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Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Washington D.C. Employees in Year 2017

Home-george sarkisian-investigative reporter exposing corruption in government politics big business
Brambleton Virginia, City Officials harboring FAA Chief Mass Murderer Teri Lynn Bristol
Dumfries Virginia, City Officials harboring FAA Mass Murderers James Arrighi, Dan Elwell, Ron Wood
Dumfries Virginia Mass Murderers-FAA Execs James Arrighi, Ron Wood, Dan Elwell murdered 346 people
Attention: Bernie Guthrie-General Manager-Montclair, Virginia Property Owner's Association
Elyria Ohio's Mass Murderers-FAA Execs Ron Wood, Dan Elwell, James Arrighi. We murdered 346 people.
Larry Walker should have been inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame 10 years ago.
Corruption is Rampant within the United States Capitol Police
Wash. D.C.'s City Council Complicit with FAA/Boeing in Mass Murder of 346 people on two 737 crashes
Wash. D.C.'s Mass Murderers-FAA Chiefs Dan Elwell, Ron Wood, James Arrighi. We murdered 346 people.
Delaware's Mass Murderers-FAA Chiefs Dan Elwell, Ron Wood, James Arrighi. We murdered 346 people.
Maryland's Mass Murderers-FAA Chiefs Dan Elwell, Ron Wood, James Arrighi. We murdered 346 people.
Rick Hamill-The Spineless, Hypocritical, Coward of the Highland Twnshp. City Council finally speaks
Virginia's Mass Murderers-FAA Chiefs Dan Elwell, Ron Wood, James Arrighi. We murdered 346 people.
Virginia's Mass Murderer-FAA Chief Dan Elwell-I murdered 346 people. I am above the law.
The Cowardly City Council of Highland Township, Michigan
FAA Chief Dan Elwell-I murdered 346 people. I will never see prison because I am above the law.
Devious Air Force Aca. Grad.-FAA Chief Dan Elwell-most notorious Mass Murderer in U.S.-346 people
GPS for Air Travel Came With Big Downsides: Noise, Then Lawsuits-New York Times 11/18/2019
FAA Chief Dan Elwell-I murdered 346 people on 2 Boeing 737 Max 8 crashes-I deserve the death penalty
FAA Official. I murdered 346 people on two Boeing 737 Max 8 crashes. I deserve the death penalty.
Ali Bahrami-Corruption pays at the FAA. Others involved nixing report of Boeing QA corruption
I Will Never Let Boeing Forget Her---RALPH NADER speaking about his niece Samya Stumo
I was a lobbyist for more than 6 years. I quit. My conscience could not take it anymore.
Horseface Horse Face Rep. Haley Stevens (D-MI 11th District) Congressional Staff
Why aren't Boeing executives being prosecuted for the 737 Max 8 crashes
Hardcore Hero John James ready to tackle Mass Murderer Gary Peters for 2020 Michigan Senate Seat
2009-2019...These organizations spent the most trying to influence government policy.
These four top level FAA management people knowingly murdered 346 people.
Democratic lawmakers question FAA decisions on Boeing safety issues
Serving in Congress was never intended to be a career occupation
Families confront Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg on Capitol Hill with photos of 737 MAX crash victims
Citizens worldwide demanding the death penalty for top BOEING officials for 346 deaths
Citizens worldwide demanding the death penalty for top FAA officials for 346 deaths
In pictures-Gary Peters (D) Michigan's Mass Murderer and Hypocritical Senator-and his Wash DC staff
FAA Chiefs Elwell, Burleson, Amereihn, Bristol murdered 346 people. They belong in a Texas Prison.
Bo Schembechler vs Jim Harbaugh
FAA Chief Daniel K. Elwell murdered 346 people. He will love his Orange Prison Jumpsuit.
'I could never live with myself' Parents of Boeing 737 Max victim on why they fight for Daughter
Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and City Council complicit with FAA Great Lakes Mass Murder MacPherson
Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and City Council complicit with FAA Great Lakes Mass Murder MacPherson
Des Plaines Mayor Matthew Bogusz/Council complicit with FAA's Mass Murder MacPherson
Mass Murder MacPherson Mass Murder Drouet Mass Murder Mowery-Schalk think it is a big joke
Des Plaines, Ill. Disgraced Mayor and Aldermen Complicit with City's FAA Mass Murder Suspects
Des Plaines, Ill. Disgraced Mayor and Aldermen Complicit with City's FAA Mass Murder Suspects
FAA Illinois Mass Murder Suspects-Directors Rebecca MacPherson, Christina Drouet, Schalk on loose
FAA Des Plaines Mass Murder Suspects-Directors Rebecca MacPherson, Christina Drouet, Schalk on loose
FAA's Chief Operating Officer, Teri L Bristol, should be at the top of the FBI's most wanted list.
FAA Des Plaines-Mass Murder Suspects: Great Lakes Directors Rebecca MacPherson and Christina Drouet
FAA's 68 Top Level Mgmt. Mass Murder Suspects walking the streets of D.C./Virginia. 346 people dead
FAA Des Plaines/Oak Park Mass Murder Suspects and the streets of Chicagoland. 346 people dead
FAA's Disgraced Rebecca MacPherson's middle finger salute to Bensenville, Wood Dale, DuPage, Ill.
FAA's Disgraced Rebecca MacPherson's middle finger salute to Bensenville, Wood Dale, DuPage, Ill.
A Boeing Code Leak Exposes Security Flaws Deep in a 787's Guts
New York Congressman Steve Israel calls the FAA the "Federal Arrogance Administration."
Cook County, Ill. Mass Murderers FAA's Rebecca MacPherson/Christina Drouet still on the loose
Why are the FAA's Rebecca MacPherson/Christina Drouet walking free on the streets of Chicagoland?
Boeing Faces At Least 35 Lawsuits Over Its 737 MAX 8 Aircraft Crashes
Boeing reportedly kept the FAA in the dark about big changes it made to the 737 Max's flight-control
In Pics.-Cook County, Ill. Comm Complicit in FAA's Rebecca MacPherson Corruption/Prostitution Scam
New lawsuit alleges conspiracy between Boeing, FAA in Max crashes
Cook County, Ill Commissioners Complicit in FAA Des Plaines/Oak Park Corruption/Prostitution Scam
FAA's Disgraced Rebecca MacPherson's middle finger salute to Bensenville, Wood Dale, DuPage, Ill.
FAA's Disgraced Rebecca B. MacPherson's middle finger salute to Bensenville, Wood Dale, DuPage, Ill.
FAA's Disgraced Christina Drouet's middle finger salute to Bensenville, Wood Dale, DuPage, Ill.
FAA Disgraced Prostitute Rebecca MacPherson and her Des Plaines, Illinois Prostitution ring
FAA (Great Lakes) Rebecca MacPherson and her admiration for Adolph Hitler's management style
City of LA Suing FAA Over Changes to Flight Patterns Over Mid-City, Central LA, June 24, 2019
FAA's Disgraced Christina Kochanski Drouet and the women of Hitler.
FAA's Disgraced Chrisina Kochanski Drouet and the women of Hitler
FAA's Disgraced Rebecca MacPherson and the women of Hitler.
FAA's Disgraced Susan Mowery-Schalk and the women of Hitler
FAA's Rebecca MaPherson is the perfect German female Hitler was trying to create.
Federal ARROGANCE Administration (FAA) mistresses of Hitler, Goebbels, Goering, Speer
Charles Manson family members-FAA's Susan Mowery-Schalk, Rebecca MacPherson, Christina Drouet
Charles Manson family members-FAA's Christina Drouet, Rebecca MacPherson, Susan Mowery-Schalk
Charles Manson family members-FAA's Rebecca MacPherson, Christina Drouet, Susan Mowery-Schalk
691 Northwestern U. grads linked to FAA/Christina Drouet/Rebecca MacPherson prostitution
Disgraced FAA Prostitute Madame-Rebecca MacPherson and her $1000/day Illinois Prostitutes
Christina Drouet is the FAA Great Lakes Face of EVIL and CORRUPTION- Federal ARROGANCE Admin
Disgraced FAA Prostitute Madame-Rebecca MacPherson and her $1000/day Illinois Prostitutes
Disgraced FAA Prostitute Madame-Christina Kochanski Drouet and her $1000/day Illinois Prostitutes
Disgraced FAA Prostitute Madame-Christina Kochanski Drouet-and her Great Lakes House of Prostitution
Disgraced Prostitute Christina Drouet: Top Earning FAA Illinois Prostitute Des Plaines $187,283
Disgraced Martha Drouet is Horse's Ass-Christina Kochanski Drouet is a Horse's Ass-Fed ARROGANCE Adm
Disgraced Prostitute Susan Mowery-Schalk:Top Earning FAA Illinois Prostitute Des Plaines, $192,362
Disgraced HorseFace Horse Face Rep. Haley Stevens (D-MI 11th District) Congressional Staff
The difference between Disgraced Horseface Haley Stevens (D-MI 11th District) and a prostitute is..
Ashley Bristol is Horse's Ass-Teri Lynn Bristol is a Horse's Ass-Federal ARROGANCE Adm
In Pictures-65 FAA Top Management Characters responsible for killing 346 people in Boeing 737 MAX.
Kirk Shaffer is a Horse's Ass and a Damn Hypocrite-Federal ARROGANCE Administration FAA-Wash D.C.
Susan Mowery-Schalk is a Horse's ASS-Federal ARROGANCE Administration (FAA) Des Plaines, Ill.
Christina Drouet is the FAA Great Lakes Face of EVIL and CORRUPTION- Federal ARROGANCE Admin
Terry Michmerhuizen is a Horse' s Ass (Rhino Division) Western Mich Univ Asso Professor of Aviation
Christina Kochanski Drouet is a Horse's Ass-Federal ARROGANCE Administration FAA-Des Plaines, Ill
Christina Kochanski Drouet is a Horse's Ass-Federal ARROGANCE Administration FAA-Des Plaines, Ill
Terry Michmerhuizen is a Horse' s Ass (Rhino Division) Western Mich Univ Asso Professor of Aviation1
Peter F. Dumont is a Horse's ASS-Air Traffic Controller Association
Teri Lynn Bristol is a Horse's Ass-Federal ARROGANCE Administration FAA-Washington D.C.
In Pictures-FAA Female Faces of EVIL and CORRUPTION-Federal Arrogance Administration
Congressional staffer's-Horse's Ass-Hall of Shame for Rep. Haley Stevens (D-MI)
Congressional staffer's-Horse's Ass-Hall of Shame for Rep. Haley Stevens (D-MI)
Michael Tash is a Horse's Ass-Congressional staffer for Rep. Haley Stevens (D-MI)
Susan Mowery-Schalk-Pictures-FAA Female Face of EVIL and CORRUPTION-Federal Arrogance Administration
Rebecca MacPherson-Pictures-FAA Female Face of EVIL and CORRUPTION-Federal Arrogance Administration
In Pictures-FAA Romulus, Michigan Faces of EVIL and CORRUPTION
In Pictures-FAA Female Faces of EVIL and CORRUPTION-Federal Arrogance Administration
In Pictures-Michigan's Female Face of EVIL-Stephanie Swann, Asst. Director Fed ARROGANCE Admin (FAA)
In Pics-Wash D.C. Wide Body FAA CEO Teri Bristol-Federal ARROGANCE Admin AND-Culture of Corruption
FAA-Illinois-Sexiest and Most Corrupt--Susan Mowery-Schalk, Keefer, Bonk, Zachas, Felkins
Michigan's Face of EVIL-John Mayfield, Fed ARROGANCE Admin (FAA), ROMULUS Baptist Church
Michigan's Face of EVIL-John Mayfield, Fed ARROGANCE Admin (FAA), ROMULUS Baptist Church
In pictures-Gary Peters-Michigan Most Corrupt Senator-and his Washington D.C. staff
Great Lake's FAA Sexiest and Most Corrupt-Federal ARROGANCE Administration, Director Sue Schalk
Michigan's Most Corrupt-John L. Mayfield-FAA Federal ARROGANCE Administration
Michigan's Sexiest Legislative Director, Sarah Reingold, U.S. House of Representatives
Michigan Corruption Inc.-In Pictures-Legislative Directors-House of Representatives
Michigan Corruption Inc.-In Pictures-U.S. House of Representative's staff in Washington D.C.
