts at the top with Susan M. Schalk and Company
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Indiana Employees
November 07-08, 2018 FAA Public Input Sessions cancelled w/o warning-FAA afraid of public backlash
If private individuals like me do not stand up to the bullying tactics of FAA, who is going to?
FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Metroplex Question and Answer session
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Wisconsin Employees in Year 2017
FAA Corruption starts at the top
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Virginia Employees in Year 2017
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Washington D.C. Employees in Year 2017
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Illinois Employees in Year 2017
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Ohio Employees in Year 2017
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Michigan Employees in Year 2017
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA
Let's love God's earth-Piano version sung and arranged by Jeremy Palmer-link to music on staff paper
Let's love God's earth-Electronic version with English Horn arranged by Jeremy Palmer
Let's love God's earth-Trumpet version by Scott McCullough
Oscar Robertson, Isaiah Thomas, Charles Barkley taking heat
God was a flip-flopper in Glendale, Arizona on Saturday night. January 17, 2016
Poor Walt Disney must be turning over in his grave
Part two-Playing the What If game in sports-Nate Thurmond
Playing the What If game in sports
Athlete and crowd behavior sickens me
ESPN is The King of Hypocrisy
"Once you have wrestled, everything else in life is easy." Dan Gable
Big Ten, Big Twelve and SEC non-conference opponents broken down by team.
SEC non-conference football schedule.
The Mid-American Conference plays the toughest non-conf football schedule in the country annually
2012 Top Ten Worst Zoos for Elephants
Worst Zoos for Elephants - Hall of Shame
What college football conferences will be most represented in the NFL playoffs on Jan. 12-13, 2013
The colleges with most reps on the four winning teams of the NFL playoffs of Jan. 05-06, 2013
What college football conferences will be most represented in the NFL games on Sun., Jan. 6, 2013
What college football conferences will be most represented in the NFL games on Sat., Jan. 5, 2013
Three Cheers for Northern Illinois University of the Mid-American Conference going to the Orange Bow
States providing the most elite level High School football prospects
High School football to National Football League success rate
2012-2013 NBA player demographics
Letter to the editor: I will NOT VOTE for Vicki Barnett in this 2012 election.
Only 10 players received grades of 90.0 or above in the 2012 NFL draft.
States providing the most quality Defensive Backs to the NFL.
States providing the most quality Offensive Guards to the NFL.
States providing the most quality Tight Ends to the NFL.
States providing the most quality Offensive Ends to the NFL.
States providing the most quality running backs to the NFL.
Would you rather have the linebackers from California, Ohio, Pennsylvania or Texas?
Colleges in the state of California produce the greatest quantity of NFL offensive tackles
In Peyton Manning's 1998 NFL draft class 243 college players were selected.
1936-2011-Notable second round draft choices-including 26 in the NFL Hall of Fame.
1936-2011 NFL First round draft choices Saints-Colts (year-round-selection)
1936-2011 NFL First round draft choices Panthers-Redskins (year-round-selection)
1936-2011 NFL First round draft choices Forty Niners-Packers (year-round-selection)
1936-2011 NFL First round draft choices Bears-Cardinals (year-round-selection)
1936-2011 NFL First round draft choices Bears-Cardinals (year-round-selection)
Edmond Azadian-The Profile of Parliamentary Elections in Armenia (part 2 of 2)
Edmond Azadian-The Profile of Parliamentary Elections in Armenia (part 1 of 2)
Rita Dilanian-The latest tasteless act by the city of Farmington Hills Michigan
Martha Kouyoumdjian Mekaelian-Christmas-Some things Should Never be compromised.
Forbes Magazine names Farmington Hills (with Troy and Warren) 10th most miserable city in America
George Sarkisian-These colleges will be represented by the Patriots/Giants in the 2012 super bowl
How many Top-100 high school football players participated in the 2012 NFL playoffs?
January 15, 2012-Who today remembers the Armenians?
George Sarkisian-12/17/11-Is the best college football played NORTH or SOUTH of Mason-Dixon line?
George Sarkisian-Dec. 11, 2011-Michigan AD is "Hypocrite of the Year" in college football
George Sarkisian-Acclaimed Film maker Hrayr Toukhanian presents 2011 Vasbouragan Society Celebration
George Sarkisian-Which team deserves to be ranked where?
George Sarkisian-Which div 1-a college football teams should be allowed to play for the championship
George Sarkisian-Week Eleven report card-2011 div 1-a college football
George Sarkisian-Penn State-It saddens all of us.
George Sarkisian-Elect Ginsberg and Kahn to Farmington Board of Education November 08, 2011
George Sarkisian-The What Ifs of the NBA draft--birth year 1936 through 1949.
George Sarkisian-The What Ifs of the NBA draft-birth years 1920s-1930s.
George Sarkisian-Part Three-2011 National Football League player demographics
George Sarkisian-Part Two-2011 National Football League player demographics
George Sarkisian-2011 National Football League player demographics
George Sarkisian-Rita Dilanian-2011 Farmington Hills endorsements
George Sarkisian-Top fund raiser, Rita Dilanian, digusted with Farmington Arts Commission
George Sarkisian-2011 div 1-a college football results--weeks one through six
George Sarkisian-Derek Jeter ends up wearing the goat horns in 2011
George Sarkisian-Home field advantage in weeks one-five of the 2011 season div 1-a college football
George Sarkisian-The Home Field advantage in 2011 div 1-a college football.
George Sarkisian-Wall of Shame results-2011 season: Weeks one and two div 1-a college football
George Sarkisian-Results-week one 2011 college football div 1-a wall of shame
George Sarkisian-THANK YOU, STEVE JOBS! Adopted by Armenians
George Sarkisian-2011 season, week 1 and 2, div 1-a college football, wall of shame
George Sarkisian-Rest in Peace-Camp Dearborn
George Sarkisian-Lack of organization in the Ohio State athletic department
George Sarkisian- Shame on all 93 div 1-a football schools playing div 1-aa opponents in 2011
George Sarkisian-Let me tell you the story of former National Football League player Greg Gaines
George Sarkisian-Letter to the Editor: Alabama and Michigan lead the 2011 Wall of Shame for div 1-a
George Sarkisian-Letter to the Editor: University of Notre Dame Mission Statement
George Sarkisian-Compare salary increases for Michigan University administrators
George Sarkisian-Dan Gable is the most accomplished sports person in the history of the USA.
George Sarkisian-Projected winners March 26-27, 2011 NCAA men's basketball tournament.
George Sarkisian-Projected winners March 24-25, 2011 NCAA men's basketball tournament.
George Sarkisian-hold NFL criminally responsible
George Sarkisian-suspend Mika Brzezinski
George Sarkisian-I did not watch the 2011 super bowl
George Sarkisian-boycott the super bowl
George Sarkisian-OSU's Gordon Gee stands for "Goofball"
George Sarkisian-2010 div 1-a college football wall of shame
George Sarkisian-Shame on Messers. Goodell, Selig, Stern, and Bettman:
George Sarkisian-Which side are we supposed to feel sorry for in the potential upcoming NFL lockout?
George Sarkisian-2009 NFL salaries by position
George Sarkisian-Thank God, the 2010 super bowl is over!

300 million Americans are begging for some cooperation from the FAA



FAA Employees-Ohio 2017
U.S. Office of Personnel Mgmt
The sum/ave of all empl salaries
Across all agencies and occup:
1,339,645 Employees
375 Federal Agencies
$69.344.22 Average Salary
$92.9B Total Salary

Name Title Salary
Aaron M. Taylor Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Aaron.Taylor@faa.gov,
Aaron R. Brlas Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Aaron.Brlas@faa.gov,
Adam B. Lilly Air Traffic Control $131,208 Adam.Lilly@faa.gov,
Adam J. Barsch Air Traffic Control $139,958 Adam.Barsch@faa.gov,
Adam James Pike Information Tech Mgr $131,319 Adam.Pike@faa.gov,
Adam L. Henrickson Air Traffic Control $139,908 Adam.Henrickson@faa.gov,
Alan G. Mahilo Air Traffic Control $196,644 Alan.Mahilo@faa.gov,
Alan G. Zeleznik Air Traffic Control $170,932 Alan.Zeleznik@faa.gov,
Alan J. Staas Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Alan.Staas@faa.gov,
Alan K. Linder Air Traffic Control $176,672 Alan.Linder@faa.gov,
Alan L. Olds Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Alan.Olds@faa.gov,
Alan R. Thomas Air Traffic Control $176,672 Alan.Thomas@faa.gov,
Alban Yankauski Air Traffic Control $141,863 Alban.Yankauski@faa.gov,
Albert C. Gallatin Transportation Spec $111,001 Albert.Gallatin@faa.gov,
Alex E. Tussey Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Alex.Tussey@faa.gov,
Alexander J. Suriano Air Traffic Control $108,401 Alexander.Suriano@faa.gov,
Alexander R. McAninch Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof Alexander.McAninch@faa.gov,
Alisa Kay Miller Aviation Safety Person $103,103 Alisa.Miller@faa.gov,
Alvin Amposta Air Traffic Control $114,371 Alvin.Amposta@faa.gov,
Alvin M. Robinson Transportation Spec $137,741 Alvin.Robinson@faa.gov,
Amanda L. Hartsel Air Traffic Control $135,690 Amanda.Hartsel@faa.gov,
Amanda R. Jacobs N/A Vw Empl Prof Amanda.Jacobs@faa.gov,
Amanda S. Jackson Air Traffic Control $133,308 Amanda.Jackson@faa.gov,
Amy R. Ayers N/A Vw Empl Prof Amy.Ayers@faa.gov,
Andrew B. Horne Air Traffic Control $150,993 Andrew.Horne@faa.gov,
Andrew C. Hardt Air Traffic Control $174,868 Andrew.Hardt@faa.gov,
Andrew C. Porter Aviation Safety Person $103,999 Andrew.Porter@faa.gov,
Andrew Cursi Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Andrew.Cursi@faa.gov,
Andrew D. Cieslinski Air Traffic Control $131,308 Andrew.Cieslinski@faa.gov,
Andrew E. Gupko Air Traffic Control $109,069 Andrew.Gupko@faa.gov,