Michigan Corruption Inc.-In Pictures-Sen. Debbie Stabenow and her Washington D.C. staff
Michigan Corruption Inc.-In Pictures-Sen. Gary Peters and his Washington D.C. staff
Michigan Corruption Inc.-Laura Marsh (Lackey), Sen. Gary Peters, AG Dana Nessel, John Mayfield (FAA)
Michigan Corruption Inc.-Courtney Evans, Lackey for Michigan Senator Gary Peters
Michigan Corruption Inc.-Laura Marsh, Lackey for Michigan Senator Gary Peters
Michigan Corruption Inc.-Laura Marsh (Lackey), Sen. Gary Peters, AG Dana Nessel, John Mayfield (FAA)
Michigan AG Dana Nessel looks the other way to the Corruption at John Mayfield's FAA
Michigan AG Dana Nessel turns a blind eye to the Corruption at John Mayfield's FAA
James W. Tegtmeier (FAA) condones CORRUPTION at Federal ARROGANCE Administration-1987 Luther College
Michigan AG Dana Nessel sits on her Keister while Corruption is King at John Mayfield's FAA
Robert Notigan (GSA) condones CORRUPTION at Federal ARROGANCE Administration (FAA)
Michigan's MOST CORRUPT Federal Employee-John Mayfield's Federal ARROGANCE Administration (FAA)
Illinois' MOST CORRUPT-John Mayfield's Fed ARROGANCE Admin (FAA), ROMULUS Community Baptist
Ohio's MOST CORRUPT-John Mayfield's Fed ARROGANCE Admin (FAA), ROMULUS Community Baptist
Michigan's most CORRUPT-John Mayfield's Fed ARROGANCE Admin (FAA), ROMULUS Community Baptist
John Mayfield's Fed ARROGANCE Admin (FAA), ROMULUS Community Baptist Church -The evolution of EVIL
John Mayfield's Fed ARROGANCE Admin (FAA), ROMULUS Community Baptist Church -The evolution of EVIL
Stephanie Swann's Fed ARROGANCE Admin (FAA), ROMULUS Community Baptist Church -The evolution of EVIL
ROMULUS Community Baptist Church, John Mayfield (Fed Arrogance Administration)-The evolution of EVIL
ROMULUS Community Baptist Church, John Mayfield (Fed Arrogance Administration)-The evolution of EVIL
DEVIOUS Dan Elwell (Federal ARROGANCE Administration) is the MOST CORRUPT MAN in Washington D.C.
ROMULUS-Corruption Capital, John Mayfield-Corruption Captain-Fed ARROGANCE-Romulus Baptist Church
Cleveland settles airport whistleblowers First Amendment-retaliation lawsuit Wednesday, Oct 10, 2018
Retaliation threats by City of Cleveland and Cleveland Hopkins, related to Case No. #EWB15580
ROMULUS-Corruption Capital, John Mayfield-Corruption Captain-Federal ARROGANCE Administration (FAA)
There are 1,000 employees at the FAA nationwide making $187,000 or more/year. Here are the top 100
Devious FAA Director Dan Elwell-Federal ARROGANCE Administration and his Culture of Corruption
ROMULUS' John Mayfield-AUTOCRATIC Director-Federal ARROGANCE Administration (FAA)
ROMULUS' John Mayfield-Detroit Director-Federal ARROGANCE Administration (FAA)
The failure of FAA chief Daniel Elwell--Trump names new FAA boss with Boeing grounding as backdrop
ROMULUS, Michigan-Home to Corruption In Michigan-Federal ARROGANCE Administration (FAA)
WAYNE, Michigan-Neighbor to Corruption In Romulus, Mich.-Federal ARROGANCE Administration (FAA)
Oberlin, Ohio-Home to Corruption In Ohio-Federal ARROGANCE Administration (FAA) Part 1
Oberlin, Ohio-Home to Corruption In Ohio-Federal ARROGANCE Administration (FAA) Part 2
Devious FAA Director Dan Elwell-Federal Arrogance Administration and his Culture of Corruption
Beefy FAA CEO Teri Bristol-Federal Arrogance Administration and her Culture of Corruption
Des Plaines, Illinois-Home to Corruption In Illinois-Federal Arrogance Administration (FAA) Part 3
Des Plaines, Illinois-Home to Corruption In Illinois-Federal Arrogance Administration (FAA) Part 2
Des Plaines, Illinois-Home to Corruption In Illinois-Federal Arrogance Administration (FAA) Part 1
Des Plaines, Ill. and the Corrupt Office of the Federal Arrogance Administration (FAA)
FAA CEO Teri Bristol-Federal Arrogance Administration Declines to Regulate Seat Size
FAA Chief of Staff Tina Amereihn-Federal Arrogance Administration and her Culture of Corruption
FAA Director Daniel K. Elwell-Federal Arrogance Administration and his Culture of Corruption
Des Plaines, Ill.-FAA James Tegtmeier-Fed Arrogance Adm (FAA) and his quest to quash Public Opinion
Illinois AG Kwame Raoul Vs. Director Daniel K. Elwell-FAA Federal Arrogance Administration
Ohio AG Dave Yost Vs. Director Daniel K. Elwell-FAA Federal Arrogance Administration
Michigan AG Dana Nessel Vs. Director Daniel K. Elwell-FAA Federal Arrogance Administration
Photo-Des Plaines, Illinois-FAA Federal Arrogance Association Wedding of the year
Photos-Des Plaines, Ill.-Home of Great Lakes Office-Federal Arrogance Administration (FAA)
Romulus, Michigan-Home of Federal Arrogance Administration (FAA)-John Mayfield, Manager
Romulus, Michigan-Home of Federal Arrogance Administration (FAA)-John Mayfield, Manager
James W. Tegtmeier (FAA) condones CORRUPTION at Federal ARROGANCE Administration-1987 Luther College
Photos-Des Plaines, Ill.-Home of Great Lakes Office-Federal Arrogance Administration (FAA)
The Federal Arrogance Administration (FAA)-Daniel Elwell and The Art of Incompetence
My nightmare dealing with Ronald Wood and Frank Arrighi Federal Arrogance Administration (FAA)
Dan Elwell Staff Meeting Pictures-Federal Arrogance Administration (FAA)
Teri Bristol-Tina Amereihn Federal Arrogance Administration (FAA) February Quality Award Winners
BFF Sorority Sisters-Federal Arrogance Administration (FAA)
Teri Bristol-Wedding Photos-Chief Operating Officer-Federal Arrogance Administration (FAA)
Tina Amereihn-Wedding Photos-Chief of Staff-Federal Arrogance Administration (FAA)
FAA Chief Daniel Elwell and his Cast of Characters
Des Plaines Ill. Federal ARROGANCE Administration (FAA) Great Lakes Region-Office of the Director
Great Lakes Region-Federal Arrogance Administration (FAA)-Office of the Director
Dan Elwell and the Keystone Cops of The Federal Arrogance Administration (FAA)
In Pictures-Federal Arrogance Administration (FAA) Problem Solving Team
The difference between talking with FAA General Attorney James William Tegtmeier and a bag of rocks
James Tegtmeier versus A bag of Rocks
What is the difference between The Cowardly Lion and Jim Keefer-FAA Great Lakes Deputy Director?
The Cowardly Lion versus James Keefer
What did we receive from Teri Lynn Bristol and her $278,426 salary and bonus for 2017? Bupkiss!
James Frank Arrighi-The Vindictive Forked-Tongued Face of the Washington D.C. FAA
Ronald W. Wood-The Vindictive Forked-Tongued Face of the Oberlin, Ohio FAA
Geralyn Zachas-FAA Administrative Officer in office of Susan Mowery Schalk
Susan Kay Mowery-Schalk--Federal Employee Profile
I strongly believe the FAA and Ronald Wood are guilty of violating the RICO Act
Professional football champions 1920-2017.
New York Congressman Steve Israel calls the FAA the "Federal Arrogance Administration."
FAA corruption exposing activists learn from famed Nazi hunters
Ron Wood, James Arrighi expected to feel the wrath of millions for routing planes over Milford HS
The lack of professionalism perfectly exemplified in the office of the Connecticut Attorney General
High levels of exposure to aircraft noise linked to serious physical/mental health issues
Tell Colorado senators to support amendments addressing aviation noise
Phoenix legal defeat prompts FAA to address noise concerns
Maryland asks court to urge FAA to change low flight paths near BWI because of noise
FAA tells airline passengers-We are a safety agency, not a creature comfort agency
I went out with a decibel reader, and just a normal jet flying over is 85 decibels
California Congressman Brad Sherman (D-Sherman Oaks) released a letter he sent to Dan Elwell FAA
The FAA, she added, has been "derelict in its duties" to residents
Lawmakers To Meet, Demand FAA Public Hearing On Helicopter Noise
Three cheers to the Washington Post, Paul Verchinski-Columbia, Lori Aratani (Wash Post reporter)
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-New York Employees 2017
Why are the sixty-nine top people at the FAA allowed to keep their jobs?
Request help/Contact/Request a meeting with Peters, Stabenow, Trott,
Peters, Stabenow, Trott, Tash, Evans, Danley, McPherson, Wood, Arrighi
Michigan Corruption Hall of Fame-Sen. Gary Peters (scheduler-Courtney A. Evans) Kwame Kilpatrick
Federal Highway Administration United States and Puerto Rico Employees U.S.-2017
Thanksgiving Utensils c/o Ronald W. Wood and James Frank Arrighi-
Daniel K. Elwell's FAA covers up another failure
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Maryland Employees 2017
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Delaware Employees 2017
Sky Justice National Network-The Great American Patriots of Culver City, California
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-California Employees in Year 2017
Federal Aviation Administration High Level Organization Chart (text only): November 2018
FAA Great Lakes Region Corruption starts at the top with Susan M. Schalk and Company
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Indiana Employees
November 07-08, 2018 FAA Public Input Sessions cancelled w/o warning-FAA afraid of public backlash
If private individuals like me do not stand up to the bullying tactics of FAA, who is going to?
FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Metroplex Question and Answer session
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Wisconsin Employees in Year 2017
FAA Corruption starts at the top
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Virginia Employees in Year 2017
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Washington D.C. Employees in Year 2017
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Illinois Employees in Year 2017
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Ohio Employees in Year 2017
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Michigan Employees in Year 2017
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA
Let's love God's earth-Piano version sung and arranged by Jeremy Palmer-link to music on staff paper
Let's love God's earth-Electronic version with English Horn arranged by Jeremy Palmer
Let's love God's earth-Trumpet version by Scott McCullough
Oscar Robertson, Isaiah Thomas, Charles Barkley taking heat
God was a flip-flopper in Glendale, Arizona on Saturday night. January 17, 2016
Poor Walt Disney must be turning over in his grave
Part two-Playing the What If game in sports-Nate Thurmond
Playing the What If game in sports
Athlete and crowd behavior sickens me
ESPN is The King of Hypocrisy
"Once you have wrestled, everything else in life is easy." Dan Gable
Big Ten, Big Twelve and SEC non-conference opponents broken down by team.
SEC non-conference football schedule.
The Mid-American Conference plays the toughest non-conf football schedule in the country annually
2012 Top Ten Worst Zoos for Elephants
Worst Zoos for Elephants - Hall of Shame
What college football conferences will be most represented in the NFL playoffs on Jan. 12-13, 2013
The colleges with most reps on the four winning teams of the NFL playoffs of Jan. 05-06, 2013
What college football conferences will be most represented in the NFL games on Sun., Jan. 6, 2013
What college football conferences will be most represented in the NFL games on Sat., Jan. 5, 2013
Three Cheers for Northern Illinois University of the Mid-American Conference going to the Orange Bow
States providing the most elite level High School football prospects
High School football to National Football League success rate
2012-2013 NBA player demographics
Letter to the editor: I will NOT VOTE for Vicki Barnett in this 2012 election.
Only 10 players received grades of 90.0 or above in the 2012 NFL draft.
States providing the most quality Defensive Backs to the NFL.
States providing the most quality Offensive Guards to the NFL.
States providing the most quality Tight Ends to the NFL.
States providing the most quality Offensive Ends to the NFL.
States providing the most quality running backs to the NFL.
Would you rather have the linebackers from California, Ohio, Pennsylvania or Texas?
Colleges in the state of California produce the greatest quantity of NFL offensive tackles
In Peyton Manning's 1998 NFL draft class 243 college players were selected.
1936-2011-Notable second round draft choices-including 26 in the NFL Hall of Fame.
1936-2011 NFL First round draft choices Saints-Colts (year-round-selection)
1936-2011 NFL First round draft choices Panthers-Redskins (year-round-selection)
1936-2011 NFL First round draft choices Forty Niners-Packers (year-round-selection)
1936-2011 NFL First round draft choices Bears-Cardinals (year-round-selection)
1936-2011 NFL First round draft choices Bears-Cardinals (year-round-selection)
Edmond Azadian-The Profile of Parliamentary Elections in Armenia (part 2 of 2)
Edmond Azadian-The Profile of Parliamentary Elections in Armenia (part 1 of 2)
Rita Dilanian-The latest tasteless act by the city of Farmington Hills Michigan
Martha Kouyoumdjian Mekaelian-Christmas-Some things Should Never be compromised.
Forbes Magazine names Farmington Hills (with Troy and Warren) 10th most miserable city in America
George Sarkisian-These colleges will be represented by the Patriots/Giants in the 2012 super bowl
How many Top-100 high school football players participated in the 2012 NFL playoffs?
January 15, 2012-Who today remembers the Armenians?
George Sarkisian-12/17/11-Is the best college football played NORTH or SOUTH of Mason-Dixon line?
George Sarkisian-Dec. 11, 2011-Michigan AD is "Hypocrite of the Year" in college football
George Sarkisian-Acclaimed Film maker Hrayr Toukhanian presents 2011 Vasbouragan Society Celebration
George Sarkisian-Which team deserves to be ranked where?
George Sarkisian-Which div 1-a college football teams should be allowed to play for the championship
George Sarkisian-Week Eleven report card-2011 div 1-a college football
George Sarkisian-Penn State-It saddens all of us.
George Sarkisian-Elect Ginsberg and Kahn to Farmington Board of Education November 08, 2011
George Sarkisian-The What Ifs of the NBA draft--birth year 1936 through 1949.
George Sarkisian-The What Ifs of the NBA draft-birth years 1920s-1930s.
George Sarkisian-Part Three-2011 National Football League player demographics
George Sarkisian-Part Two-2011 National Football League player demographics
George Sarkisian-2011 National Football League player demographics
George Sarkisian-Rita Dilanian-2011 Farmington Hills endorsements
George Sarkisian-Top fund raiser, Rita Dilanian, digusted with Farmington Arts Commission
George Sarkisian-2011 div 1-a college football results--weeks one through six
George Sarkisian-Derek Jeter ends up wearing the goat horns in 2011
George Sarkisian-Home field advantage in weeks one-five of the 2011 season div 1-a college football
George Sarkisian-The Home Field advantage in 2011 div 1-a college football.
George Sarkisian-Wall of Shame results-2011 season: Weeks one and two div 1-a college football
George Sarkisian-Results-week one 2011 college football div 1-a wall of shame
George Sarkisian-THANK YOU, STEVE JOBS! Adopted by Armenians
George Sarkisian-2011 season, week 1 and 2, div 1-a college football, wall of shame
George Sarkisian-Rest in Peace-Camp Dearborn
George Sarkisian-Lack of organization in the Ohio State athletic department
George Sarkisian- Shame on all 93 div 1-a football schools playing div 1-aa opponents in 2011
George Sarkisian-Let me tell you the story of former National Football League player Greg Gaines
George Sarkisian-Letter to the Editor: Alabama and Michigan lead the 2011 Wall of Shame for div 1-a
George Sarkisian-Letter to the Editor: University of Notre Dame Mission Statement
George Sarkisian-Compare salary increases for Michigan University administrators
George Sarkisian-Dan Gable is the most accomplished sports person in the history of the USA.
George Sarkisian-Projected winners March 26-27, 2011 NCAA men's basketball tournament.
George Sarkisian-Projected winners March 24-25, 2011 NCAA men's basketball tournament.
George Sarkisian-hold NFL criminally responsible
George Sarkisian-suspend Mika Brzezinski
George Sarkisian-I did not watch the 2011 super bowl
George Sarkisian-boycott the super bowl
George Sarkisian-OSU's Gordon Gee stands for "Goofball"
George Sarkisian-2010 div 1-a college football wall of shame
George Sarkisian-Shame on Messers. Goodell, Selig, Stern, and Bettman:
George Sarkisian-Which side are we supposed to feel sorry for in the potential upcoming NFL lockout?
George Sarkisian-2009 NFL salaries by position
George Sarkisian-Thank God, the 2010 super bowl is over!

300 million Americans are begging for some cooperation from the FAA

1 Washington D.C. 2017
3 FAA Employees
7 U.S. Office of Personnel Mgmt
11 The sum/ave of all empl salaries
13 Across all agencies and occup:
15 1,339,645 Employees
17 375 Federal Agencies
19 $69.344.22 Average Salary
21 $92.9B Total Salary
23 Name Title Salary Email
25 Aaron E. Wilkins Information Tech Mgr $182,597,
26 Abigail A. Smith Prog Mgr $187,000,
27 Adrian Seymone Caster Prog Mgr $160,342,
28 Agnes M. Rodriguez General Attorney $187,000,
29 Ahmad Usmani Prog Mgr $185,421,
30 Ahmed M. Hussein Prog Mgr $188,139,
31 Aimee E. Johnson Financial Admin and Prog $185,421,
32 Ajay Sharma Prog Mgr $182,182,
33 Alan J. Hayes Information Tech Mgr $174,855,
34 Alan Martin General Attorney $182,597,
35 Albert H. Olsen Air Traffic Controller $189,363,
36 Alex J. Silva General Engineer $164,635,
37 Alexander M. McDowell Prog Mgr $201,497,
38 Alexander R. Ewings Air Traffic Controller $192,831,
39 Alexandra R. Randazzo General Attorney $188,779,
40 Alexis Alonzo Alexander Mgr and Prog Analyst $174,837,
41 Alfred Moosakhanian General Engineer $183,921,
42 Alfred Smith Mgr and Prog Analyst $157,123,
43 Ali Bahrami Prog Mgr $187,000,
44 Alius J. Meilus Operations Researcher $157,776,
45 Allison D. Talarek General Engineer $172,532,
46 Allison W. Ritman Prog Mgr $201,092,
47 Almira Ramadani Operations Researcher $181,745,
48 Alphonso J. Barr Mgr and Prog Analyst $182,182,
49 Altha R. McDermott Prog Mgr $186,609,
50 Amer M. Younossi Misc Admin and Prog $174,258,
51 Ammyanna Williams General Engineer $157,171,
52 Amy C. Jacky Mgr and Prog Analyst $159,559,
53 Amy J. Gusky Prog Mgr $169,624,
54 Amy K. Carroll Mgr and Prog Analyst $166,483,
55 Andras Kovacs Operations Researcher $172,577,
56 Andrea E. Boykin Accountant $178,720,
57 Andrew Gold Air Traffic Controller $172,753,
58 Andrew J. Dilk General Attorney $191,171,
59 Andrew Petersen Financial Admin and Prog $168,125,
60 Andrew S. Cho Accountant $173,894,
61 Andy A. Nahle Prog Mgr $165,024,
62 Angela H. Stubblefield Prog Mgr $203,296,
63 Angela Nelson Air Traffic Controller $184,518,
64 Angela O. Anderson Prog Mgr $182,533,
65 Angela R. Hawkins Air Traffic Controller $183,921,
66 Angelique R. Berry Mgr and Prog Analyst $182,056,
67 Anil K. Gulati Accountant $158,451,
68 Ann Elizabeth Mills Air Traffic Controller $154,620,
69 Ann-Marie Rosalind Massenberg Prog Mgr $181,966,
70 Anna Doroshaw Information Tech Mgr $165,087,
71 Anne F. Marrelli Mgr and Prog Analyst $172,690,
72 Anne F. Moore General Attorney $180,147,
73 Anne H. Joyce Mgr and Prog Analyst $185,185,
74 Anne Y. Suissa Prog Mgr $176,575,
75 Annie B. Andrews Prog Mgr $202,613,
76 Anthony J. Willett Prog Mgr $184,524,
77 Anthony L. Coggins General Engineer $182,190,
78 Anthony M. Butters Prog Mgr $159,797,
79 Anthony N. Palladino General Attorney $190,964,
80 Antonio Diana Operations Researcher $165,857,
81 Antonio F. Sanchez Prog Mgr $183,668,
82 Aris W. Scarla Prog Mgr $183,639,
83 Arnzell R. Ramsey-Outlaw Mgr and Prog Analyst $179,056,
84 Arthur L. Sullivan Prog Mgr $182,168,
85 Arthur W. Hinaman Transportation Specialist $164,447,
86 Augusto Casado Technical Sys Prog Mgr $193,272,