Andrew G. Douglass Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Andrew.Douglass@faa.gov,
Andrew H. Senica Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Andrew.Senica@faa.gov,
Andrew J. Behary Air Traffic Control $186,823 Andrew.Behary@faa.gov,
Andrew J. Thieken Air Traffic Control $176,922 Andrew.Thieken@faa.gov,
Andrew Soloman Wilhelm Air Traffic Control $140,008 Andrew.Soloman@faa.gov,
Andrew Layne Small Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Andrew.Small@faa.gov,
Andrew M. Weber Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Andrew.Weber@faa.gov,
Andrew P. Kleinfelter Air Traffic Control $108,412 Andrew.Kleinfelter@faa.gov,
Andrew P. Sekura Air Traffic Control $151,843 Andrew.Sekura@faa.gov,
Andrew P. Sindel Air Traffic Control $105,040 Andrew.Sindel@faa.gov,
Andrew R. Hill Air Traffic Control $137,857 Andrew.Hill@faa.gov,
Andrew Timothy Buckholz Air Traffic Control $163,280 Andrew.Buckholz@faa.gov,
Angel L. Diaz Air Traffic Control $139,908 Angel.Diaz@faa.gov,
Anita R. Lutz Air Traffic Control $106,768 Anita.Lutz@faa.gov,
Anthony Adam Bradfield Transportation Spec $115,939 Anthony.Bradfield@faa.gov,
Anthony Lee Reynolds Air Traffic Control $163,480 Anthony.Reynolds@faa.gov,
Anthony M. Berrios Air Traffic Control $139,808 Anthony.Berrios@faa.gov,
Anthony M. Biedenbach Air Traffic Control $139,808 Anthony.Biedenbach@faa.gov,
Anthony M. Miller Air Traffic Control $133,308 Anthony.Miller@faa.gov,
Anthony P. Conti Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Anthony.Conti@faa.gov,
Anthony P. McConaghy Air Traffic Control $151,543 Anthony.McConaghy@faa.gov,
Anthony R. Davis Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Anthony.Davis@faa.gov,
Anthony S. Khazouz Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Anthony.Khazouz@faa.gov,
Antwerp Anthony J. Van Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Anthony.VanAntwerp@faa.gov,
Aric S. Alston Air Traffic Control $189,839 Aric.Alston@faa.gov,
Arnold C. Wolfe Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof Arnold.Wolfe@faa.gov,
Athen Joseph Neuman Aviation Safety Person $104,914 Athen.Neuman@faa.gov,
Audrey T. Rigney Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Audrey.Rigney@faa.gov,
Barry C. Payne Air Traffic Control $159,335 Barry.Payne@faa.gov,
Benjamin A. Bare Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Benjamin.Bare@faa.gov,
Benjamin A. Fuller Air Traffic Control $140,008 Benjamin.Fuller@faa.gov,
Benjamin E. Finer Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Benjamin.Finer@faa.gov,
Benjamin E. Ott Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Benjamin.Ott@faa.gov,
Benjamin J. Hall Air Traffic Control $151,093 Benjamin.Hall@faa.gov,
Benjamin J. Mueller Air Traffic Control $139,808 Benjamin.Mueller@faa.gov,
Benjamin J. Roller Aviation Safety Person $103,999 Benjamin.Roller@faa.gov,
Benjamin L. Reavis Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Benjamin.Reavis@faa.gov,
Benjamin R. Hudak Air Traffic Control $137,614 Benjamin.Hudak@faa.gov,
Benny Perez Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Benny.Perez@faa.gov,
Berle E. Vircks Air Traffic Control $111,283 Berle.Vircks@faa.gov,
Beverly S. White N/A Vw Empl Prof Beverly.White@faa.gov,
Blake K. Waterhouse Air Traffic Control $129,142 Blake.Waterhouse@faa.gov,
Bobby W. Evans Aviation Safety Person $103,999 Bobby.Evans@faa.gov,
Bonnie Secrist Air Traffic Control $105,848 Bonnie.Secrist@faa.gov,
Brad L. Andrews Air Traffic Control $178,765 Brad.Andrews@faa.gov,
Bradley A. Cromer Air Traffic Control $135,740 Bradley.Cromer@faa.gov,
Bradley A. Kristophel Air Traffic Control $140,008 Bradley.Kristophel@faa.gov,
Bradley C. Heinrich Aviation Safety Person $122,898 Bradley.Heinrich@faa.gov,
Bradley R. Keeler Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Bradley.Keeler@faa.gov,
Bradley S. Gross Air Traffic Control $131,208 Bradley.Gross@faa.gov,
Bradley W. Crouch Mgr and Prog Analyst $124,653 Bradley.Crouch@faa.gov,
Brandelle M. Betras Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Brandelle.Betras@faa.gov,
Brandon M. Young Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Brandon.Young@faa.gov,
Brandon T. Rodgers Air Traffic Control $129,142 Brandon.Rodgers@faa.gov,
Brandon T. Thorne Air Traffic Control $139,808 Brandon.Thorne@faa.gov,
Brandon Z. Chappo Air Traffic Control $101,344 Brandon.Chappo@faa.gov,
Brendt Allan Sundermeier Air Traffic Control $150,892 Brendt.Sundermeier@faa.gov,
Brent A. Parham Air Traffic Control $135,440 Brent.Parham@faa.gov,
Brent Carl Wedderspoon Air Traffic Control $163,730 Brent.Wedderspoon@faa.gov,
Brent D. Coleman Air Traffic Control $140,008 Brent.Coleman@faa.gov,
Brent H. Zufan Air Traffic Control $151,243 Brent.Zufan@faa.gov,
Brent Lewis Smith Aviation Safety Person $112,363 Brent.Smith@faa.gov,
Brent Richard Parker Air Traffic Control $139,808 Brent.Parker@faa.gov,
Brian A. Nelson Air Traffic Control $178,665 Brian.Nelson@faa.gov,
Brian A. Sicher Air Traffic Control $135,333 Brian.Sicher@faa.gov,
Brian Allen White Air Traffic Control $163,680 Brian.White@faa.gov,
Brian C. Bezanson Air Traffic Control $129,242 Brian.Bezanson@faa.gov,
Brian Clifford Hanlon Air Traffic Control $192,779 Brian.Hanlon@faa.gov,
Brian D. Guzik Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Brian.Guzik@faa.gov,
Brian David Harcula Air Traffic Control $184,059 Brian.Harcula@faa.gov,
Brian E. Crogan Aviation Safety Person $118,875 Brian.Crogan@faa.gov,
Brian Edward Forrest Air Traffic Control $187,073 Brian.Forrest@faa.gov,
Brian L. Barker Air Traffic Control $139,808 Brian.Barker@faa.gov,
Brian L. Billups Aviation Safety Person $106,970 Brian.Billups@faa.gov,
Brian Lee Lands Aviation Safety Person $106,049 Brian.Lands@faa.gov,
Brian M. Stump Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Brian.Stump@faa.gov,
Brian M. Widener Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Brian.Widener@faa.gov,
Brian M. Younce Misc Admin and Prog $114,180 Brian.Younce@faa.gov,
Brian Michael Lowery Air Traffic Control $163,530 Brian.Lowery@faa.gov,
Brian P. Cummings Air Traffic Control $137,243 Brian.Cummings@faa.gov,
Brian R. Clark Air Traffic Control $116,434 Brian.Clark@faa.gov,
Brian T. Riddle Aviation Safety Person $119,390 Brian.Riddle@faa.gov,
Bridget A. Chamberlin Transportation Spec $111,071 Bridget.Chamberlin@faa.gov,
Brittany L. Siroki Air Traffic Control $100,760 Brittany.Siroki@faa.gov,
Bruce J. Lisicky Air Traffic Control $178,665 Bruce.Lisicky@faa.gov,
Bryan C. Bazemore Aviation Safety Person $134,431 Bryan.Bazemore@faa.gov,
Bryan G. Barris Air Traffic Control $139,496 Bryan.Barris@faa.gov,
Busso Daniella R. Del Air Traffic Control $134,030 Daniella.DelBusso@faa.gov,
Caitlyn D. Palm Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Caitlyn.Palm@faa.gov,
Caleb G. W Hughes Air Traffic Control $139,808 Caleb.W@faa.gov,
Cameron A. Brown Transportation Spec $101,933 Cameron.Brown@faa.gov,
Cari L. Lairson Air Traffic Control $124,470 Cari.Lairson@faa.gov,
Carissa J. Benson Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Carissa.Benson@faa.gov,
Carl D. Ternes Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Carl.Ternes@faa.gov,
Carl E. Porter Air Traffic Control $163,280 Carl.Porter@faa.gov,
Carly Marie Miller Air Traffic Control $139,908 Carly.Miller@faa.gov,
Carol A. Heuckroth Admin Officer Vw Empl Prof Carol.Heuckroth@faa.gov,
Carolyn Anne Tucker Misc Clerk and Asst Vw Empl Prof Carolyn.Tucker@faa.gov,
Carolyn L. Wegrzyn Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof Carolyn.Wegrzyn@faa.gov,
Carolyn S. Leach Misc Clerk and Asst Vw Empl Prof Carolyn.Leach@faa.gov,
Carrick Kevin S. Mc Air Traffic Control $165,481 Kevin.McCarrick@faa.gov,
Cary W. Kuhl Air Traffic Control $176,672 Cary.Kuhl@faa.gov,
Casey E. Oldham Air Traffic Control $108,886 Casey.Oldham@faa.gov,
Catherine Anne Clark Air Traffic Control $192,931 Catherine.Clark@faa.gov,
Catherine Mary Huth Mgr and Prog Analyst Vw Empl Prof Catherine.Huth@faa.gov,
Catherine Mary Johnson Air Traffic Control $163,280 Catherine.Johnson@faa.gov,
Chad A. Anderson Air Traffic Control $108,041 Chad.Anderson@faa.gov,
Chad A. Pass Information Tech Mgr Vw Empl Prof Chad.Pass@faa.gov,
Chad Edwin Davidson Air Traffic Control $149,236 Chad.Davidson@faa.gov,
Chad R. Forster Air Traffic Control $135,540 Chad.Forster@faa.gov,
Charles B. McKee Air Traffic Control $143,987 Charles.McKee@faa.gov,
Charles C. Cheatham Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Charles.Cheatham@faa.gov,
Charles H. Leverknight Air Traffic Control $163,580 Charles.Leverknight@faa.gov,
Charles Joseph Didion Transportation Spec $117,872 Charles.Didion@faa.gov,
Charles L. Edwards Transportation Spec $115,250 Charles.Edwards@faa.gov,
Charles L. Parker Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Charles.Parker@faa.gov,
Charles M. Weekley Air Traffic Control $108,627 Charles.Weekley@faa.gov,
Charles Paul Simpkins Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Charles.Simpkins@faa.gov,
Charles W. Coulter Air Traffic Control $191,364 Charles.Coulter@faa.gov,
Chasity R. Armstrong Misc Clerk and Asst Vw Empl Prof Chasity.Armstrong@faa.gov,
Chelsea N. Engle Air Traffic Control $131,208 Chelsea.Engle@faa.gov,
Chelsea N. Yeo Air Traffic Control $135,440 Chelsea.Yeo@faa.gov,
Chris Antonelli Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof Chris.Antonelli@faa.gov,
Christian Alley Blankenship Admin Officer Vw Empl Prof Christian.Alley@faa.gov,
Christopher A. Shoulders Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Christopher.Shoulders@faa.gov,
Christopher A. Toth Air Traffic Control $137,607 Christopher.Toth@faa.gov,
Christopher E. Jeffers Air Traffic Control $176,922 Christopher.Jeffers@faa.gov,
Christopher Gerald Skully Aviation Safety Person $123,093 Christopher.Skully@faa.gov,
Christopher J. Durell Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Christopher.Durell@faa.gov,
Christopher J. Friemoth Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Christopher.Friemoth@faa.gov,
Christopher J. Fulker Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Christopher.Fulker@faa.gov,