87 Austin G. Aurandt Technical Sys Prog Mgr $173,986,
88 Barbara A. Stance Prog Mgr $182,182,
89 Barbara J. Cassidy Foreign Affairs Personnel $182,831,
90 Barbara Joan Lingberg Computer Engineer $186,486,
91 Barbara Pisaro Prog Mgr $167,722,
92 Barry Andrew Kefauver Human Resources Mgr $168,752,
93 Barry C. Davis Prog Mgr $184,427,
94 Bart Pleston Waggy Accountant $169,258,
95 Beverly J. Sharkey General Attorney $182,597,
96 Biruk Abraham Operations Researcher $167,667,
97 Boniface Ngassa Accountant $156,989,
98 Bonnie M. Gray Mgr and Prog Analyst $156,865,
99 Brandon Lee Roberts Misc Admin and Prog $170,755,
100 Brandy A. Ingargiola General Engineer $183,097,
101 Brenda L. Stallard Air Traffic Controller $172,696,
102 Brent W. Phillips General Engineer $184,097,
103 Brett T. Daee General Attorney $174,842,
104 Brian C. Rushforth Prog Mgr $168,748,
105 Brian D. Anderson Prog Mgr $182,918,
106 Brian D. Bagstad Prog Mgr $183,097,
107 Brian E. Cable Aviation Safety Personnel $169,682,
108 Brian Elliott Black Prog Mgr $200,285,
109 Brian K. Duvall General Engineer $183,797,
110 Brian K. Langdon Misc Admin and Prog $184,848,
111 Brian V. Throop Prog Mgr $194,345,
112 Bruce E. Decleene Prog Mgr $203,260,
113 Bryan L. Bourgoin Prog Mgr $196,589,
114 Buren John Scott Van Safety Engineer $187,000,
115 Calvin S. Miles General Engineer $172,063,
116 Camille King Air Traffic Controller $170,249,
117 Candis M. Travers Mgr and Prog Analyst $179,543,
118 Cara R. Jenkins Misc Admin and Prog $195,534,
119 Carey L. Ragels Prog Mgr $156,867,
120 Carl E. Burleson Prog Mgr $200,373,
121 Carl T. Adams Air Traffic Controller $183,196,
122 Carl W. Burrus Prog Mgr $201,138,
123 Carla B. Lounsbury Air Traffic Controller $185,882,
124 Carleen F. Adams General Engineer $185,478,
125 Carletta Chevalier Goldring Security Administrator $155,590,
126 Carlos A. Rodriguez General Engineer $183,921,
127 Carmela Joanne Vaccarella Technical Sys Prog Mgr $183,921,
128 Carmen M. Molina Mgr and Prog Analyst $184,847,
129 Carmen M. Ortiz Mgr and Prog Analyst $185,357,
130 Carmen Y. Taylor Human Resources Mgr $170,114,
131 Carol A. Might Air Traffic Controller $184,006,
132 Carolina E. Forrester Information Tech Mgr $191,487,
133 Caroline A. Dimanna Mgr and Prog Analyst $176,871,
134 Carrie A. Higgins Prog Mgr $170,182,
135 Cary E. Leventhal Human Resources Mgr $187,210,
136 Cassandra James Prog Mgr $155,403,
137 Catherine A. Graham Prog Mgr $164,053,
138 Cathy March Mgr and Prog Analyst $184,935,
139 Cavallini Rita M. Estrada Mgr and Prog Analyst $184,728,
140 Cedric Evans Industrial Specialist $185,935,
141 Cedric L. Super Air Traffic Controller $176,402,
142 Chad Mathew Whitman Air Traffic Controller $183,268,
143 Chan M. Kim Information Tech Mgr $184,197,
144 Charles A. Davis Prog Mgr $184,927,
145 Charles B. Smith General Engineer $182,597,
146 Charles C. Bulger Aerospace Engineer $159,946,
147 Charles D. Stimley Technical Sys Prog Mgr $187,820,
148 Charles K. Henry Air Traffic Controller $161,421,
149 Charles M. Buntin General Engineer $183,028,
150 Charles M. Trippe General Attorney $179,700,
151 Charles O. Thorpe Mgr and Prog Analyst $182,168,
152 Charles Paul Weigl Information Tech Mgr $184,347,
153 Charles Philip Brinkman Aerospace Engineer $181,848,
154 Charles R. Burand Prog Mgr $170,927,
155 Charles V. Mauro Operations Researcher $191,437,
156 Charles W. Baker Air Traffic Controller $156,569,
157 Chauntel T. Seiler Air Traffic Controller $159,785,
158 Cheryl G. Souders Meteorologist $188,316,
159 Cheryl M. Veney Prog Mgr $182,168,
160 Cheryl Mazzella Anderson Industrial Hygienist $155,274,
161 Chin Pann General Attorney $165,831,
162 Chinh M. Vuong Aerospace Engineer $182,387,
163 Chris E. Pokorski Safety Engineer $182,597,
164 Chris M. Front Psychologist $167,955,
165 Chrishaun P. Jones Contractor $189,211,
166 Christiana R. Paul Financial Admin and Prog $162,653,
167 Christina M. Kominoth Prog Mgr $182,676,
168 Christine A. Kling Prog Mgr $186,005,
169 Christine H. Chang Accountant $158,451,
170 Christine Lynn Sharp Misc Admin and Prog $182,337,
171 Christopher C. Brown Prog Mgr $175,000,
172 Christopher D. Parfitt Aviation Safety Personnel $165,560,
173 Christopher E. Steele Air Traffic Controller $183,482,
174 Christopher J. Hope Prog Mgr $159,948,
175 Christopher J. Pressler Information Tech Mgr $165,391,
176 Christopher J. Rocheleau Prog Mgr $203,658,
177 Christopher K. Simmonds Air Traffic Controller $191,209,
178 Christopher L. Porta Air Traffic Controller $179,190,
179 Christopher L. Swider General Engineer $168,963,
180 Christopher R. Poulin Technical Sys Prog Mgr $163,064,
181 Cindy Owens Mgr and Prog Analyst $184,782,
182 Clarence C. Butcher Misc Admin and Prog $187,639,
183 Clarissa C. Riffe Telecommunication $162,068,
184 Clark Angela Cherie Harris Foreign Affairs Personnel $168,363,
185 Claude Manno Prog Mgr $208,908,
186 Claudia L. Bogard Prog Mgr $199,787,
187 Cletus L. Clark Mgr and Prog Analyst $174,794,
188 Clifton D. Jordan Air Traffic Controller $190,766,
189 Coleen K. Hawrysko Air Traffic Controller $163,206,
190 Colleen A. Baldwin Prog Mgr $189,111,
191 Colleen M. Donovan Social Scientist $186,364,
192 Connor Wendy L. O Air Traffic Controller $160,963,
193 Conway L. Boyette Air Traffic Controller $193,229,
194 Corey Stephens Operations Researcher $182,597,
195 Cormick Richard D. Mc Prog Mgr $200,537,
196 Courtney L. Wilkerson Prog Mgr $189,646,
197 Coy Jeffrey E. Mc Prog Mgr $202,132,
198 Craig Allen Marina General Engineer $182,597,
199 Curtis A. Holsclaw Prog Mgr $200,627,
200 Cynthia A. Dominik General Attorney $201,406,
201 Cynthia G. Morris Operations Researcher $184,097,
202 Cynthia M. Rooney Prog Mgr $201,212,
203 Cyril R. Shepherd General Engineer $182,597,
204 Cyrus Tribue Mgr and Prog Analyst $186,296,
205 Dale A. Bouffiou Mgr and Prog Analyst $171,192,
206 Dana Denise Brooks Contractor $162,072,
207 Daniel A. Herschler Social Scientist $184,097,
208 Daniel Chong Foreign Affairs Personnel $154,495,
209 Daniel E. Ricks Air Traffic Controller $191,730,
210 Daniel E. Williams Air Traffic Controller $183,091,
211 Daniel J. Murphy Operations Researcher $191,242,
212 Daniel K. Whitcher Information Tech Mgr $158,307,
213 Daniel M. Goldsmith Prog Mgr $171,783,
214 Daniel Milano Computer Engineer $163,369,
215 Daniel P. Murray Misc Admin and Prog $186,898,
216 Daniel S. Hicok Technical Sys Prog Mgr $170,017,
217 Daniel Vaca Foreign Affairs Personnel $188,331,
218 Danielle J. Rinsler Mgr and Prog Analyst $182,533,
219 Danny L. Sims General Physical Scientist $180,150,
220 Daphne A. Fuller General Attorney $200,899,
221 Darcy D. Reed Aviation Safety Personnel $168,804,
222 Darlene Olson Psychologist $184,062,
223 Darrell H. Wyrick General Engineer $169,267,
224 Darrell J. Hudson Air Traffic Controller $186,929,
225 Darryel D. Adams Prog Mgr $181,725,
226 Daryl E. Harris Mgr and Prog Analyst $178,675,
227 David A. Jones Technical Sys Prog Mgr $162,434,
228 David A. Keehan Contractor $179,694,
229 David A. Knorr Operations Researcher $185,478,
230 David A. Walsh Air Traffic Controller $163,454,
231 David Andrew Ingram Prog Mgr $200,789,
232 David B. Joyce Prog Mgr $184,521,
233 David Boulter Prog Mgr $193,100,
234 David C. Dominguez Air Traffic Controller $195,424,
235 David Darryl Bell Mgr and Prog Analyst $166,287,
236 David E. Gray Prog Mgr $158,419,
237 David E. Spencer Prog Mgr $201,777,
238 David G. Hamill Human Resources Mgr $182,856,
239 David K. Bushrod Air Traffic Controller $190,069,
240 David K. Chin Prog Mgr $200,808,
241 David M. Chien Prog Mgr $196,491,
242 David M. Waudby Air Traffic Controller $191,071,
243 David R. Cameron Prog Mgr $182,182,
244 David Rickard Prog Mgr $200,288,
245 David S. Burkholder Prog Mgr $200,413,
246 David W. Hempe Prog Mgr $203,355,
247 Dawn A. Zimmer Prog Mgr $187,000,
248 Dawn M. Ramirez Air Traffic Controller $185,206,
249 Dean S. Duff Air Traffic Controller $170,556,
250 Debora G. Agnelli Prog Mgr $159,859,
251 Deborah Bonita Lawrence Technical Sys Prog Mgr $192,318,
252 Debra Few Misc Admin and Prog $166,447,
253 Dedra L. Goodman Misc Admin and Prog $160,024,
254 Deloris Rochelle Martin Mgr and Prog Analyst $164,521,
255 Denise Pittman Glass Prog Mgr $184,921,
256 Desiree Rosado-Matos Air Traffic Controller $163,714,
257 Diana K. Liang Computer Scientist $185,597,
258 Diana M. Takata Information Tech Mgr $183,097,
259 Diana R. Rabinowitz General Attorney $163,659,
260 Diane R. Ford Operations Researcher $169,838,
261 Dieter D. Thigpen General Engineer $183,921,
262 Dina A. Dolan Mgr and Prog Analyst $170,452,
263 Dipasis Bhadra Economist $179,465,
264 Dominick P. Caputo Air Traffic Controller $193,193,
265 Dominique Anne Wallace Mgr and Prog Analyst $177,203,
266 Don B. Terry Contractor $170,856,
267 Donald A. Orrico General Engineer $182,004,
268 Donald E. Ward Technical Sys Prog Mgr $194,164,
269 Donald G. Drummer Prog Mgr $199,094,
270 Donald J. Guffey Mgr and Prog Analyst $165,261,
271 Donald L. Faulkner Prog Mgr $197,054,
272 Donald McNeill Prog Mgr $164,248,
273 Donald R. Lausman Aviation Safety Personnel $166,962,
274 Donna D. Peterson Financial Admin and Prog $175,924,
275 Donna M. Creasap Technical Sys Prog Mgr $188,369,
276 Dorenda D. Baker Prog Mgr $212,066,
277 Doris A. Turner General Engineer $153,764,
278 Dorothy B. Reimold Prog Mgr $187,000,
279 Douglas C. Taylor N/A $182,182,
280 Douglas J. Balint Prog Mgr $182,668,
281 Douglas P. Auerbach Air Traffic Controller $171,807,
282 Douglas W. Roseboro Prog Mgr $200,092,
283 Duc H. Le Operations Researcher $159,452,
284 Earl A. Lawrence Prog Mgr $202,729,
285 Edgar E. Calderon General Engineer $183,921,
286 Edith V. Parish Air Traffic Controller $194,961,
287 Edward A. Ebright Misc Admin and Prog $185,702,
288 Edward B. Donaldson Prog Mgr $190,765,
289 Edward E. Kennedy Information Tech Mgr $158,012,
290 Edward Oliver Tatem Prog Mgr $161,361,
291 Edwin A. Richardson Financial Admin and Prog $182,165,
292 Elaine A. Ricks Air Traffic Controller $175,697,
293 Elena Y. Loboda Mgr and Prog Analyst $187,202,
294 Elie T. Nasr Misc Admin and Prog $166,506,
295 Elisabeth M. Smeda Misc Admin and Prog $161,900,
296 Elizabeth A. Dayan Prog Mgr $203,559,
297 Elizabeth A. Ward Information Tech Mgr $185,597,
298 Elizabeth B. White Misc Admin and Prog $183,325,
299 Elizabeth J. Head General Attorney $185,204,
300 Elizabeth J. Theuer Accountant $158,451,
301 Elizabeth L. Ray Prog Mgr $202,299,
302 Elizabeth McGovern Assink Mgr and Prog Analyst $171,808,
303 Elizabeth Newman General Attorney $176,015,
304 Elizabeth S. Williams Mgr and Prog Analyst $171,790,
305 Elliott Lee McLaughlin Industrial Engineer $175,660,
306 Emily A. White Prog Mgr $186,127,
307 Emily M. Campbell Prog Mgr $155,067,
308 Enoch R. Moses Information Tech Mgr $167,398,
309 Eric Cole Air Traffic Controller $171,868,
310 Eric L. Bradshaw Mgr and Prog Analyst $185,685,
311 Eric M. Elmore Environmental Prot Spec $164,509,
312 Eric W. Saldana Air Traffic Controller $183,168,
313 Erik Amend Mgr and Prog Analyst $167,344,
314 Erik H. Johnson Prog Mgr $186,445,
315 Ernest H. Barber Mgr and Prog Analyst $186,055,
316 Ernest J. Pickell Prog Mgr $170,525,
317 Ernesto Lasen Air Traffic Controller $183,921,
318 Ernesto P. Villacarlos Information Tech Mgr $182,455,
319 Erskin Mitchell Air Traffic Controller $190,810,
320 Esther M. Sharpe Mgr and Prog Analyst $177,124,
321 Eugene Andrew Scott Prog Mgr $181,148,
322 Eugene Norman Burdick Technical Sys Prog Mgr $177,683,
323 Evelyn Viera-Ford Mgr and Prog Analyst $181,949,
324 Fabio Grandi General Physical Scientist $161,214,
325 Farzad Davarya General Engineer $171,730,
326 Fawn V. Freeman Mgr and Prog Analyst $181,850,
327 Faye L. Spiers Mgr and Prog Analyst $181,480,
328 Federico C. Gomez Mgr and Prog Analyst $184,935,
329 Felix C. Rosario Electronics Engineer $182,597,
330 Firdu Bati Mathematician $184,518,
331 Flora Fereshteh Emami General Engineer $183,347,
332 Fong Kuen Lee General Engineer $172,785,
333 Francis J. Hodge Financial Admin and Prog $183,915,
334 Francis T. Toner Prog Mgr $172,426,
335 Frank J. Soloninka Mgr and Prog Analyst $165,261,
336 Frank Lias Air Traffic Controller $168,401,
337 Frank M. Gallivan Mgr and Prog Analyst $175,650,
338 Franklin J. Doscher Prog Mgr $182,168,
339 Frazier Judith A. Kerber Medical Officer $192,837,
340 Fred W. Freeman Mgr and Prog Analyst $170,443,
341 Gary A. Norek Technical Sys Prog Mgr $190,403,
342 Gary J. Pokodner General Engineer $169,740,
343 Gary Kolb Prog Mgr $181,282,
344 Gary M. Burke General Engineer $183,921,
345 Gary M. Fiske Air Traffic Controller $179,108,
346 Gary W. Miller Air Traffic Controller $190,765,
347 Gavin Byrne Contractor $177,696,
348 Gayle L. Thornton Electronics Engineer $183,597,
349 Gene M. Kirkendall Aviation Safety Personnel $179,909,
350 Genesta S. Belton Gen Bus Industry Empl $181,368,
351 Geofrey Alan Frazier Technical Sys Prog Mgr $191,322,
352 George A. Lloyd Air Traffic Controller $179,689,
353 George Cooke Nield Misc Admin and Prog $208,349,
354 George Michael Bebble Air Traffic Controller $163,140,
355 George P. Sempeles Navigational Info Persl $159,555,
356 George Payne Kinsey General Attorney $189,882,
357 George S. Billos Prog Mgr $177,575,
358 Gerald L. Raphael Misc Admin and Prog $171,235,
359 Gerard F. Oswald General Engineer $190,515,
360 Gerard Jones Information Tech Mgr $183,330,
361 Gia Grady Operations Researcher $164,132,
362 Gian F. Macone Prog Mgr $182,338,
363 Gizelle A. Miller Air Traffic Controller $165,630,
364 Glen A. Martin Prog Mgr $202,408,
365 Glen Roland Buchanan Mgr and Prog Analyst $185,185,
366 Glenn H. Rizner Misc Admin and Prog $166,211,
367 Gloria Anne Richmond Telecommunication $167,201,
368 Gloria D. Snowden Prog Mgr $186,139,
369 Gordon H. Searight Misc Admin and Prog $158,249,
370 Gregg Nesemeier Aerospace Engineer $160,944,
371 Gregg W. Anderson Air Traffic Controller $182,597,
372 Gregory A. Black Industrial Specialist $186,351,
373 Gregory A. Martin Prog Mgr $179,700,
374 Gregory A. Pray Technical Sys Prog Mgr $182,145,
375 Gregory Campbell Carter General Attorney $188,575,
376 Gregory D. Burke Prog Mgr $201,342,
377 Gregory E. Schwab General Engineer $160,683,
378 Gregory K. Rea General Engineer $165,985,
379 Gregory L. Sanders Prog Mgr $170,430,
380 Gregory Michael Strier Equipment Servicer $181,484,
381 Gregory S. Ricketts Technical Sys Prog Mgr $193,478,
382 Gregory Y. Won Operations Researcher $183,024,
383 Guillermo Sotelo General Physical Scientist $182,662,
384 Gwendolyn R. Defilippi Prog Mgr $187,000,
385 H Clayton Foushee Misc Admin and Prog $202,535,
386 Harnetta R. Williams EEO Personnel $187,407,
387 Harrie E. Copeland Air Traffic Controller $180,637,
388 Heather Fernuik Prog Mgr $192,526,
389 Henry C. Jones General Engineer $184,610,
390 Henry R. Schramm Technical Sys Prog Mgr $190,012,
391 Hesham Ashraf Mgr and Prog Analyst $181,704,
392 Heywood O. Shirer Mgr and Prog Analyst $183,283,
393 Howard Walker Burnette Air Traffic Controller $168,117,
394 Huan H. Nguyen Technical Sys Prog Mgr $190,043,
395 Hugene Fields General Engineer $166,915,
396 Hugh P. Mulholland General Engineer $180,416,
397 Ian Paul Atkins Technical Sys Prog Mgr $186,642,
398 Irene R. Langweil Gen Bus Industry Empl $182,098,
399 Irina Ioachim Operations Researcher $172,401,
400 J Robert Hanes General Engineer $186,111,
401 Jack A. Jetmund Prog Mgr $167,617,
402 Jacqueline A. Hill Prog Mgr $200,413,
403 Jacqueline R. Jackson Air Traffic Controller $173,763,
404 Jady G. Handal General Engineer $182,597,
405 Jaime Eley McDowney General Engineer $163,299,
406 Jamal H. Abuswai Industrial Specialist $171,807,
407 James A. Barry General Attorney $187,779,
408 James A. Lofton General Attorney $187,000,
409 James A. Scott Technical Sys Prog Mgr $182,168,
410 James Angelo Viola Prog Mgr $185,738,
411 James B. Benjamin General Engineer $186,121,
412 James C. Stroiney Prog Mgr $200,202,
413 James C. Tertocha General Engineer $172,499,
414 James D. Linney Prog Mgr $201,982,
415 James Daum General Engineer $187,695,
416 James E. Sizemore General Engineer $182,668,
417 James Edward Newberger Aviation Safety Personnel $171,870,
418 James F. Pasto General Engineer $184,771,
419 James Frank Arrighi Air Traffic Controller $180,178,
420 James H. Soriano General Engineer $180,131,
421 James I. Hileman General Physical Scientist $182,818,
422 James M. Baird General Engineer $182,597,
423 James M. Crotty Misc Admin and Prog $155,796,
424 James M. Ferrara Mgr and Prog Analyst $166,276,
425 James M. Hersh Prog Mgr $185,898,
426 James M. Skalecky General Engineer $171,625,
427 James M. Winbush General Engineer $159,424,
428 James P. Hansen Mgr and Prog Analyst $176,957,
429 James P. Wetherly General Engineer $190,176,
430 James R. Devoll Medical Officer $194,171,
431 James R. Repcheck Aerospace Engineer $175,987,
432 James S. Aviles Electronics Engineer $182,597,
433 James William Bonn Computer Scientist $173,783,
434 Jamie M. Metz Mgr and Prog Analyst $168,216,
435 Jamie Michelle Feger Air Traffic Controller $165,091,
436 Jan Cooper Aul Psychologist $186,799,
437 Jane S. Converse General Attorney $183,254,
438 Janet M. Kinstler Accountant $185,182,
439 Janet S. McLaughlin Prog Mgr $203,159,
440 Janette M. Ramos Technical Sys Prog Mgr $189,265,
441 Jason Demagalski Social Scientist $160,320,
442 Jeannie Layson Shiffer Prog Mgr $187,000,
443 Jeff E. Detroye Aerospace Engineer $185,546,
444 Jeffrey A. Tittsworth General Engineer $175,671,
445 Jeffrey Craig Wharff Economist $183,296,
446 Jeffrey D. Baker Gen Bus Industry Empl $159,102,
447 Jeffrey L. Hobbs Prog Mgr $183,921,
448 Jeffrey R. Lane Information Tech Mgr $158,339,
449 Jeffrey S. Planty Prog Mgr $201,762,
450 Jeffrey T. Yarnell Prog Mgr $194,502,
451 Jeffrey W. Loague Prog Mgr $187,111,
452 Jeniffer O. Donahue Mgr and Prog Analyst $161,516,
453 Jennifer Gendell Prog Mgr $165,543,
454 Jennifer L. Roberson Misc Admin and Prog $159,311,
455 Jennifer S. Arquilla Foreign Affairs Personnel $190,081,
456 Jennifer Solomon Prog Mgr $172,610,
457 Jennifer Susan Allen-Tallman Air Traffic Controller $183,921,
458 Jenny Perez Prog Mgr $162,068,
459 Jere K. Hayslett Prog Mgr $200,280,