Christopher J. Lauer Air Traffic Control $139,808 Christopher.Lauer@faa.gov,
Christopher J. Sukel Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Christopher.Sukel@faa.gov,
Christopher M. Cornaro Air Traffic Control $139,503 Christopher.Cornaro@faa.gov,
Christopher M. Gildner Air Traffic Control $102,496 Christopher.Gildner@faa.gov,
Christopher M. Ketchum Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Christopher.Ketchum@faa.gov,
Christopher M. Reyes Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Christopher.Reyes@faa.gov,
Christopher Michael Vohnout Air Traffic Control $138,794 Christopher.Vohnout@faa.gov,
Christopher Morrison Air Traffic Control $163,530 Christopher.Morrison@faa.gov,
Christopher N. Mickelson Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Christopher.Mickelson@faa.gov,
Christopher R. Parish Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Christopher.Parish@faa.gov,
Christopher W. Pittman Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Christopher.Pittman@faa.gov,
Clifton J. Lajti Air Traffic Control $135,440 Clifton.Lajti@faa.gov,
Codey B. Wentz Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Codey.Wentz@faa.gov,
Cody J. Polozeck Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Cody.Polozeck@faa.gov,
Corey A. Betke Air Traffic Control $133,408 Corey.Betke@faa.gov,
Corey R. Velasquez Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Corey.Velasquez@faa.gov,
Craig A. Marsaw Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Craig.Marsaw@faa.gov,
Craig A. Pass Air Traffic Control $196,859 Craig.Pass@faa.gov,
Craig M. Cecil Air Traffic Control $175,118 Craig.Cecil@faa.gov,
Craig M. Reutepohler Air Traffic Control $139,978 Craig.Reutepohler@faa.gov,
Crystal M. Dixon Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Crystal.Dixon@faa.gov,
Crystal P. Mack Aviation Safety Person $115,457 Crystal.Mack@faa.gov,
Curtis A. Crane Air Traffic Control $108,886 Curtis.Crane@faa.gov,
Curtis E. Josefick Air Traffic Control $176,672 Curtis.Josefick@faa.gov,
Curtis R. Beery Air Traffic Control $162,118 Curtis.Beery@faa.gov,
Curtis S. Barrier Air Traffic Control $137,607 Curtis.Barrier@faa.gov,
Dakota E. Prince Air Traffic Control $129,142 Dakota.Prince@faa.gov,
Dale A. Weir Air Traffic Control $180,455 Dale.Weir@faa.gov,
Dale M. Feeney Transportation Spec $153,957 Dale.Feeney@faa.gov,
Dale S. Juhl Air Traffic Control $195,590 Dale.Juhl@faa.gov,
Dallen M. Houfek Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Dallen.Houfek@faa.gov,
Damion R. Curtis Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Damion.Curtis@faa.gov,
Dane E. Barr Tech Sys Prog Mgr $137,502 Dane.Barr@faa.gov,
Daniel A. Ocasio Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Daniel.Ocasio@faa.gov,
Daniel A. Porter Air Traffic Control $174,868 Daniel.Porter@faa.gov,
Daniel A. Tabor Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Daniel.Tabor@faa.gov,
Daniel C. Hills Air Traffic Control $150,993 Daniel.Hills@faa.gov,
Daniel J. Karam Aviation Safety Person $144,792 Daniel.Karam@faa.gov,
Daniel J. Macleod Air Traffic Assist Vw Empl Prof Daniel.Macleod@faa.gov,
Daniel J. Mitchell Air Traffic Control $126,510 Daniel.Mitchell@faa.gov,
Daniel J. Suttles Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Daniel.Suttles@faa.gov,
Daniel Joseph Kozminski Air Traffic Control $126,510 Daniel.Kozminski@faa.gov,
Daniel K. Leipold Air Traffic Control $126,510 Daniel.Leipold@faa.gov,
Daniel L. Cooper Air Traffic Control $163,280 Daniel.Cooper@faa.gov,
Daniel M. Grossi Air Traffic Control $126,510 Daniel.Grossi@faa.gov,
Daniel P. Eichler Air Traffic Control $116,434 Daniel.Eichler@faa.gov,
Daniel S. Koston Air Traffic Control $184,300 Daniel.Koston@faa.gov,
Daniel S. McClain Air Traffic Control $163,280 Daniel.McClain@faa.gov,
Daniel Thomas Lambert Air Traffic Control $163,280 Daniel.Lambert@faa.gov,
Danielle K. Seedhouse Air Traffic Control $106,571 Danielle.Seedhouse@faa.gov,
Darren A. Messina Air Traffic Control $117,183 Darren.Messina@faa.gov,
Darryl K. Bally Air Traffic Control $174,868 Darryl.Bally@faa.gov,
David A. Bassi Misc Admin and Prog $108,667 David.Bassi@faa.gov,
David A. Coxson Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof David.Coxson@faa.gov,
David A. Hager Air Traffic Control $176,672 David.Hager@faa.gov,
David A. Lyons Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof David.Lyons@faa.gov,
David A. Stites Air Traffic Control $123,866 David.Stites@faa.gov,
David C. Haslip Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof David.Haslip@faa.gov,
David C. Zakaski Air Traffic Control $145,313 David.Zakaski@faa.gov,
David Clark Riley Air Traffic Control $163,280 David.Riley@faa.gov,
David D. Borgens Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof David.Borgens@faa.gov,
David E. Jeffery Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof David.Jeffery@faa.gov,
David Earl Winborne Air Traffic Control $163,530 David.Winborne@faa.gov,
David J. Hodges Air Traffic Control $150,193 David.Hodges@faa.gov,
David J. Melleby Aviation Safety Person $115,875 David.Melleby@faa.gov,
David J. Stempien Air Traffic Control $139,808 David.Stempien@faa.gov,
David Kenneth Givens Transportation Spec $116,101 David.Givens@faa.gov,
David L. Miller Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof David.Miller@faa.gov,
David L. Sargent Electronics Engineer $117,872 David.Sargent@faa.gov,
David L. Tarrant Aviation Safety Person $107,914 David.Tarrant@faa.gov,
David M. Kee Air Traffic Control $129,910 David.Kee@faa.gov,
David M. Miller Air Traffic Control $139,908 David.Miller@faa.gov,
David M. Montague Air Traffic Control $135,690 David.Montague@faa.gov,
David M. Patterson Mgr and Prog Analyst Vw Empl Prof David.Patterson@faa.gov,
David M. Toney Air Traffic Control $144,383 David.Toney@faa.gov,
David Michael Dukeman Air Traffic Control $163,530 David.Dukeman@faa.gov,
David Osborne Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof David.Osborne@faa.gov,
David P. Dyke Air Traffic Control $135,088 David.Dyke@faa.gov,
David P. Kilgus Air Traffic Control $124,496 David.Kilgus@faa.gov,
David P. Machala General Engineer $152,969 David.Machala@faa.gov,
David Pesarchick Aviation Safety Person $130,127 David.Pesarchick@faa.gov,
David R. Lawrence Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof David.Lawrence@faa.gov,
David R. Neef Air Traffic Control $164,389 David.Neef@faa.gov,
David Thomas Bayes Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof David.Bayes@faa.gov,
David W. Simmons Aviation Safety Person $133,077 David.Simmons@faa.gov,
Dean E. Walther Air Traffic Control $108,886 Dean.Walther@faa.gov,
Deanna L. Powell Air Traffic Control $193,102 Deanna.Powell@faa.gov,
Deborah A. Mason Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Deborah.Mason@faa.gov,
Debra A. Thorne Air Traffic Control $176,672 Debra.Thorne@faa.gov,
Dennis D. Garcia Aviation Safety Person $140,809 Dennis.Garcia@faa.gov,
Dennis M. Fuchs Air Traffic Control $126,510 Dennis.Fuchs@faa.gov,
Dennis M. Navin Aviation Safety Person $104,432 Dennis.Navin@faa.gov,
Dennis R. Hoodlet Air Traffic Control $127,898 Dennis.Hoodlet@faa.gov,
Derek J. Zensen Air Traffic Control $131,208 Derek.Zensen@faa.gov,
Diana M. Daniels Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Diana.Daniels@faa.gov,
Dominique F. Sorbo Air Traffic Control $171,623 Dominique.Sorbo@faa.gov,
Dominique M. Houchens Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Dominique.Houchens@faa.gov,
Donald Edward Lamoreaux Air Traffic Control $191,464 Donald.Lamoreaux@faa.gov,
Donald J. Hofmeister Air Traffic Control $131,308 Donald.Hofmeister@faa.gov,
Donald Jo Cassaniti Air Traffic Control $196,194 Donald.Cassaniti@faa.gov,
Donald John Ott Air Traffic Control $163,280 Donald.Ott@faa.gov,
Donald R. Cunningham Transportation Spec $145,890 Donald.Cunningham@faa.gov,
Donald V. Tatter Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Donald.Tatter@faa.gov,
Donna Elizabeth Loeffler Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Donna.Loeffler@faa.gov,
Donna J. Kimball N/A Vw Empl Prof Donna.Kimball@faa.gov,
Donna M. Dodson Air Traffic Control $144,331 Donna.Dodson@faa.gov,
Douglas B. Odell Air Traffic Control $195,904 Douglas.Odell@faa.gov,
Douglas E. Hopkins Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Douglas.Hopkins@faa.gov,
Douglas F. Kozar Air Traffic Control $140,058 Douglas.Kozar@faa.gov,
Douglas L. Carr Aviation Safety Person $101,028 Douglas.Carr@faa.gov,
Douglas M. Rehker Air Traffic Control $133,558 Douglas.Rehker@faa.gov,
Douglas P. Ryan Air Traffic Control $140,058 Douglas.Ryan@faa.gov,
Douglas W. Wetzel Air Traffic Control $176,672 Douglas.Wetzel@faa.gov,
Drew S. Harting Air Traffic Control $137,607 Drew.Harting@faa.gov,
Duane R. Kinney Air Traffic Control $139,012 Duane.Kinney@faa.gov,
Dustin D. Hennen Air Traffic Control $126,510 Dustin.Hennen@faa.gov,
Dustin Daniel Hood Air Traffic Control $111,370 Dustin.Hood@faa.gov,
Dwight J. Kiszak Engineer Tech Vw Empl Prof Dwight.Kiszak@faa.gov,
Dwight K. Sablack Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Dwight.Sablack@faa.gov,
Eddie Owens Cunningham Aviation Safety Person $116,721 Eddie.Cunningham@faa.gov,
Edgar M. Scowden Engineer Tech $105,967 Edgar.Scowden@faa.gov,
Edward W. Killoren Air Traffic Control $139,993 Edward.Killoren@faa.gov,
Edward W. Skuza Aviation Safety Person $110,116 Edward.Skuza@faa.gov,
Edwin K. Cornwell Engineer Tech Vw Empl Prof Edwin.Cornwell@faa.gov,
Elizabeth A. Swingle Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof Elizabeth.Swingle@faa.gov,
Ellen M. Tom Aviation Safety Person $147,715 Ellen.Tom@faa.gov,
Emily A. Ensworth Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Emily.Ensworth@faa.gov,
Emily J. Mattice Secretary Vw Empl Prof Emily.Mattice@faa.gov,
Eric A. F Walters Air Traffic Control $133,408 Eric.F@faa.gov,
Eric Alan Butske Air Traffic Control $191,614 Eric.Butske@faa.gov,
Eric C. Rahuba Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Eric.Rahuba@faa.gov,
Eric E. Spencer Air Traffic Control $176,672 Eric.Spencer@faa.gov,
Eric Edward Johnson Air Traffic Control $163,480 Eric.Johnson@faa.gov,