460 Jeremy Holmes Mgr and Prog Analyst $185,935,
461 Jeri V. Groce Prog Mgr $159,291,
462 Jerome Michael Mellody General Attorney $202,385,
463 Jerry L. Ferrell Air Traffic Controller $182,518,
464 Jervin C. Carter Foreign Affairs Personnel $191,396,
465 Jess J. Robinson Psychologist $177,822,
466 Jesse Wijntjes Technical Sys Prog Mgr $196,583,
467 Jessica S. Sypniewski Misc Admin and Prog $166,748,
468 Jesus R. Torres Prog Mgr $160,670,
469 Jo Ann Carroll Information Tech Mgr $183,980,
470 Joann Y. Ford Air Traffic Controller $177,263,
471 Joanne E. Snow Mgr and Prog Analyst $182,299,
472 Joaquin J. Mosquera Information Tech Mgr $167,650,
473 Jodi L. Baker Technical Sys Prog Mgr $183,053,
474 Jodi S. McCarthy Prog Mgr $202,689,
475 Joe L. Walker Prog Mgr $182,550,
476 Joel S. Wilkins Air Traffic Controller $189,694,
477 Joey C. Gray Mgr and Prog Analyst $185,135,
478 Johanna Juico-Villareal Prog Mgr $183,876,
479 John A. Barbagallo Prog Mgr $200,818,
480 John A. Dietrich General Attorney $185,097,
481 John Anthony Lopresti Prog Mgr $185,921,
482 John Austin Dutton Air Traffic Controller $162,612,
483 John E. Romaine Mgr and Prog Analyst $181,480,
484 John F. Moore Computer Scientist $183,347,
485 John H. McFall Prog Mgr $189,602,
486 John H. Shamley Human Resources Mgr $191,997,
487 John Hilton Page Air Traffic Controller $168,118,
488 John J. Benning Aviation Safety Personnel $181,295,
489 John J. Hickey Prog Mgr $213,051,
490 John J. Hudy General Engineer $174,941,
491 John J. Reba General Engineer $171,543,
492 John L. Sze General Engineer $182,415,
493 John M. Gulding Operations Researcher $184,921,
494 John M. Maffei General Engineer $186,508,
495 John Mark Egentowich Prog Mgr $188,895,
496 John R. Dermody Prog Mgr $201,120,
497 John R. Frye Computer Scientist $167,225,
498 John R. Reagan Air Traffic Controller $191,576,
499 John R. Ryabik Mgr and Prog Analyst $185,815,
500 John Raper Prog Mgr $182,210,
501 John S. Atchison Technical Sys Prog Mgr $187,702,
502 John S. Duncan Prog Mgr $212,510,
503 John T. Mullen Air Traffic Controller $186,111,
504 John V. Benson Information Tech Mgr $184,435,
505 Jolene P. Merkel Mgr and Prog Analyst $182,182,
506 Jonathan A. Beams Information Tech Mgr $170,916,
507 Jonathan S. Gray Technical Sys Prog Mgr $184,271,
508 Jonathan W. Cross General Attorney $187,000,
509 Jorge Perez Information Tech Mgr $187,731,
510 Joseph A. Post Operations Researcher $190,840,
511 Joseph G. Dipardo Environmental Prot Spec $154,467,
512 Joseph J. Miller Computer Engineer $174,619,
513 Joseph Lahoud Prog Mgr $167,586,
514 Joseph M. Carey Contractor $186,435,
515 Joseph M. Hebert Mgr and Prog Analyst $165,285,
516 Joseph R. Tucker Prog Mgr $201,255,
517 Joseph S. Dinsmore Information Tech Mgr $182,597,
518 Joseph V. Dechristopher General Engineer $169,888,
519 Joseph V. Fagan Prog Mgr $169,713,
520 Joshua Edward Gustin Technical Sys Prog Mgr $191,454,
521 Joshua P. Holtzman Prog Mgr $202,085,
522 Joshua W. Pepper Operations Researcher $170,081,
523 Joyce E. Edwards-Williams Contractor $166,741,
524 Joyce Marie Hall Mgr and Prog Analyst $190,227,
525 Juaida A. Norrell General Engineer $181,466,
526 Juan Carl Narvid Information Tech Mgr $179,986,
527 Juanita M. Kennedy Technical Sys Prog Mgr $155,288,
528 Julia R. Deloney Prog Mgr $188,639,
529 Julie A. Lynch Technical Sys Prog Mgr $183,081,
530 Julie Ann Marks Environmental Prot Spec $186,898,
531 Kapri G. Kupper Air Traffic Controller $193,843,
532 Karen Callihan Mgr and Prog Analyst $187,111,
533 Karen L. Bohannon Prog Mgr $168,790,
534 Karen L. Burcham Mgr and Prog Analyst $182,531,
535 Karen L. Chiodini Air Traffic Controller $185,921,
536 Karen L. Leamon Prog Mgr $177,775,
537 Karen L. Petronis General Attorney $183,097,
538 Karen S. Gahart Prog Mgr $200,551,
539 Karlin Roth Toner Prog Mgr $205,024,
540 Katherine B. Andrus Environmental Prot Spec $159,021,
541 Kathleen A. Heagney Human Resources Mgr $163,805,
542 Kathleen W. Edic Prog Mgr $184,921,
543 Kathy D. Smith General Engineer $182,597,
544 Katrina W. Hall Prog Mgr $197,121,
545 Kay R. D Ryder Technical Sys Prog Mgr $167,860,
546 Kelvin D. Streety General Engineer $182,597,
547 Kem Lawrence Parton Prog Mgr $190,898,
548 Kenneth J. Davidian Aerospace Engineer $178,075,
549 Kenneth J. Harris Technical Sys Prog Mgr $179,405,
550 Kenneth K. Alexander Aerospace Engineer $187,000,
551 Kenneth M. Chin Operations Researcher $182,597,
552 Kenneth Wong Aerospace Engineer $192,587,
553 Kerri Carter Strnad Air Traffic Controller $185,699,
554 Kerry R. Capes Air Traffic Controller $180,923,
555 Keuren Tammy L. Van Prog Mgr $165,038,
556 Kevin A. Iacobacci Prog Mgr $184,427,
557 Kevin J. Hanson Operations Researcher $176,978,
558 Kevin M. Alsop Accountant $173,278,
559 Kevin N. Young Technical Sys Prog Mgr $189,890,
560 Kevin P. Haggerty Air Traffic Controller $190,475,
561 Kevin R. West Mgr and Prog Analyst $158,540,
562 Kevin T. Chamness Technical Sys Prog Mgr $190,433,
563 Kevin W. Grimm General Engineer $184,921,
564 Kevin W. Welsh Prog Mgr $187,500,
565 Kevin Willis Prog Mgr $183,694,
566 Khalil E. Kodsi General Engineer $166,118,
567 Kim B. Miller Aviation Safety Personnel $183,283,
568 Kim L. Taylor Prog Mgr $183,921,
569 Kim Lytle General Engineer $176,488,
570 Kimberly A. Gill General Engineer $184,728,
571 Kimberly B. Brooks Human Resources Mgr $187,615,
572 Kimberly D. Coplen Prog Mgr $170,689,
573 Kimberly Isobel Noonan Operations Researcher $167,066,
574 Kimberly R. Pyle Prog Mgr $161,864,
575 Kimberly Rogers-Brooks Air Traffic Controller $174,259,
576 Kimmarie M. Grimaldi General Engineer $183,921,
577 Kinley Michael F. Mc General Attorney $177,674,
578 Krista M. Berquist Foreign Affairs Personnel $175,493,
579 Kristen G. Burnham Prog Mgr $204,357,
580 Lamont H. Virgil Human Resources Mgr $190,743,
581 Lansine Toure General Engineer $183,068,
582 Larry Earl Johnson Air Traffic Controller $154,153,
583 Lashon A. Adams Prog Mgr $166,031,
584 Laura A. Sullivan Prog Mgr $163,614,
585 Laura J. Brown Prog Mgr $201,182,
586 Laura K. Williams Prog Mgr $160,204,
587 Laura R. Glading Prog Mgr $192,009,
588 Laurie Camilien-Pietrak Operations Researcher $183,024,
589 Lawrence D. Beck Air Traffic Controller $164,106,
590 Leah J. Moebius Technical Sys Prog Mgr $158,014,
591 Leary Jeffrey A. O Computer Scientist $177,427,
592 Lee Ann Olson General Engineer $182,597,
593 Lenard Lemuel Carter Air Traffic Controller $187,586,
594 Leon R. Wilkinson Accountant $156,927,
595 Leslie M. Swann Air Traffic Controller $181,466,
596 Lesly Samedy General Engineer $183,921,
597 Levent Ileri General Engineer $172,416,
598 Lewis P. Fisher Operations Researcher $182,597,
599 Lewis W. Baldwin Computer Scientist $177,794,
600 Linda A. Suppan Prog Mgr $164,629,
601 Linda H. Shariati Contractor $174,000,
602 Linwood E. Swinson Prog Mgr $169,230,
603 Lirio Lan-Ming Liu Prog Mgr $203,238,
604 Lisa A. Bercher Computer Scientist $167,056,
605 Lisa A. Holden General Attorney $185,350,
606 Lisa A. Ryan Prog Mgr $177,480,
607 Lisa Lefler Misc Admin and Prog $186,702,
608 Lisa S. Baccus General Attorney $190,727,
609 Lisbeth L. Mack Prog Mgr $203,942,
610 Lorelei Dinges Peter General Attorney $196,265,
611 Lori A. Farrell Air Traffic Controller $192,379,
612 Louis R. Volchansky Aerospace Engineer $189,841,
613 Lourdes Rexach Duca Accountant $173,546,
614 Lucy J. Kruse Prog Mgr $169,249,
615 Lucy N. Vayo Air Traffic Controller $180,308,
616 Luis A. Ramirez Prog Mgr $173,345,
617 M Renee Coates Prog Mgr $201,499,
618 Malcolm A. Denton General Engineer $181,302,
619 Malcolm Andrews Prog Mgr $201,099,
620 Mamie K. Mallory Prog Mgr $206,656,
621 Manuella King Mgr and Prog Analyst $158,529,
622 Marcia A. Adams Public Affairs Worker $163,783,
623 Marco R. Fraina General Engineer $182,597,
624 Margaret E. Geraghty Prog Mgr $165,390,
625 Maribeth Monti Prog Mgr $166,272,
626 Marie A. Collins General Attorney $182,597,
627 Mario A. Beauchamp General Engineer $178,944,
628 Mark A. Sandoe Human Resources Mgr $177,803,
629 Mark A. Walden Misc Admin and Prog $182,182,
630 Mark Alan Tomicich General Attorney $169,795,
631 Mark Allen Misc Admin and Prog $184,982,
632 Mark E. Gauch Air Traffic Controller $182,597,
633 Mark J. Denicuolo Prog Mgr $189,452,
634 Mark J. Minik Prog Mgr $156,409,
635 Mark K. Hoover Technical Sys Prog Mgr $192,961,
636 Mark K. Shuster General Engineer $169,526,
637 Mark M. Hopkins Technical Sys Prog Mgr $192,501,
638 Mark P. Boyd General Engineer $180,711,
639 Mark R. Hitt Aviation Safety Personnel $164,926,
640 Mark R. Price General Engineer $181,236,
641 Mark S. Creasap Prog Mgr $185,673,
642 Mark S. House Prog Mgr $210,062,
643 Mark W. Bury General Attorney $201,562,
644 Mark W. Steinbicker Technical Sys Prog Mgr $190,464,
645 Marseta Dill Prog Mgr $156,212,
646 Martha M. Christie General Engineer $181,292,
647 Martin Durbin Operations Researcher $169,839,
648 Martin Frank J. San Prog Mgr $199,988,
649 Martino W. Dennis General Engineer $164,936,
650 Marvin Poindexter Contractor $189,139,
651 Mary A. Bisset Information Tech Mgr $192,281,