Eric J. Orlando Air Traffic Control $140,308 Eric.Orlando@faa.gov,
Eric J. Wilson Air Traffic Control $190,280 Eric.Wilson@faa.gov,
Eric John Maxwell Air Traffic Control $170,501 Eric.Maxwell@faa.gov,
Eric R. Elias Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Eric.Elias@faa.gov,
Eric R. Rising Air Traffic Control $139,808 Eric.Rising@faa.gov,
Eric Weeden Air Traffic Control $140,601 Eric.Weeden@faa.gov,
Erick R. Goad Air Traffic Control $115,382 Erick.Goad@faa.gov,
Erik J. Hammond Misc Clerk and Asst Vw Empl Prof Erik.Hammond@faa.gov,
Erik J. Kientz Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Erik.Kientz@faa.gov,
Erin E. Cappel Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof Erin.Cappel@faa.gov,
Erin Marie Jackson Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Erin.Jackson@faa.gov,
Ethan H. Frazier Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Ethan.Frazier@faa.gov,
Evelyn F. Guzman Air Traffic Assist Vw Empl Prof Evelyn.Guzman@faa.gov,
Felicia A. Hawkins Logistics Mgr Vw Empl Prof Felicia.Hawkins@faa.gov,
Francis P. Gildner Air Traffic Control $139,808 Francis.Gildner@faa.gov,
Frank J. Vaccari Electronics Tech $130,402 Frank.Vaccari@faa.gov,
Frank M. Brent Air Traffic Control $102,188 Frank.Brent@faa.gov,
Freddie L. Nelson Transportation Spec $101,406 Freddie.Nelson@faa.gov,
Gala Janise Stites Admin Officer Vw Empl Prof Gala.Stites@faa.gov,
Garin M. Kroll Air Traffic Control $180,455 Garin.Kroll@faa.gov,
Garrett M. McCloskey Air Traffic Control $143,805 Garrett.McCloskey@faa.gov,
Garth S. Morgan Air Traffic Control $178,865 Garth.Morgan@faa.gov,
Gary A. Nicholas Air Traffic Control $104,893 Gary.Nicholas@faa.gov,
Gary A. Porta Air Traffic Control $188,881 Gary.Porta@faa.gov,
Gary B. Gouchie Transportation Spec $126,293 Gary.Gouchie@faa.gov,
Gary L. Gonzalez Air Traffic Control $175,118 Gary.Gonzalez@faa.gov,
Gary L. Middleton Aviation Safety Person $106,970 Gary.Middleton@faa.gov,
Gary Michael Bradt Air Traffic Control $163,280 Gary.Bradt@faa.gov,
Gary R. Marshall Transportation Spec $111,178 Gary.Marshall@faa.gov,
Gary S. Dale Air Traffic Control $191,761 Gary.Dale@faa.gov,
Genevieve M. Jablonowski Air Traffic Control $131,358 Genevieve.Jablonowski@faa.gov,
George A. Nettey Air Traffic Control $108,401 George.Nettey@faa.gov,
George Allen Clifton Aviation Safety Person $122,163 George.Clifton@faa.gov,
George J. Herbert Air Traffic Control $151,243 George.Herbert@faa.gov,
George P. Fox Air Traffic Control $136,801 George.Fox@faa.gov,
George Patrick Capitano Air Traffic Control $163,530 George.Capitano@faa.gov,
George R. Nealey Transportation Spec $127,628 George.Nealey@faa.gov,
Gerald B. Essenmacher Air Traffic Control $145,481 Gerald.Essenmacher@faa.gov,
Gerald D. Manning Air Traffic Control $192,732 Gerald.Manning@faa.gov,
Gil Ramos Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Gil.Ramos@faa.gov,
Glen A. Jamieson Air Traffic Control $145,150 Glen.Jamieson@faa.gov,
Glenn Christopher Gosnell Aviation Safety Person $136,301 Glenn.Gosnell@faa.gov,
Gordon L. Potter Air Traffic Control $139,908 Gordon.Potter@faa.gov,
Gordon L. Smith Aviation Safety Person $125,320 Gordon.Smith@faa.gov,
Graig J. Zaremba Air Traffic Control $137,607 Graig.Zaremba@faa.gov,
Greg A. Williams Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Greg.Williams@faa.gov,
Greg Andrew Johnson Air Traffic Control $163,430 Greg.Johnson@faa.gov,
Gregory Charles Reavis Air Traffic Control $163,280 Gregory.Reavis@faa.gov,
Gregory Dana Schaper Aviation Safety Person $112,363 Gregory.Schaper@faa.gov,
Gregory J. Dukeman Air Traffic Control $178,665 Gregory.Dukeman@faa.gov,
Gregory L. Cyrus Air Traffic Control $151,243 Gregory.Cyrus@faa.gov,
Gregory R. Krupp Air Traffic Control $139,908 Gregory.Krupp@faa.gov,
Gustave Fritz Koehn Air Traffic Control $163,680 Gustave.Koehn@faa.gov,
Hallie Gerald Adkins Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Hallie.Adkins@faa.gov,
Helen D. Burgard Mgr and Prog Analyst Vw Empl Prof Helen.Burgard@faa.gov,
Henry J. Kidd Air Traffic Control $191,264 Henry.Kidd@faa.gov,
Holly Mae Patterson Mgr and Prog Analyst Vw Empl Prof Holly.Patterson@faa.gov,
Howard James Ellis Air Traffic Control $185,738 Howard.Ellis@faa.gov,
Howard R. Karpus Air Traffic Control $176,872 Howard.Karpus@faa.gov,
Ingrid E. Wagner Environmt Protect Spec $116,518 Ingrid.Wagner@faa.gov,
J Darious Fisher Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Darious.Fisher@faa.gov,
Jack E. Cook Air Traffic Control $176,672 Jack.Cook@faa.gov,
Jacob Allen Buchs Air Traffic Control $139,808 Jacob.Buchs@faa.gov,
Jacob C. Morrill Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Jacob.Morrill@faa.gov,
Jacob D. Dekam Air Traffic Control $140,008 Jacob.Dekam@faa.gov,
Jacob M. Gorny Air Traffic Control $140,058 Jacob.Gorny@faa.gov,
Jacob W. Francis Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Jacob.Francis@faa.gov,
Jaime L. Hobbs Air Traffic Control $133,308 Jaime.Hobbs@faa.gov,
Jaleesa R. Peete Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Jaleesa.Peete@faa.gov,
James A. Martin Aviation Safety Person $126,409 James.Martin@faa.gov,
James A. Whitaker Air Traffic Control $126,510 James.Whitaker@faa.gov,
James D. Klausing Air Traffic Control $180,605 James.Klausing@faa.gov,
James D. Trame Air Traffic Control $176,672 James.Trame@faa.gov,
James Gerard Lanum Air Traffic Control $159,290 James.Lanum@faa.gov,
James H. Martin Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof James.Martin@faa.gov,
James Harold Bickley Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof James.Bickley@faa.gov,
James L. Ulry Air Traffic Control $139,012 James.Ulry@faa.gov,
James M. Chambers Air Traffic Control $131,208 James.Chambers@faa.gov,
James M. Harakal Air Traffic Control $182,227 James.Harakal@faa.gov,
James M. Hartman Misc Admin and Prog Vw Empl Prof James.Hartman@faa.gov,
James M. Norton Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof James.Norton@faa.gov,
James M. Short Air Traffic Control $196,053 James.Short@faa.gov,
James Martin Kerekes Air Traffic Control $171,283 James.Kerekes@faa.gov,
James O. Branch Air Traffic Control $160,161 James.Branch@faa.gov,
James R. Bagley Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof James.Bagley@faa.gov,
James R. Bevan Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof James.Bevan@faa.gov,
James R. Harris Transportation Spec $100,989 James.Harris@faa.gov,
James R. Sheflin Air Traffic Assist Vw Empl Prof James.Sheflin@faa.gov,
James R. Stowers Air Traffic Control $127,649 James.Stowers@faa.gov,
James S. Moon Air Traffic Control $135,440 James.Moon@faa.gov,
James S. Scarpelli Air Traffic Control $154,737 James.Scarpelli@faa.gov,
James T. Gomoka Air Traffic Control $196,226 James.Gomoka@faa.gov,
James W. Comerford Transportation Spec $117,872 James.Comerford@faa.gov,
Jared D. Clark Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Jared.Clark@faa.gov,
Jason Allen Lowery Air Traffic Control $163,280 Jason.Lowery@faa.gov,
Jason B. Ruddy Engineer Tech $105,836 Jason.Ruddy@faa.gov,
Jason D. Ainsworth Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof Jason.Ainsworth@faa.gov,
Jason E. Craiglow Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Jason.Craiglow@faa.gov,
Jason L. Adkins Air Traffic Control $133,308 Jason.Adkins@faa.gov,
Jason L. Henre Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Jason.Henre@faa.gov,
Jason M. Schmidt Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Jason.Schmidt@faa.gov,
Jason M. Stiwald Air Traffic Control $140,008 Jason.Stiwald@faa.gov,
Jason Neil Smith Mgr and Prog Analyst Vw Empl Prof Jason.Smith@faa.gov,
Jason P. Zwaduk Air Traffic Control $152,904 Jason.Zwaduk@faa.gov,
Jason R. Elsner Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Jason.Elsner@faa.gov,
Jason S. Forshey Aviation Safety Person $122,898 Jason.Forshey@faa.gov,
Jean H. Nealey N/A Vw Empl Prof Jean.Nealey@faa.gov,
Jeannie A. Strain N/A Vw Empl Prof Jeannie.Strain@faa.gov,
Jeffery Sonny Rigdon Air Traffic Control $117,105 Jeffery.Rigdon@faa.gov,
Jeffrey A. Hart Air Traffic Control $174,868 Jeffrey.Hart@faa.gov,
Jeffrey A. Ingersoll Air Traffic Control $136,620 Jeffrey.Ingersoll@faa.gov,
Jeffrey Albert Hormann Air Traffic Control $100,092 Jeffrey.Hormann@faa.gov,
Jeffrey D. Marcinko Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Jeffrey.Marcinko@faa.gov,
Jeffrey D. Nemitz Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Jeffrey.Nemitz@faa.gov,
Jeffrey D. Seng Air Traffic Control $195,278 Jeffrey.Seng@faa.gov,
Jeffrey David Lewis Air Traffic Control $139,012 Jeffrey.Lewis@faa.gov,
Jeffrey E. Green Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof Jeffrey.Green@faa.gov,
Jeffrey Earl Bowling Aviation Safety Person $134,572 Jeffrey.Bowling@faa.gov,
Jeffrey J. Kudlo Air Traffic Control $190,476 Jeffrey.Kudlo@faa.gov,
Jeffrey M. Hewitt Air Traffic Control $169,667 Jeffrey.Hewitt@faa.gov,
Jeffrey M. Majcher Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Jeffrey.Majcher@faa.gov,
Jeffrey M. Smith Air Traffic Control $135,840 Jeffrey.Smith@faa.gov,
Jeffrey P. Yoby Air Traffic Control $163,430 Jeffrey.Yoby@faa.gov,
Jeffrey R. Tilley Air Traffic Control $150,993 Jeffrey.Tilley@faa.gov,
Jeffrey Roy Hook Air Traffic Control $151,143 Jeffrey.Hook@faa.gov,
Jenifer L. Felton Air Traffic Control $139,958 Jenifer.Felton@faa.gov,
Jennifer Ann Dovenbarger Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Jennifer.Dovenbarger@faa.gov,
Jennifer L. Jones Air Traffic Control $163,530 Jennifer.Jones@faa.gov,
Jennifer N. Keesee Air Traffic Control $135,690 Jennifer.Keesee@faa.gov,
Jennifer R. Croft Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Jennifer.Croft@faa.gov,
Jennifer R. Harshbarger Air Traffic Control $130,609 Jennifer.Harshbarger@faa.gov,
Jennifer R. Mueller Air Traffic Control $139,808 Jennifer.Mueller@faa.gov,
Jeremiah Aaron Lamb Air Traffic Control $151,193 Jeremiah.Lamb@faa.gov,
Jeremiah J. Thompson Air Traffic Control $126,510 Jeremiah.Thompson@faa.gov,
Jeremy A. Massey Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Jeremy.Massey@faa.gov,
Jeremy D. Curd Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Jeremy.Curd@faa.gov,
Jeremy N. Brewer Air Traffic Control $150,993 Jeremy.Brewer@faa.gov,
Jeremy R. Buzzelli Air Traffic Control $163,280 Jeremy.Buzzelli@faa.gov,
Jeremy R. Huebner Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Jeremy.Huebner@faa.gov,
Jeremy S. Smith Air Traffic Control $104,588 Jeremy.Smith@faa.gov,
Jerome F. Brulz Air Traffic Assist Vw Empl Prof Jerome.Brulz@faa.gov,
Jerry J. Johnson Air Traffic Control $174,868 Jerry.Johnson@faa.gov,
Jerry R. Pracker Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Jerry.Pracker@faa.gov,
Jessica Barner Air Traffic Control $139,012 Jessica.Barner@faa.gov,
Jessica M. Pittman Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Jessica.Pittman@faa.gov,
Jesus S. Zubia Aviation Safety Person $135,763 Jesus.Zubia@faa.gov,
Jillian P. Lehosit Air Traffic Control $133,890 Jillian.Lehosit@faa.gov,
Jimmy D. Smith Mgr and Prog Analyst Vw Empl Prof Jimmy.Smith@faa.gov,
Jodi A. Cessna-Mchugh Air Traffic Control $131,308 Jodi.Cessna-Mchugh@faa.gov,
Joel Christopher Blum Air Traffic Control $103,526 Joel.Blum@faa.gov,
Joel D. Timmons Air Traffic Control $139,808 Joel.Timmons@faa.gov,
Joel Glenn Robinson Air Traffic Control $163,280 Joel.Robinson@faa.gov,
John A. Quinn Transportation Spec $148,094 John.Quinn@faa.gov,
John A. Vangorder Transportation Spec $114,896 John.Vangorder@faa.gov,
John Anthony Wolfe Aviation Safety Person $106,049 John.Wolfe@faa.gov,
John B. Tredway Air Traffic Control $139,808 John.Tredway@faa.gov,
John D. Lesnak Air Traffic Control $140,058 John.Lesnak@faa.gov,
John D. Sutton Air Traffic Control $139,908 John.Sutton@faa.gov,
John D. Wells Mgr and Prog Analyst Vw Empl Prof John.Wells@faa.gov,
John E. Pine Air Traffic Control $135,640 John.Pine@faa.gov,
John G. Davis Air Traffic Control $150,993 John.Davis@faa.gov,
John Gordon Kay Air Traffic Control $163,480 John.Kay@faa.gov,
John J. Summers Air Traffic Control $139,808 John.Summers@faa.gov,
John K. Myers Air Traffic Control $150,993 John.Myers@faa.gov,
John L. Drago Aviation Safety Person $111,030 John.Drago@faa.gov,
John L. Zylstra Information Tech Mgr $111,202 John.Zylstra@faa.gov,
John M. Darcy Air Traffic Control $134,688 John.Darcy@faa.gov,
John M. Hines Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof John.Hines@faa.gov,
John P. Jones Air Traffic Assist Vw Empl Prof John.Jones@faa.gov,
John P. Weaver Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof John.Weaver@faa.gov,
John Patrick Welsh Aviation Safety Person $103,103 John.Welsh@faa.gov,
John S. Crowley Aviation Safety Person $101,028 John.Crowley@faa.gov,
John Stclare Daniels Air Traffic Control $153,837 John.Daniels@faa.gov,
Johnny B. O'quinn Air Traffic Control $183,819 Johnny.O'quinn@faa.gov,
Johnny Robinson Air Traffic Control $110,136 Johnny.Robinson@faa.gov,
Johnny Soto Air Traffic Control $156,883 Johnny.Soto@faa.gov,
Jon J. Feldt Air Traffic Control $175,118 Jon.Feldt@faa.gov,
Jon S. Moen Electronics Tech Vw Empl Prof Jon.Moen@faa.gov,
Jonathan A. Wishart Air Traffic Control $150,993 Jonathan.Wishart@faa.gov,
Jonathan C. Sobotka Air Traffic Control $135,640 Jonathan.Sobotka@faa.gov,
Jonathan S. Jeffries Aviation Safety Person $103,103 Jonathan.Jeffries@faa.gov,
Jonathan Scott Procter Air Traffic Control $163,280 Jonathan.Procter@faa.gov,
Jonathan W. Crouch Air Traffic Control $194,559 Jonathan.Crouch@faa.gov,
Jonathon J. Bennett Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Jonathon.Bennett@faa.gov,
Jordan M. Lelonis Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Jordan.Lelonis@faa.gov,
Jose E. Gonzalez Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Jose.Gonzalez@faa.gov,
Jose R. Borges Aviation Safety Person $113,842 Jose.Borges@faa.gov,
Joseph C. Radocy Air Traffic Control $176,672 Joseph.Radocy@faa.gov,
Joseph Ciappa Air Traffic Control $164,569 Joseph.Ciappa@faa.gov,
Joseph E. Horner Air Traffic Control $176,672 Joseph.Horner@faa.gov,
Joseph F. Woodward Air Traffic Control $139,908 Joseph.Woodward@faa.gov,
Joseph I. Frye Air Traffic Control $140,008 Joseph.Frye@faa.gov,
Joseph J. Bohnert Aviation Safety Person $115,884 Joseph.Bohnert@faa.gov,
Joseph K. Schott Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof Joseph.Schott@faa.gov,
Joseph R. Schaefer Air Traffic Control $174,868 Joseph.Schaefer@faa.gov,
Joseph Roy Accavallo Air Traffic Control $191,614 Joseph.Accavallo@faa.gov,
Joseph T. Culbertson Aviation Safety Person $106,970 Joseph.Culbertson@faa.gov,
Joseph W. Moore Air Traffic Control $139,475 Joseph.Moore@faa.gov,
Joshua A. Santiago Air Traffic Control $135,640 Joshua.Santiago@faa.gov,
Joshua B. Zahm Air Traffic Control $108,886 Joshua.Zahm@faa.gov,
Joshua D. McCain Air Traffic Control $152,476 Joshua.McCain@faa.gov,
Joshua D. Ruckman Air Traffic Control $135,440 Joshua.Ruckman@faa.gov,
Joshua D. Wolfe Air Traffic Control $151,925 Joshua.Wolfe@faa.gov,
Joshua G. Baldwin Air Traffic Control $103,263 Joshua.Baldwin@faa.gov,
Joshua G. J Hughes Air Traffic Control $133,508 Joshua.J@faa.gov,
Joshua J. Anderson Air Traffic Control $135,440 Joshua.Anderson@faa.gov,
Joshua J. Arner Air Traffic Control $126,510 Joshua.Arner@faa.gov,
Joshua L. Edgett Air Traffic Control $131,283 Joshua.Edgett@faa.gov,
Joshua M. Karl Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Joshua.Karl@faa.gov,
Joshua M. Vogelpohl Air Traffic Control $140,058 Joshua.Vogelpohl@faa.gov,
Joshua R. Mathis Air Traffic Control $133,308 Joshua.Mathis@faa.gov,
Joshua W. Barton Air Traffic Control $143,828 Joshua.Barton@faa.gov,
Joshua Wamboldt Air Traffic Control $150,761 Joshua.Wamboldt@faa.gov,
Judd D. Wallace Air Traffic Control $140,008 Judd.Wallace@faa.gov,
Jude Wesley Springer Air Traffic Control $163,530 Jude.Springer@faa.gov,
Julian A. Garcia Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Julian.Garcia@faa.gov,
Juliane W. Gillespie Air Traffic Control $139,012 Juliane.Gillespie@faa.gov,
Julio A. Galarza Aviation Safety Person $107,140 Julio.Galarza@faa.gov,
Justin C. Steele Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Justin.Steele@faa.gov,
Justin Joseph Sardineer Air Traffic Control $141,641 Justin.Sardineer@faa.gov,
Justin L. Erdmann Air Traffic Control $131,458 Justin.Erdmann@faa.gov,
Justin M. Delise Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Justin.Delise@faa.gov,
Justin M. Large Air Traffic Control $140,058 Justin.Large@faa.gov,
Justin M. Muschweck Air Traffic Control $133,608 Justin.Muschweck@faa.gov,
Justin Michael Danz Air Traffic Control $163,280 Justin.Danz@faa.gov,
Justin W. Truman Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Justin.Truman@faa.gov,
Kai L. Binford Transportation Spec $117,300 Kai.Binford@faa.gov,
Kaitlyn N. Crees Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Kaitlyn.Crees@faa.gov,
Kara Annette Redman Information Tech Mgr Vw Empl Prof Kara.Redman@faa.gov,
Karen G. Davis Information Tech Mgr Vw Empl Prof Karen.Davis@faa.gov,
Kathleen A. Dowling Air Traffic Control $174,968 Kathleen.Dowling@faa.gov,
Kathleen C. Elsner Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Kathleen.Elsner@faa.gov,
Keith R. Miller Air Traffic Control $163,280 Keith.Miller@faa.gov,
Kelley L. Richards Air Traffic Control $108,886 Kelley.Richards@faa.gov,
Kelly D. Snyder Misc Clerk and Asst Vw Empl Prof Kelly.Snyder@faa.gov,
Kelly J. Dejesus Air Traffic Control $150,993 Kelly.Dejesus@faa.gov,
Kelly J. Lee Aviation Safety Person $101,028 Kelly.Lee@faa.gov,
Kenneth Alan Vallie Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Kenneth.Vallie@faa.gov,
Kenneth D. Barger Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof Kenneth.Barger@faa.gov,
Kenneth E. Jones Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Kenneth.Jones@faa.gov,
Kenneth H. Pugh Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Kenneth.Pugh@faa.gov,
Kenneth H. Shauman Aviation Safety Person $137,161 Kenneth.Shauman@faa.gov,
Kenneth Holloway Aviation Safety Person $100,157 Kenneth.Holloway@faa.gov,
Kenneth James Mann Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Kenneth.Mann@faa.gov,
Kenneth L. Irwin Air Traffic Control $174,868 Kenneth.Irwin@faa.gov,
Kenneth P. Dean Program Mgr $171,083 Kenneth.Dean@faa.gov,
Kenneth P. Underwood Aviation Safety Person $106,970 Kenneth.Underwood@faa.gov,
Kenneth Ramos Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof Kenneth.Ramos@faa.gov,
Kenyatta S. Franklin Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Kenyatta.Franklin@faa.gov,
Kevin D. Fisher Air Traffic Control $133,658 Kevin.Fisher@faa.gov,
Kevin D. Shelar Air Traffic Control $195,853 Kevin.Shelar@faa.gov,
Kevin F. Tyree Aviation Safety Person $137,503 Kevin.Tyree@faa.gov,
Kevin Frederick Cline Air Traffic Control $163,480 Kevin.Cline@faa.gov,
Kevin J. Kelly Air Traffic Control $117,996 Kevin.Kelly@faa.gov,
Kevin J. Murphy Air Traffic Control $128,194 Kevin.Murphy@faa.gov,
Kevin M. Davidson Air Traffic Control $139,808 Kevin.Davidson@faa.gov,
Kevin M. Dax Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Kevin.Dax@faa.gov,
Kevin M. Klein Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Kevin.Klein@faa.gov,
Kevin M. Parker Air Traffic Control $129,142 Kevin.Parker@faa.gov,
Kevin M. Smith Mgr and Prog Analyst $142,184 Kevin.Smith@faa.gov,
Kevin Robert Palm Information Tech Mgr $128,280 Kevin.Palm@faa.gov,
Kevin Stephens Air Traffic Control $147,477 Kevin.Stephens@faa.gov,
Kim L. Quinn Transportation Spec $138,478 Kim.Quinn@faa.gov,
Kimberly S. Edwards Aviation Safety Person $132,979 Kimberly.Edwards@faa.gov,
Kip W. Lilje Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Kip.Lilje@faa.gov,
Kirk B. Rose Air Traffic Control $184,671 Kirk.Rose@faa.gov,
Kirk P. McConnell Aviation Safety Person $112,363 Kirk.McConnell@faa.gov,
Kris Ann Palcho Mgr and Prog Analyst $139,042 Kris.Palcho@faa.gov,
Kristianne Karen Lore Air Traffic Control $118,028 Kristianne.Lore@faa.gov,
Kristofer R. Overstreet Air Traffic Control $163,480 Kristofer.Overstreet@faa.gov,
Kristopher K. Harsh Air Traffic Control $140,058 Kristopher.Harsh@faa.gov,
Kurt C. Miller Air Traffic Control $126,510 Kurt.Miller@faa.gov,