652 Mary Carolyn Thies Statistician $181,243,
653 Mary N. Jones General Attorney $196,353,
654 Maryvenia L. Niles Prog Mgr $164,943,
655 Matoka W. Forbes General Engineer $184,097,
656 Matthew L. Ash Prog Mgr $159,185,
657 Matthew P. Brackmann Aviation Safety Personnel $155,707,
658 Matthew P. Cabak Air Traffic Controller $190,579,
659 Matthew P. Todd Information Tech Mgr $153,477,
660 Matthew T. Martin Air Traffic Controller $170,548,
661 Maureen A. Serra Prog Mgr $186,104,
662 Maureen Cummings-Spickler General Attorney $171,842,
663 Maureen F. Keegan Prog Mgr $193,580,
664 Maurice J. Hoffman Air Traffic Controller $191,412,
665 Maxine Pipkin Rauma Information Tech Mgr $158,451,
666 Me Tin Cheung Mgr and Prog Analyst $184,321,
667 Meeta K. Chhabra Prog Mgr $172,300,
668 Melanie E. Boteler Prog Mgr $200,629,
669 Melba H. Moses Air Traffic Controller $170,338,
670 Melissa Ann Matthews General Engineer $160,990,
671 Melissa King Prog Mgr $201,112,
672 Melissa S. Smith Prog Mgr $166,908,
673 Michael A. Berry Medical Officer $200,659,
674 Michael B. Jennison General Attorney $188,689,
675 Michael C. Artist Prog Mgr $189,897,
676 Michael C. Romanowski Prog Mgr $203,023,
677 Michael D. Lukacs Economist $165,647,
678 Michael D. Williams Mgr and Prog Analyst $186,639,
679 Michael Demonte Air Traffic Controller $191,593,
680 Michael E. Balder Air Traffic Controller $191,007,
681 Michael E. Kulhanek General Engineer $178,110,
682 Michael G. Ortiz Financial Admin and Prog $177,798,
683 Michael Gene Biggs Electronics Engineer $182,597,
684 Michael H. Poisson Air Traffic Controller $191,975,
685 Michael J. Doherty General Attorney $186,104,
686 Michael J. McElligott Prog Mgr $165,554,
687 Michael J. O'donnell Prog Mgr $198,454 Michael.O',
688 Michael J. Polchert Prog Mgr $176,989,
689 Michael J. Sutherland Prog Mgr $165,752,
690 Michael Jay Hilbert Air Traffic Controller $160,279,
691 Michael John Falteisek Information Tech Mgr $191,752,
692 Michael K. Duffy Operations Researcher $158,362,
693 Michael Kelly Aerospace Engineer $182,182,
694 Michael L. Doss Human Resources Mgr $187,030,
695 Michael L. McKinney Electronics Engineer $179,281,
696 Michael L. Richmond Electronics Engineer $176,368,
697 Michael L. Thomas Prog Mgr $169,676,
698 Michael P. Dundon Mgr and Prog Analyst $165,503,
699 Michael P. Huerta Prog Mgr $179,700,
700 Michael P. Linegang Mgr and Prog Analyst $169,436,
701 Michael P. Massie Air Traffic Controller $192,464,
702 Michael Patrick Hughes Air Traffic Controller $159,250,
703 Michael Patrick Murphy Meteorologist $154,341,
704 Michael R. Huffman Prog Mgr $186,111,
705 Michael R. Patsfall Psychologist $185,406,
706 Michael R. Zettler General Engineer $166,132,
707 Michael S. Hines Technical Sys Prog Mgr $177,848,
708 Michael S. Stewart Air Traffic Controller $188,782,
709 Michael S. Vermuth Air Traffic Controller $169,503,
710 Michael T. Hritz General Engineer $184,978,
711 Michael T. Porter General Engineer $172,208,
712 Michael Wayne Weiler Prog Mgr $161,271,
713 Michele E. Orsino Mgr and Prog Analyst $181,803,
714 Michele M. Merkle Prog Mgr $200,657,
715 Michelle G. Brune Prog Mgr $177,390,
716 Michelle L. Root Prog Mgr $181,984,
717 Michelle Renee Fannon Information Tech Mgr $167,860,
718 Michelle Yeh Social Scientist $158,549,
719 Midori Tanino Technical Sys Prog Mgr $183,097,
720 Minh A. Nguyen Operations Researcher $183,978,
721 Mitchell Lee Estep Prog Mgr $186,435,
722 Mohamed A. Abouelenein General Engineer $154,677,
723 Mohan Gupta General Physical Scientist $179,278,
724 Molly W. Smith Foreign Affairs Personnel $164,278,
725 Murrell Stinnette Prog Mgr $182,301,
726 Myung Kim General Engineer $186,111,
727 Nancy Ellen Shellabarger Prog Mgr $198,073,
728 Nancy J. Wesensten Social Scientist $180,370,
729 Nancy S. Williams Operations Researcher $180,909,
730 Naomi Carol Tsuda General Attorney $187,000,
731 Nastaran S. Coleman Operations Researcher $183,347,
732 Natalie R. Gibbs Prog Mgr $182,358,
733 Natasha A. Durkins Prog Mgr $172,864,
734 Natee Wongsangpaiboon General Engineer $174,903,
735 Natesh M. Manikoth Prog Mgr $193,145,
736 Nathan J. Washington Prog Mgr $158,548,
737 Nathan S. Tash Prog Mgr $209,493,
738 Natking R. Estevez Air Traffic Controller $165,958,
739 Neal A. Suchy General Engineer $157,327,
740 Nicholas Charles Lento Operations Researcher $185,800,
741 Nicholas M. Lomangino Medical Officer $191,171,
742 Nicola L. Dinatale Prog Mgr $157,064,
743 Norma J. Ely Air Traffic Controller $164,945,
744 Norman M. Davis Prog Mgr $167,928,
745 Olaf L. Jaehnigen Prog Mgr $186,611,
746 Olubunmi B. Shofu Prog Mgr $183,710,
747 Omega Edwards Human Resources Mgr $164,931,
748 Pamela A. Primis-Dees Air Traffic Controller $181,194,
749 Pamela C. Gomez General Engineer $174,863,
750 Pamela D. Whitley Prog Mgr $201,189,
751 Pamela P. Curry Prog Mgr $173,102,
752 Pamela Sue Maxwell General Engineer $170,799,
753 Pas Bell Kimberly I. Ten General Engineer $158,815,
754 Patrice Kone Computer Scientist $155,698,
755 Patricia A. Horan Air Traffic Controller $189,487,
756 Patricia Ann McNall General Attorney $202,549,
757 Patricia C. Hiatt Prog Mgr $178,361,
758 Patricia H. Abbott Prog Mgr $171,054,
759 Patricia J. Stacey Prog Mgr $187,841,
760 Patricia Kirker Williams Aviation Safety Personnel $178,814,
761 Patrick E. McQueen Prog Mgr $170,152,
762 Patrick J. Zelechoski Aviation Safety Personnel $163,682,
763 Patrick Theron Warren Prog Mgr $178,802,
764 Patrick W. Magnotta Technical Sys Prog Mgr $160,977,
765 Patrick W. McKay Air Traffic Controller $184,597,
766 Paul A. Krois Social Scientist $190,816,
767 Paul D. Wilde Aerospace Engineer $187,949,
768 Paul Eckert Prog Mgr $160,432,
769 Paul Fontaine Prog Mgr $200,665,
770 Paul Greer General Attorney $166,269,
771 Paul Strande General Engineer $158,975,
772 Paul T. Losee General Engineer $180,237,
773 Paula F. Martinez Prog Mgr $184,427,
774 Paula M. Seeley Prog Mgr $186,606,
775 Pengcheng Chen Information Tech Mgr $154,636,
776 Penny M. Giovanetti Medical Officer $203,076,
777 Perry R. Casselle Air Traffic Controller $191,536,
778 Peter A. Hawkins General Engineer $168,734,
779 Peter D. Ivory Operations Researcher $183,933,
780 Peter J. Basso Prog Mgr $200,267,
781 Peter J. Merkle Prog Mgr $201,813,
782 Peter M. Nguyen General Engineer $184,935,
783 Peter Toman Mgr and Prog Analyst $187,371,
784 Petra I. Garay Mgr and Prog Analyst $159,857,
785 Philip C. Bassett Air Traffic Controller $184,597,
786 Philip Cornell Collie Prog Mgr $170,259,
787 Phillip Aaron Russ Air Traffic Controller $180,239,
788 Preston T. Hertzler General Engineer $183,765,
789 Rachel A. Milberg Mgr and Prog Analyst $171,600,
790 Rachel P. Weber Operations Researcher $157,059,
791 Rajshree Bhatnagar Mgr and Prog Analyst $184,983,
792 Rajya Lakshmi Darivemula Accountant $159,820,
793 Ralph Joseph Iovinelli General Physical Scientist $174,534,
794 Ramnik Kaur Green Prog Mgr $183,982,
795 Ravi I. Chaudhary Prog Mgr $201,348,
796 Raymond B. Ahlberg Operations Researcher $183,347,
797 Raymond F. Levesque Information Tech Mgr $174,859,
798 Raymond P. Farrell Air Traffic Controller $189,119,
799 Raymond Towles Prog Mgr $206,447,
800 Raymond W. Moy General Engineer $184,097,
801 Rebecca S. Cointin Environmental Prot Spec $170,010,
802 Regina Anne Vicic Information Tech Mgr $172,793,
803 Rene M. Filipowski Prog Mgr $182,678,
804 Renee D. Anderson Mgr and Prog Analyst $185,421,
805 Renton S. Bean Aerospace Engineer $180,131,
806 Richard B. Fleagle General Engineer $182,997,
807 Richard D. Maltbie Prog Mgr $188,511,
808 Richard Dale Donegan Misc Admin and Prog $166,282,
809 Richard H. Etter Operations Researcher $166,151,
810 Richard H. String General Engineer $174,919,
811 Richard I. Morgan Prog Mgr $188,503,
812 Richard J. Heuwinkel Technical Sys Prog Mgr $186,978,
813 Richard J. Prosek Aviation Safety Personnel $181,316,
814 Richard K. Kagehiro Air Traffic Controller $182,597,
815 Richard M. Sullivan Air Traffic Controller $191,094,
816 Richelle Latonda Greene Mgr and Prog Analyst $176,071,
817 Ricky White Prog Mgr $161,113,
818 Rita D. McNair Contractor $190,639,
819 Robert A. Hawks General Attorney $160,910,
820 Robert A. Hunt Technical Sys Prog Mgr $192,190,
821 Robert A. Pappas Prog Mgr $181,834,
822 Robert A. Ridgeway Technical Sys Prog Mgr $188,111,
823 Robert B. Tyo General Engineer $186,111,
824 Robert C. Carty Aviation Safety Personnel $183,701,
825 Robert C. Tetrault Air Traffic Controller $164,182,
826 Robert D. McMullen Air Traffic Controller $186,111,
827 Robert D. Novia Air Traffic Controller $193,068,
828 Robert F. Connell Air Traffic Controller $165,896,
829 Robert F. Nichols General Engineer $184,668,
830 Robert H. Frenzel General Attorney $184,685,
831 Robert H. Sweet Technical Sys Prog Mgr $190,731,
832 Robert K. Anoll Technical Sys Prog Mgr $179,473,
833 Robert L. Varcadipane Air Traffic Controller $189,705,
834 Robert L. Wilson Air Traffic Controller $189,356,
835 Robert M. Ruiz Technical Sys Prog Mgr $188,220,
836 Robert P. Klein General Engineer $167,062,
837 Robert W. Chalfant General Engineer $183,921,
838 Robert W. Laws Prog Mgr $184,435,