Kyle B. McHugh Air Traffic Control $151,093 Kyle.McHugh@faa.gov,
Kyle S. Henley Air Traffic Control $135,440 Kyle.Henley@faa.gov,
Kyle S. Heyman Air Traffic Control $133,308 Kyle.Heyman@faa.gov,
Kyle W. Mees Air Traffic Control $151,193 Kyle.Mees@faa.gov,
Lance Patrick Nichols Air Traffic Control $100,289 Lance.Nichols@faa.gov,
Larry Lavern King Aviation Safety Person $113,092 Larry.King@faa.gov,
Larry V. Ward Aviation Safety Person $106,970 Larry.Ward@faa.gov,
Laura Anne Bohac Air Traffic Control $120,593 Laura.Bohac@faa.gov,
Laura M. Vilagi Air Traffic Control $196,539 Laura.Vilagi@faa.gov,
Lauren E. Wallace Air Traffic Control $150,993 Lauren.Wallace@faa.gov,
Lawrence C. Andrzejewski Aviation Safety Person $115,295 Lawrence.Andrzejewski@faa.gov,
Lawrence E. Blackman Air Traffic Control $143,678 Lawrence.Blackman@faa.gov,
Leanne D. Steinle Air Traffic Control $106,881 Leanne.Steinle@faa.gov,
Lee Alexander Morgan Transportation Spec $142,335 Lee.Morgan@faa.gov,
Lee H. Thiel Aviation Safety Person $114,886 Lee.Thiel@faa.gov,
Leroy G. Moore Aviation Safety Person $172,007 Leroy.Moore@faa.gov,
Leslie A. Fisher Contractor $137,866 Leslie.Fisher@faa.gov,
Linda Leigh Crawford Mgr and Prog Analyst Vw Empl Prof Linda.Crawford@faa.gov,
Lindsay M. Lessman Air Traffic Control $135,440 Lindsay.Lessman@faa.gov,
Lindsey E. Zensen Air Traffic Control $131,308 Lindsey.Zensen@faa.gov,
Lionell M. Portis Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof Lionell.Portis@faa.gov,
Lisa A. Wray Air Traffic Control $163,280 Lisa.Wray@faa.gov,
Lisa Ann Ashenfelter N/A Vw Empl Prof Lisa.Ashenfelter@faa.gov,
Lisa M. Persons Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Lisa.Persons@faa.gov,
Loftis J. Rollins Aviation Safety Person $108,994 Loftis.Rollins@faa.gov,
Lorn L. Fjeldstad Air Traffic Control $176,672 Lorn.Fjeldstad@faa.gov,
Louis A. Park N/A Vw Empl Prof Louis.Park@faa.gov,
Louis S. Szakmary Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Louis.Szakmary@faa.gov,
Lucas G. Hahn Air Traffic Control $135,640 Lucas.Hahn@faa.gov,
Lucas G. Kaelin Air Traffic Control $115,337 Lucas.Kaelin@faa.gov,
Manuel Dejesus Transportation Spec $101,296 Manuel.Dejesus@faa.gov,
Marc Kevin Gagne Air Traffic Control $163,280 Marc.Gagne@faa.gov,
Maria A. Whitney Air Traffic Control $142,639 Maria.Whitney@faa.gov,
Marilyn Carrion Civilian Vw Empl Prof Marilyn.Carrion@faa.gov,
Marilyn Gibbs Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Marilyn.Gibbs@faa.gov,
Mark A. Clute Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Mark.Clute@faa.gov,
Mark Anthony Maynard Air Traffic Control $163,280 Mark.Maynard@faa.gov,
Mark C. Fetting Air Traffic Control $150,993 Mark.Fetting@faa.gov,
Mark D. Buettner Engineer Tech Vw Empl Prof Mark.Buettner@faa.gov,
Mark D. Harden Aviation Safety Person $125,320 Mark.Harden@faa.gov,
Mark D. Nizza Telecommunication $117,872 Mark.Nizza@faa.gov,
Mark D. Violand Air Traffic Control $140,008 Mark.Violand@faa.gov,
Mark F. Frank Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof Mark.Frank@faa.gov,
Mark F. Saunders Air Traffic Control $180,705 Mark.Saunders@faa.gov,
Mark F. Saunders Air Traffic Control $137,807 Mark.Saunders@faa.gov,
Mark L. Owen Aviation Safety Person $106,970 Mark.Owen@faa.gov,
Mark M. McGough Air Traffic Control $139,808 Mark.McGough@faa.gov,
Mark P. Alessio Air Traffic Control $134,151 Mark.Alessio@faa.gov,
Mark P. Spencer Air Traffic Control $127,932 Mark.Spencer@faa.gov,
Mark R. Kimmel Aviation Safety Person $137,161 Mark.Kimmel@faa.gov,
Mark S. Madden Air Traffic Control $195,987 Mark.Madden@faa.gov,
Mark T. Little Aviation Safety Person $115,875 Mark.Little@faa.gov,
Mark T. Wolford Air Traffic Control $133,308 Mark.Wolford@faa.gov,
Mark W. Coughlin Air Traffic Control $135,540 Mark.Coughlin@faa.gov,
Marshall J. Penton Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Marshall.Penton@faa.gov,
Martin B. Smith Air Traffic Control $174,968 Martin.Smith@faa.gov,
Martin W. Brockman Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Martin.Brockman@faa.gov,
Marvin J. McCombs Air Traffic Control $176,922 Marvin.McCombs@faa.gov,
Mathieu V. Pearce Air Traffic Control $150,993 Mathieu.Pearce@faa.gov,
Matthew B. Ford Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof Matthew.Ford@faa.gov,
Matthew B. Kurtz Air Traffic Control $140,008 Matthew.Kurtz@faa.gov,
Matthew C. Shroyer Air Traffic Control $107,525 Matthew.Shroyer@faa.gov,
Matthew D. Meyer Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof Matthew.Meyer@faa.gov,
Matthew E. Cvetkovic Air Traffic Control $151,293 Matthew.Cvetkovic@faa.gov,
Matthew E. Hlavsa Air Traffic Control $140,008 Matthew.Hlavsa@faa.gov,
Matthew J. Feigelson Air Traffic Control $135,540 Matthew.Feigelson@faa.gov,
Matthew J. Larsen Air Traffic Control $138,464 Matthew.Larsen@faa.gov,
Matthew J. Latessa Air Traffic Control $160,602 Matthew.Latessa@faa.gov,
Matthew James Vogel Air Traffic Control $190,476 Matthew.Vogel@faa.gov,
Matthew L. Dillon Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Matthew.Dillon@faa.gov,
Matthew L. Patterson Air Traffic Control $135,690 Matthew.Patterson@faa.gov,
Matthew L. Rohr Air Traffic Control $139,908 Matthew.Rohr@faa.gov,
Matthew S. Keddell Air Traffic Control $140,008 Matthew.Keddell@faa.gov,
Maureen R. Schumacher Aviation Safety Person $125,320 Maureen.Schumacher@faa.gov,
Melanie S. Robinson Air Traffic Control $163,280 Melanie.Robinson@faa.gov,
Melvin D. Griffaw Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Melvin.Griffaw@faa.gov,
Micah Wesley Maziar Air Traffic Control $101,096 Micah.Maziar@faa.gov,
Michael A. Bloom Aviation Safety Person $115,295 Michael.Bloom@faa.gov,
Michael A. Brandow Air Traffic Control $139,808 Michael.Brandow@faa.gov,
Michael A. Carver Air Traffic Control $139,808 Michael.Carver@faa.gov,
Michael A. Fraser Air Traffic Control $177,084 Michael.Fraser@faa.gov,
Michael A. Puehler Aviation Safety Person $106,970 Michael.Puehler@faa.gov,
Michael A. Rutherford Aviation Safety Person $116,059 Michael.Rutherford@faa.gov,
Michael A. Taylor Air Traffic Control $108,391 Michael.Taylor@faa.gov,
Michael A. Young Air Traffic Control $151,243 Michael.Young@faa.gov,
Michael Allen Nelson Air Traffic Control $163,380 Michael.Nelson@faa.gov,
Michael B. Dennis Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Michael.Dennis@faa.gov,
Michael C. Atwood Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Michael.Atwood@faa.gov,
Michael C. Diles Air Traffic Control $101,899 Michael.Diles@faa.gov,
Michael D. Baker Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof Michael.Baker@faa.gov,
Michael D. Dobbins Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Michael.Dobbins@faa.gov,
Michael D. Robison Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Michael.Robison@faa.gov,
Michael David Sands Air Traffic Control $193,000 Michael.Sands@faa.gov,
Michael E. Dziurgalski Aviation Safety Person $126,409 Michael.Dziurgalski@faa.gov,
Michael E. Wiesenbach Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof Michael.Wiesenbach@faa.gov,
Michael Ernest Andrews Air Traffic Control $163,530 Michael.Andrews@faa.gov,
Michael F. Dinard Air Traffic Control $139,312 Michael.Dinard@faa.gov,
Michael G. Billinghurst Air Traffic Control $163,480 Michael.Billinghurst@faa.gov,
Michael H. Roberts Air Traffic Control $150,993 Michael.Roberts@faa.gov,
Michael J. Hartzog Tech Sys Prog Mgr $171,006 Michael.Hartzog@faa.gov,
Michael Jackson Transportation Spec $141,261 Michael.Jackson@faa.gov,
Michael James Knapp Air Traffic Control $163,480 Michael.Knapp@faa.gov,
Michael Jay Millard Aviation Safety Person $128,844 Michael.Millard@faa.gov,
Michael John Hanlon Air Traffic Control $163,430 Michael.Hanlon@faa.gov,
Michael Johnson Schuller Air Traffic Control $163,480 Michael.Schuller@faa.gov,
Michael Joseph Ruple Air Traffic Control $163,780 Michael.Ruple@faa.gov,
Michael K. Ferrell Air Traffic Control $191,364 Michael.Ferrell@faa.gov,
Michael L. Schlesinger Air Traffic Control $150,993 Michael.Schlesinger@faa.gov,
Michael L. Spengler Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Michael.Spengler@faa.gov,
Michael L. Watkins Aviation Safety Person $106,543 Michael.Watkins@faa.gov,
Michael M. Barner Air Traffic Control $126,510 Michael.Barner@faa.gov,
Michael P. Gross Air Traffic Control $180,655 Michael.Gross@faa.gov,
Michael Patrick Fox Transportation Spec $144,151 Michael.Fox@faa.gov,
Michael R. Gouchie Engineer Tech Vw Empl Prof Michael.Gouchie@faa.gov,
Michael R. Sutton Aviation Safety Person $106,970 Michael.Sutton@faa.gov,
Michael S. Isham Aviation Safety Person $106,970 Michael.Isham@faa.gov,
Michael S. Lee Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof Michael.Lee@faa.gov,
Michael T. Campbell Air Traffic Assist Vw Empl Prof Michael.Campbell@faa.gov,
Michael T. Dyer Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Michael.Dyer@faa.gov,
Michael Toth Air Traffic Control $163,430 Michael.Toth@faa.gov,
Michael V. Locklear Air Traffic Control $139,808 Michael.Locklear@faa.gov,
Michael W. Phillips Air Traffic Control $104,730 Michael.Phillips@faa.gov,
Michael Wayne Masten Aviation Safety Person $114,876 Michael.Masten@faa.gov,
Michel E. Rufener Information Tech Mgr Vw Empl Prof Michel.Rufener@faa.gov,
Michelle L. Long Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Michelle.Long@faa.gov,
Michelle L. Toth Air Traffic Control $106,571 Michelle.Toth@faa.gov,
Miles N. Foisy Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Miles.Foisy@faa.gov,
Millard A. Partridge Information Tech Mgr Vw Empl Prof Millard.Partridge@faa.gov,
Monica J. Davidson Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Monica.Davidson@faa.gov,
Nathan M. Breitenbach Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Nathan.Breitenbach@faa.gov,
Nathaniel C. Arroyo Air Traffic Control $139,908 Nathaniel.Arroyo@faa.gov,
Nathaniel C. Barrett Air Traffic Control $108,886 Nathaniel.Barrett@faa.gov,
Nathaniel Timothy Jones Air Traffic Control $139,012 Nathaniel.Jones@faa.gov,
Neal J. Spanier Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof Neal.Spanier@faa.gov,
Neil C. McLaughlin Air Traffic Control $146,212 Neil.McLaughlin@faa.gov,