839 Rocco Pamela S. Della Social Scientist $165,344,
840 Rodger A. Dean Air Traffic Controller $187,835,
841 Roger D. Schaufele Economist $186,898,
842 Roger G. Rapier Air Traffic Controller $182,166,
843 Rolandos C. Lazaris Aviation Safety Personnel $174,064,
844 Ronald F. Singletary Air Traffic Controller $195,093,
845 Ronald L. Bright Air Traffic Controller $188,021,
846 Ronald L. Stroup General Engineer $188,546,
847 Ronicsa Chambers Prog Mgr $183,668,
848 Roosevelt Mercer Prog Mgr $194,048,
849 Rosa M. Flores Prog Mgr $188,466,
850 Ross B. Knoll Air Traffic Controller $190,683,
851 Rowena Mendez Technical Sys Prog Mgr $187,011,
852 Roxanne R. Jackson Accountant $176,582,
853 Rudolf Franz Harmon Technical Sys Prog Mgr $162,007,
854 Russell Alan Roberts Accountant $182,182,
855 Russell B. Christensen General Attorney $179,108,
856 Russell C. Hayslett Information Tech Mgr $186,935,
857 Russell D. Walker Air Traffic Controller $187,250,
858 Russell G. Saville Information Tech Mgr $184,932,
859 Russell J. Jones Aviation Safety Personnel $185,024,
860 Russell O. Green General Engineer $182,168,
861 Russell S. Busbee Air Traffic Controller $173,896,
862 Ryan D. Brode Prog Mgr $167,476,
863 Ryan P. Keenley Air Traffic Controller $184,055,
864 Sabrina Saunders-Hodge Prog Mgr $187,395,
865 Sandra M. Sanchez Prog Mgr $199,948,
866 Sara L. Mikolop General Attorney $177,059,
867 Sarbhpreet S. Sawhney Foreign Affairs Personnel $185,131,
868 Sat Nam S. Khalsa Accountant $185,182,
869 Scott A. Chapman Prog Mgr $169,456,
870 Scott A. Ginsburg Air Traffic Controller $183,597,
871 Scott A. McCluskey Technical Sys Prog Mgr $181,047,
872 Scott C. Gilson Air Traffic Controller $164,073,
873 Scott E. Mitchell General Attorney $180,899,
874 Scott James Gardner Air Traffic Controller $157,721,
875 Scott P. Lemay Prog Mgr $182,528,
876 Sean S. Torpey Prog Mgr $200,536,
877 Shalini Jerath Information Tech Mgr $159,951,
878 Shane D. Bertish Aerospace Engineer $163,928,
879 Sharon H. Kurywchak Technical Sys Prog Mgr $188,738,
880 Sharon J. Smith Prog Mgr $160,584,
881 Shawn E. Mansfield Prog Mgr $163,568,
882 Shayne Adonis Campbell Prog Mgr $176,675,
883 Sheila A. Skojec General Attorney $182,597,
884 Sheryl L. Chappell Social Scientist $165,452,
885 Shirley Brewer Burgess Technical Sys Prog Mgr $191,461,
886 Shubin Yu General Engineer $160,450,
887 Simone T. Winchester Gen Bus Industry Empl $158,728,
888 Sithembile Ndlovu-Hickey Prog Mgr $168,348,
889 Sjawn H. Wade Information Tech Mgr $178,597,
890 Soleyman Maroof Aerospace Engineer $166,158,
891 Soomi N. Yum General Engineer $166,352,
892 Stephen A. Burnley General Engineer $183,921,
893 Stephen C. Ryan Technical Sys Prog Mgr $190,987,
894 Stephen D. Anderson Air Traffic Controller $184,097,
895 Stephen Dale Courtney General Engineer $173,715,
896 Stephen E. Martin Industrial Engineer $184,087,
897 Stephen Edward Foulke Operations Researcher $185,435,
898 Stephen H. Goodman Medical Officer $187,000,
899 Stephen J. McMahon Prog Mgr $202,549,
900 Stephen J. Zywusko Telecommunication $182,597,
901 Stephen K. Holliday Mgr and Prog Analyst $181,260,
902 Stephen M. George General Engineer $172,677,
903 Stephen P. Lada Information Tech Mgr $159,631,
904 Stephen P. Vantrees General Engineer $184,024,
905 Steven G. Hyde Air Traffic Controller $163,410,
906 Steven H. Lindquist Mgr and Prog Analyst $172,888,
907 Steven J. Bestwick Technical Sys Prog Mgr $168,969,
908 Steven J. Gottlieb Prog Mgr $199,162,
909 Steven L. Skipper Electronics Engineer $183,347,
910 Steven L. Villanueva Prog Mgr $185,171,
911 Steven M. Pinkerton Air Traffic Controller $179,703,
912 Steven N. Roomes Aviation Safety Personnel $172,608,
913 Steven W. Bradford Operations Researcher $192,522,
914 Steven W. Grier Air Traffic Controller $190,149,
915 Stewart W. Jackson Aerospace Engineer $182,182,
916 Sunil Gorentala Information Tech Mgr $170,814,
917 Sunny Lee-Fanning Prog Mgr $203,220,
918 Surekha Bhandari Accountant $158,451,
919 Susan B. Lake Prog Mgr $189,301,
920 Susan Burmester Yarnell Prog Mgr $187,611,
921 Susan Cabler Aerospace Engineer $191,013,
922 Susan K. Parson Aviation Safety Personnel $184,524,
923 Suzanne R. Chandler Mgr and Prog Analyst $164,252,
924 Suzanne S. Styc Prog Mgr $189,105,
925 Suzette M. Dittrich Psychologist $161,074,
926 Sylvia M. Greaux-Bagley Mgr and Prog Analyst $165,076,
927 Talethia H. Thomas Prog Mgr $184,590,
928 Tamika I. Little Mgr and Prog Analyst $173,331,
929 Tayo O. Olagunju Prog Mgr $181,513,
930 Teresa Matos General Engineer $168,296,
931 Teri Lynn Bristol Prog Mgr $278,426,
932 Terry L. Biggio Prog Mgr $206,994,
933 Terry L. Craft Prog Mgr $190,361,
934 Thea C. Graham Economist $173,188,
935 Theodore L. Sandstrom Air Traffic Controller $185,218,
936 Theresa Payne Information Tech Mgr $177,146,
937 Thien Co Ngo General Engineer $185,797,
938 Thomas A. Kulenek Information Tech Mgr $183,997,
939 Thomas E. Ryan Information Tech Mgr $184,397,
940 Thomas F. Kimble Prog Mgr $157,647,
941 Thomas K. Glista Aviation Safety Personnel $183,024,
942 Thomas M. Parisi Prog Mgr $186,608,
943 Thomas P. Kelly Mgr and Prog Analyst $181,001,
944 Thomas R. Jones Mgr and Prog Analyst $167,916,
945 Thomas Thornton Holloway Environmental Prot Spec $182,168,
946 Tiffany O. McCoy General Engineer $175,985,
947 Timothy A. Goodall Technical Sys Prog Mgr $158,204,
948 Timothy A. Spencer Contractor $174,100,
949 Timothy J. Pawlowitz Technical Sys Prog Mgr $173,096,
950 Timothy L. Arel Prog Mgr $209,889,
951 Timothy L. Hall Prog Mgr $201,358,
952 Timothy M. Funari Air Traffic Controller $193,661,
953 Timothy O. Morris Prog Mgr $156,007,
954 Timothy Patrick Hill Information Tech Mgr $173,965,
955 Timothy S. Burdick Technical Sys Prog Mgr $165,086,
956 Timothy S. Wallace Prog Mgr $182,768,
957 Timothy W. Shaver Prog Mgr $185,893,
958 Tina M. Amereihn Prog Mgr $214,546,
959 Toan D. Dang General Engineer $162,924,
960 Todd D. Steiner Economist $162,865,
961 Todd M. Blakely Economist $183,921,
962 Todd Pennington Mgr and Prog Analyst $173,546,
963 Todd W. Luepker Air Traffic Controller $181,466,
964 Toloria J. Crawford Contractor $169,094,
965 Tony R. Price Air Traffic Controller $186,913,
966 Tracy B. Cotton Prog Mgr $188,483,
967 Tracy M. Edwards Prog Mgr $158,293,
968 Tremayne O. Cobb Financial Admin and Prog $181,853,
969 Trevor R. Henry General Engineer $186,811,
970 Tricia D. Fluharty Financial Admin and Prog $158,906,
971 Troy T. Teachey Contractor $169,105,
972 Trung N. Nguyen Computer Scientist $182,319,
973 Valerie D. Outlaw Prog Mgr $163,681,
974 Valerie J. Howard General Engineer $170,171,
975 Vanessa Rosenkranz Prog Mgr $172,690,
976 Vanestra L. Myers Prog Mgr $174,744,
977 Vaughn A. Turner Prog Mgr $209,306,
978 Vaughn M. Yates General Engineer $185,478,
979 Ved P. Sud Information Tech Mgr $177,507,
980 Vicki Sherman Leemon General Attorney $184,597,
981 Victor M. Rodriguez Prog Mgr $164,135,
982 Victoria Baecher Wassmer Prog Mgr $210,191,
983 Victoria E. Frazier Mgr and Prog Analyst $166,641,
984 Victoria Wei Prog Mgr $199,246,
985 Vincent M. McMenamy Air Traffic Controller $180,588,
986 Vivek Sood Operations Researcher $187,000,
987 Wallace B. Powers General Engineer $183,168,
988 Wallace H. Cabler Aviation Safety Personnel $181,523,
989 Walter D. Abilla Technical Sys Prog Mgr $190,849,
990 Walter V. Hogan Operations Researcher $156,710,
991 Wanda Key Prog Mgr $191,168,
992 Warren A. Pegram Prog Mgr $166,500,
993 Warren L. Fellner General Engineer $171,383,
994 Warren S. Randolph Operations Researcher $187,723,
995 Wayne L. Larson Information Tech Mgr $184,097,
996 Wayne T. Heibeck Prog Mgr $188,948,
997 Westley R. Wright Prog Mgr $189,195,
998 Wilbur S. Barham EEO Personnel $172,391,
999 William A. Blake General Engineer $182,597,
1000 William Crozier Technical Sys Prog Mgr $189,262,
1001 William D. Middleswart Air Traffic Controller $158,336,
1002 William D. Syptak Prog Mgr $183,921,
1003 William E. McQuillan Financial Admin and Prog $185,435,
1004 William Greene Mgr and Prog Analyst $175,418,
1005 William H. Bauman Meteorologist $176,784,
1006 William J. Culver Information Tech Mgr $184,097,
1007 William K. Frohlich Prog Mgr $186,198,
1008 William Kaplan General Engineer $172,366,
1009 William L. Howard Technical Sys Prog Mgr $182,597,
1010 William M. Alexander Prog Mgr $189,571,
1011 William N. Brown General Engineer $161,840,
1012 William N. Kaliardos Social Scientist $154,247,
1013 William R. Carver Air Traffic Controller $182,139,
1014 William S. Lampiris Information Tech Mgr $183,597,
1015 William Scott Davis Prog Mgr $202,549,
1016 William T. Shergalis Aviation Safety Personnel $153,730,
1017 Winsome A. Lenfert Prog Mgr $199,750,
1018 Xavier Torres Air Traffic Controller $184,916,
1019 Xiaoping Yang General Engineer $170,164,
1020 Yogesh R. Shah Mgr and Prog Analyst $185,978,
1021 Yvette A. Armstead General Attorney $198,939,
1022 Zane M. Edwards General Engineer $158,993,
1023 Zena Ll Huen Mgr and Prog Analyst $170,860,
1024 Zoltan G. Levister Air Traffic Controller $190,893,

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