Nicholas A. Kaszer Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Nicholas.Kaszer@faa.gov,
Nicholas A. Menne Air Traffic Control $129,342 Nicholas.Menne@faa.gov,
Nicholas B. Trutza Air Traffic Control $131,208 Nicholas.Trutza@faa.gov,
Nicholas C. Stathopoulos Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Nicholas.Stathopoulos@faa.gov,
Nicholas E. Everett Air Traffic Control $118,846 Nicholas.Everett@faa.gov,
Nicholas J. Kerman Air Traffic Control $106,483 Nicholas.Kerman@faa.gov,
Nicholas J. Yochman Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Nicholas.Yochman@faa.gov,
Nicholas R. Brady Air Traffic Control $131,408 Nicholas.Brady@faa.gov,
Nicholas R. D'antonio Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Nicholas.D'antonio@faa.gov,
Nicholas R. Neenan Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Nicholas.Neenan@faa.gov,
Nicholas R. Wheeler Air Traffic Control $133,308 Nicholas.Wheeler@faa.gov,
Nicholas T. Delotell Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof Nicholas.Delotell@faa.gov,
Nickalos W. Henderlight Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Nickalos.Henderlight@faa.gov,
Nicolas A. Krajacic Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Nicolas.Krajacic@faa.gov,
Nicole Lynn Hradil Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Nicole.Hradil@faa.gov,
Nikole N. Washburn Air Traffic Control $163,430 Nikole.Washburn@faa.gov,
Pamela Q. Wright Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Pamela.Wright@faa.gov,
Patrick Arturo Rojek Air Traffic Control $163,280 Patrick.Rojek@faa.gov,
Patrick Bryan Melchior Transportation Spec $135,223 Patrick.Melchior@faa.gov,
Patrick D. Peregoy Air Traffic Control $129,142 Patrick.Peregoy@faa.gov,
Patrick D. Sand Air Traffic Control $193,029 Patrick.Sand@faa.gov,
Patrick M. Beargie Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Patrick.Beargie@faa.gov,
Paul A. Virgin Aviation Safety Person $108,994 Paul.Virgin@faa.gov,
Paul D. Gillenwater Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof Paul.Gillenwater@faa.gov,
Paul Drobnik Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Paul.Drobnik@faa.gov,
Paul E. Chmielecki Transportation Spec $134,636 Paul.Chmielecki@faa.gov,
Paul James McCowan Aviation Safety Person $106,970 Paul.McCowan@faa.gov,
Paul W. Windham Transportation Spec $118,098 Paul.Windham@faa.gov,
Peter C. Notargiovanni Transportation Spec $117,036 Peter.Notargiovanni@faa.gov,
Peter E. Smith Air Traffic Control $129,342 Peter.Smith@faa.gov,
Peter L. Krutschnitt Misc Admin and Prog $129,059 Peter.Krutschnitt@faa.gov,
Peter M. Merriman Air Traffic Control $139,808 Peter.Merriman@faa.gov,
Philip Carpino Air Traffic Control $108,886 Philip.Carpino@faa.gov,
Philip T. Bobel Air Traffic Control $126,810 Philip.Bobel@faa.gov,
Philippe Audibert Air Traffic Control $163,380 Philippe.Audibert@faa.gov,
Rachel Marie Bremer Air Traffic Control $163,530 Rachel.Bremer@faa.gov,
Ralph J. Kronz Transportation Spec $125,166 Ralph.Kronz@faa.gov,
Randall Crnobrnja Air Traffic Control $180,705 Randall.Crnobrnja@faa.gov,
Randall J. Starcher Air Traffic Control $184,741 Randall.Starcher@faa.gov,
Randell J. Michaud Transportation Spec $117,583 Randell.Michaud@faa.gov,
Randell K. Brewer Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof Randell.Brewer@faa.gov,
Randolph D. Kerr Air Traffic Control $138,431 Randolph.Kerr@faa.gov,
Randy J. Hillenburg Air Traffic Control $149,320 Randy.Hillenburg@faa.gov,
Raquel L. Ysasi-Huerta Mgr and Prog Analyst Vw Empl Prof Raquel.Ysasi-Huerta@faa.gov,
Raul Huerta Transportation Spec $117,872 Raul.Huerta@faa.gov,
Raymond E. King Psychologist $143,121 Raymond.King@faa.gov,
Raymond R. Liddle Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Raymond.Liddle@faa.gov,
Reginald Washington Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof Reginald.Washington@faa.gov,
Rhonda L. Hall Air Traffic Control $176,872 Rhonda.Hall@faa.gov,
Rhonise E. Fields Air Traffic Control $114,742 Rhonise.Fields@faa.gov,
Ricardo A. Buentello Air Traffic Control $196,297 Ricardo.Buentello@faa.gov,
Ricardo L. Littrell Aviation Safety Person $103,999 Ricardo.Littrell@faa.gov,
Richard A. Jara Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof Richard.Jara@faa.gov,
Richard A. Norris Air Traffic Control $178,915 Richard.Norris@faa.gov,
Richard A. Sand Air Traffic Control $180,555 Richard.Sand@faa.gov,
Richard Alan Soeder Air Traffic Control $139,808 Richard.Soeder@faa.gov,
Richard Dean Beard Air Traffic Control $163,280 Richard.Beard@faa.gov,
Richard E. Greenlief Aviation Safety Person $107,197 Richard.Greenlief@faa.gov,
Richard E. Sykes Aviation Safety Person $122,898 Richard.Sykes@faa.gov,
Richard H. Pottinger Aviation Safety Person $104,164 Richard.Pottinger@faa.gov,
Richard J. Felton Air Traffic Control $163,380 Richard.Felton@faa.gov,
Richard L. Majoras Air Traffic Control $176,672 Richard.Majoras@faa.gov,
Richard M. Kolodka Air Traffic Control $176,672 Richard.Kolodka@faa.gov,
Richard N. Pelkowski Air Traffic Control $137,021 Richard.Pelkowski@faa.gov,
Richard P. Warren Aviation Safety Person $166,356 Richard.Warren@faa.gov,
Richard R. Capizzi Air Traffic Control $140,458 Richard.Capizzi@faa.gov,
Richard V. Bingham Air Traffic Control $138,614 Richard.Bingham@faa.gov,
Rick Glen Cotrell Air Traffic Control $115,051 Rick.Cotrell@faa.gov,
Robby L. Bricker Air Traffic Control $139,808 Robby.Bricker@faa.gov,
Robert A. Kerr Air Traffic Control $139,012 Robert.Kerr@faa.gov,
Robert Baron Brauchla Air Traffic Control $139,908 Robert.Brauchla@faa.gov,
Robert D. Breitweg Air Traffic Control $177,108 Robert.Breitweg@faa.gov,
Robert Daren Doughty Air Traffic Control $179,107 Robert.Doughty@faa.gov,
Robert E. Smith Air Traffic Control $196,106 Robert.Smith@faa.gov,
Robert J. Reinbold Air Traffic Control $147,752 Robert.Reinbold@faa.gov,
Robert J. Rooker Air Traffic Control $182,259 Robert.Rooker@faa.gov,
Robert J. Schuett Aviation Safety Person $115,884 Robert.Schuett@faa.gov,
Robert K. Haibach Air Traffic Control $129,375 Robert.Haibach@faa.gov,
Robert L. Harper Transportation Spec $123,793 Robert.Harper@faa.gov,
Robert L. Mullins Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Robert.Mullins@faa.gov,
Robert L. Quesnel Aviation Safety Person $106,049 Robert.Quesnel@faa.gov,
Robert M. Karman Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof Robert.Karman@faa.gov,
Robert M. Kissling Air Traffic Control $180,955 Robert.Kissling@faa.gov,
Robert M. Kostilnik Air Traffic Control $139,102 Robert.Kostilnik@faa.gov,
Robert M. Young Transportation Spec $133,675 Robert.Young@faa.gov,
Robert R. Cooke Air Traffic Control $168,877 Robert.Cooke@faa.gov,
Robert W. Craig Aviation Safety Person $106,970 Robert.Craig@faa.gov,
Robert W. Hutcheson Air Traffic Control $166,804 Robert.Hutcheson@faa.gov,
Robert W. Moody Transportation Spec $108,101 Robert.Moody@faa.gov,
Robert W. Rees Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof Robert.Rees@faa.gov,
Rochelle Renee Minarcin Air Traffic Control $130,485 Rochelle.Minarcin@faa.gov,
Rodger G. Janicki Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Rodger.Janicki@faa.gov,
Rodger M. Reid Air Traffic Control $180,655 Rodger.Reid@faa.gov,
Rodney J. Ott Air Traffic Control $163,280 Rodney.Ott@faa.gov,
Roger D. Brown Air Traffic Control $131,422 Roger.Brown@faa.gov,
Roger Y. Lee Air Traffic Control $131,208 Roger.Lee@faa.gov,
Rolland A. Kanavel Air Traffic Control $137,614 Rolland.Kanavel@faa.gov,
Ronald A. Foley Air Traffic Control $174,868 Ronald.Foley@faa.gov,
Ronald A. Harris Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Ronald.Harris@faa.gov,
Ronald A. Snell Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Ronald.Snell@faa.gov,
Ronald Blake Lilly Air Traffic Control $191,114 Ronald.Lilly@faa.gov,
Ronald Cletus Riccadonna Air Traffic Control $105,758 Ronald.Riccadonna@faa.gov,
Ronald J. Carroll Air Traffic Control $128,150 Ronald.Carroll@faa.gov,
Ronald J. Hagen Aviation Safety Person $119,386 Ronald.Hagen@faa.gov,
Ronald L. Lafferty Air Traffic Control $131,208 Ronald.Lafferty@faa.gov,
Ronald P. Myers Aviation Safety Person $155,597 Ronald.Myers@faa.gov,
Ronald P. Shonk Air Traffic Control $150,993 Ronald.Shonk@faa.gov,
Ronald W. Wood Air Traffic Control $195,940 Ronald.Wood@faa.gov,
Ronald William Smith Air Traffic Control $139,012 Ronald.Smith@faa.gov,
Ronny Ray Richards Air Traffic Control $123,867 Ronny.Richards@faa.gov,
Ross L. Hamer Air Traffic Control $163,280 Ross.Hamer@faa.gov,
Ross W. Yates Transportation Spec $135,380 Ross.Yates@faa.gov,
Rozhelen S. Bauder N/A Vw Empl Prof Rozhelen.Bauder@faa.gov,
Russel Armas Hannu Air Traffic Control $163,780 Russel.Hannu@faa.gov,
Russell E. Moody Air Traffic Control $176,342 Russell.Moody@faa.gov,
Russell James Parsons Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Russell.Parsons@faa.gov,
Russell L. Carlson Aviation Safety Person $108,880 Russell.Carlson@faa.gov,
Ryan A. Smith Air Traffic Control $129,142 Ryan.Smith@faa.gov,
Ryan D. Kemp Air Traffic Control $107,421 Ryan.Kemp@faa.gov,
Ryan E. Lovett Air Traffic Control $137,614 Ryan.Lovett@faa.gov,
Ryan J. Coughlin Air Traffic Control $140,008 Ryan.Coughlin@faa.gov,
Ryan J. Grieve Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Ryan.Grieve@faa.gov,
Ryan M. Anderson Air Traffic Control $137,707 Ryan.Anderson@faa.gov,
Ryan Thomas Svegel Air Traffic Control $140,158 Ryan.Svegel@faa.gov,
Samuel B. Taylor Aviation Safety Person $128,801 Samuel.Taylor@faa.gov,
Sandor J. Janosy Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof Sandor.Janosy@faa.gov,
Sarah J. Simek Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Sarah.Simek@faa.gov,
Sarah Joyce Nicholson Aviation Safety Person $119,576 Sarah.Nicholson@faa.gov,
Sarah L. Keesler Air Traffic Control $152,200 Sarah.Keesler@faa.gov,
Sarah Leone Crowder Air Traffic Control $163,530 Sarah.Crowder@faa.gov,
Scott A. Baisden Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Scott.Baisden@faa.gov,
Scott Alan Davis Air Traffic Control $163,280 Scott.Davis@faa.gov,
Scott B. Hazelwood Air Traffic Control $180,455 Scott.Hazelwood@faa.gov,
Scott Edward Mason Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Scott.Mason@faa.gov,
Scott J. Gartside Transportation Spec $117,772 Scott.Gartside@faa.gov,
Scott J. Steele Air Traffic Control $139,808 Scott.Steele@faa.gov,
Scott J. W Waite Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Scott.W@faa.gov,
Scott M. Charton Mgr and Prog Analyst Vw Empl Prof Scott.Charton@faa.gov,
Scott R. Clayton Air Traffic Control $126,629 Scott.Clayton@faa.gov,
Scott Vernon Markel Air Traffic Control $163,280 Scott.Markel@faa.gov,
Scott W. Lilley Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Scott.Lilley@faa.gov,
Sean A. Blake Air Traffic Control $100,841 Sean.Blake@faa.gov,
Sean L. Moore Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Sean.Moore@faa.gov,
Shane M. Hayes Air Traffic Control $118,725 Shane.Hayes@faa.gov,
Sharla D. Stanek Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof Sharla.Stanek@faa.gov,
Sharon A. Lampi Transportation Spec $106,816 Sharon.Lampi@faa.gov,
Shawn A. Macqueen Air Traffic Control $163,280 Shawn.Macqueen@faa.gov,
Shawn M. Kinas Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Shawn.Kinas@faa.gov,
Shawn Michael Angely Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Shawn.Angely@faa.gov,
Shawn V. Adams Air Traffic Control $151,243 Shawn.Adams@faa.gov,
Sherrie L. Rak Misc Clerk and Asst Vw Empl Prof Sherrie.Rak@faa.gov,
Shirlee Ann Coppo Program Mgr $140,553 Shirlee.Coppo@faa.gov,
Simcha S. Freedman Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Simcha.Freedman@faa.gov,
Spencer E. Dukeman Air Traffic Control $129,267 Spencer.Dukeman@faa.gov,
Stacey Lynn Taylor Parham Air Traffic Control $175,118 Stacey.Taylor@faa.gov,
Stacy L. Latessa Air Traffic Control $156,308 Stacy.Latessa@faa.gov,
Stanley Barnett Barnes Aviation Safety Person $106,049 Stanley.Barnes@faa.gov,
Stanley J. Callahan Civil Engineer Vw Empl Prof Stanley.Callahan@faa.gov,
Stanley P. Faske Aviation Safety Person $136,944 Stanley.Faske@faa.gov,
Stephanie Lynn Offhaus Air Traffic Control $163,630 Stephanie.Offhaus@faa.gov,
Stephanie Lynne Ploenzke Air Traffic Control $163,280 Stephanie.Ploenzke@faa.gov,
Stephanie Paige White Air Traffic Control $163,280 Stephanie.White@faa.gov,
Stephen A. Coughlin Air Traffic Control $139,908 Stephen.Coughlin@faa.gov,
Stephen A. Supanich Air Traffic Control $176,772 Stephen.Supanich@faa.gov,
Stephen Charles Hughes Air Traffic Control $163,280 Stephen.Hughes@faa.gov,
Stephen J. Sheha Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Stephen.Sheha@faa.gov,
Stephen J. Stasek Air Traffic Control $150,194 Stephen.Stasek@faa.gov,
Stephen John Hryshko Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Stephen.Hryshko@faa.gov,
Stephen M. Connor Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Stephen.Connor@faa.gov,
Steve Gregory Robinson Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Steve.Robinson@faa.gov,
Steve L. Wead Aviation Safety Person $107,348 Steve.Wead@faa.gov,
Steven A. Green Aviation Safety Person $116,230 Steven.Green@faa.gov,
Steven A. Heard Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof Steven.Heard@faa.gov,
Steven A. Ronshausen Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof Steven.Ronshausen@faa.gov,
Steven Bruce Ames N/A Vw Empl Prof Steven.Ames@faa.gov,
Steven Charles Holderness Transportation Spec $119,647 Steven.Holderness@faa.gov,
Steven E. Dunn Air Traffic Control $176,672 Steven.Dunn@faa.gov,
Steven L. Richard Air Traffic Assist Vw Empl Prof Steven.Richard@faa.gov,
Steven M. Gonzales Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Steven.Gonzales@faa.gov,
Steven M. Steele Aviation Safety Person $109,025 Steven.Steele@faa.gov,
Steven P. Johnson Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Steven.Johnson@faa.gov,
Steven R. Swoboda Air Traffic Control $115,960 Steven.Swoboda@faa.gov,
Terri A. Gibson Transportation Spec $141,346 Terri.Gibson@faa.gov,
Terry J. Dransfield Tech Sys Prog Mgr $143,119 Terry.Dransfield@faa.gov,
Terry J. Taylor Aviation Safety Person $119,386 Terry.Taylor@faa.gov,
Theresa Lynn Oswald Air Traffic Control $163,280 Theresa.Oswald@faa.gov,
Thomas A. Beller Transportation Spec $131,090 Thomas.Beller@faa.gov,
Thomas E. Sheckler Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof Thomas.Sheckler@faa.gov,
Thomas H. Buffington Aviation Safety Person $122,339 Thomas.Buffington@faa.gov,
Thomas Hadley Bond General Engineer $172,069 Thomas.Bond@faa.gov,
Thomas I. Logan Air Traffic Control $163,280 Thomas.Logan@faa.gov,
Thomas J. Schroeder Air Traffic Control $190,001 Thomas.Schroeder@faa.gov,
Thomas Joseph Leahy Aviation Safety Person $116,782 Thomas.Leahy@faa.gov,
Thomas L. Jones Air Traffic Control $139,908 Thomas.Jones@faa.gov,
Thomas M. Sanzo Aviation Safety Person $109,703 Thomas.Sanzo@faa.gov,
Thomas N. Rich Transportation Spec $134,474 Thomas.Rich@faa.gov,
Thomas P. Roherty Air Traffic Control $191,072 Thomas.Roherty@faa.gov,
Thomas S. Sorrels Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof Thomas.Sorrels@faa.gov,
Tiffany R. Kristophel Air Traffic Control $140,008 Tiffany.Kristophel@faa.gov,
Timothy A. Branscum Air Traffic Control $191,695 Timothy.Branscum@faa.gov,
Timothy A. Culver Electronics Tech $105,889 Timothy.Culver@faa.gov,
Timothy D. Conner Air Traffic Control $151,193 Timothy.Conner@faa.gov,
Timothy E. List Transportation Spec $121,786 Timothy.List@faa.gov,
Timothy G. O'hara Air Traffic Control $176,672 Timothy.O'hara@faa.gov,
Timothy J. Keck Air Traffic Control $126,510 Timothy.Keck@faa.gov,
Timothy J. Neuscheler Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Timothy.Neuscheler@faa.gov,
Timothy J. Tomayko Air Traffic Control $135,540 Timothy.Tomayko@faa.gov,
Timothy John Bench Aviation Safety Person $106,970 Timothy.Bench@faa.gov,
Timothy L. Parr Air Traffic Control $141,618 Timothy.Parr@faa.gov,
Timothy M. Disanza Air Traffic Control $175,068 Timothy.Disanza@faa.gov,
Timothy P. Goss Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Timothy.Goss@faa.gov,
Timothy Richard Pearch Air Traffic Control $191,364 Timothy.Pearch@faa.gov,
Timothy S. Cuthbert Aviation Safety Person $103,999 Timothy.Cuthbert@faa.gov,
Timothy W. Jones Air Traffic Control $118,725 Timothy.Jones@faa.gov,
Tod C. Heaton Aviation Safety Person $106,049 Tod.Heaton@faa.gov,
Todd D. Couper Air Traffic Control $121,066 Todd.Couper@faa.gov,
Todd E. Landacre Aviation Safety Person $100,157 Todd.Landacre@faa.gov,
Todd E. Wargo Air Traffic Control $196,043 Todd.Wargo@faa.gov,
Todd J. Caruso Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof Todd.Caruso@faa.gov,
Todd M. Hartman Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Todd.Hartman@faa.gov,
Todd R. Parham Air Traffic Control $185,916 Todd.Parham@faa.gov,
Tracey N. Mullins Information Tech Mgr $144,151 Tracey.Mullins@faa.gov,
Traci A. Moll Air Traffic Control $189,783 Traci.Moll@faa.gov,
Travis H. Lewellyn Air Traffic Control $140,008 Travis.Lewellyn@faa.gov,
Travis J. Weisenberger Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Travis.Weisenberger@faa.gov,
Trevor J. Gardner Air Traffic Control Vw Empl Prof Trevor.Gardner@faa.gov,
Trey E. Miller Air Traffic Control $135,440 Trey.Miller@faa.gov,
Troy T. Mills Air Traffic Control $137,825 Troy.Mills@faa.gov,
Tye A. Wreyford Air Traffic Control $139,808 Tye.Wreyford@faa.gov,
Tyrone Singleton Air Traffic Control $115,647 Tyrone.Singleton@faa.gov,
Valerie G. Palazzolo Aviation Safety Person $161,883 Valerie.Palazzolo@faa.gov,
Valerie M. Ruffin Admin Officer Vw Empl Prof Valerie.Ruffin@faa.gov,
Vallas W. Mash Transportation Spec Vw Empl Prof Vallas.Mash@faa.gov,
Veronica Letitia Dillard Transportation Spec $118,150 Veronica.Dillard@faa.gov,
Vilma Almodovar Air Traffic Assist Vw Empl Prof Vilma.Almodovar@faa.gov,
Vincent A. Yerace Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof Vincent.Yerace@faa.gov,
Vincent M. Pignatiello Air Traffic Control $139,808 Vincent.Pignatiello@faa.gov,
Vincent V. Shobe Air Traffic Control $194,160 Vincent.Shobe@faa.gov,
Virginia Banks Fox Air Traffic Control $136,801 Virginia.Fox@faa.gov,
Wade Allen Kennedy Air Traffic Control $163,530 Wade.Kennedy@faa.gov,
Walter C. Hammerle Air Traffic Control $140,617 Walter.Hammerle@faa.gov,
Walter M. Gebicki Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof Walter.Gebicki@faa.gov,
Wanda M. Gillon Admin Officer Vw Empl Prof Wanda.Gillon@faa.gov,
Wayne L. Cashin Air Traffic Control $131,308 Wayne.Cashin@faa.gov,
Wayne M. Meyer Aviation Safety Person $123,244 Wayne.Meyer@faa.gov,
Wendy Lee Kosmerl Air Traffic Control $163,530 Wendy.Kosmerl@faa.gov,
Wendy W. Folino Admin Officer Vw Empl Prof Wendy.Folino@faa.gov,
Wesley Alan Patton Air Traffic Control $126,510 Wesley.Patton@faa.gov,
Wilberto Torres Tech Sys Prog Mgr $144,105 Wilberto.Torres@faa.gov,
William E. Cummins Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof William.Cummins@faa.gov,
William E. Takala Aviation Safety Person $130,127 William.Takala@faa.gov,
William G. Plessinger Aviation Safety Person $132,282 William.Plessinger@faa.gov,
William I. Vogelgesang Air Traffic Control $183,159 William.Vogelgesang@faa.gov,
William J. Bourg Air Traffic Control $149,636 William.Bourg@faa.gov,
William J. Miller Aviation Safety Person Vw Empl Prof William.Miller@faa.gov,
William Joseph Gentry Air Traffic Control $163,780 William.Gentry@faa.gov,
William P. Wright Aviation Safety Person $101,028 William.Wright@faa.gov,
William R. Barnaby Air Traffic Control $139,808 William.Barnaby@faa.gov,
Willie J. Jester Air Traffic Control $107,172 Willie.Jester@faa.gov,
Woody William Decker Transportation Spec $141,992 Woody.Decker@faa.gov,
Yvan M. Thornhill Air Traffic Control $150,993 Yvan.Thornhill@faa.gov,
Zacharia Gray McElwain Mgr and Prog Analyst Vw Empl Prof Zacharia.McElwain@faa.gov,
Zachariah R. Connell Air Traffic Control $151,393 Zachariah.Connell@faa.gov,
Zachary P. Jackson Air Traffic Control $135,590 Zachary.Jackson@faa.gov,
Zachary S. Short Air Traffic Control $139,808 Zachary.Short@faa.gov,
Zoltan Vidacs Aviation Safety Person $116,068 Zoltan.Vidacs@faa.gov,

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