I strongly believe the FAA and Ronald Wood are guilty of violating the RICO Act

Sky Justice National Network-The Great American Patriots of Culver City, California

FAA Corruption is Rampant
Attention John Mayfield-Metro Airport FAA-page 8
Attention John Mayfield-Metro Airport FAA-page 7
Attention John Mayfield-Metro Airport FAA-page 6
Attention John Mayfield-Metro Airport FAA-page 5
Attention John Mayfield-Metro Airport FAA-page 4
Attention John Mayfield-Metro Airport FAA-page 3
Attention John Mayfield-Metro Airport FAA-page 2
Attention John Mayfield-Metro Airport FAA-page 1
New York Congressman Steve Israel calls the FAA the "Federal Arrogance Administration."
FAA corruption exposing activists learn from famed Nazi hunters
Ron Wood, James Arrighi expected to feel the wrath of millions for routing planes over Milford HS
The lack of professionalism perfectly exemplified in the office of the Connecticut Attorney General
High levels of exposure to aircraft noise linked to serious physical/mental health issues
Tell Colorado senators to support amendments addressing aviation noise
Phoenix legal defeat prompts FAA to address noise concerns
Maryland asks court to urge FAA to change low flight paths near BWI because of noise
FAA tells airline passengers-We are a safety agency, not a creature comfort agency
I went out with a decibel reader, and just a normal jet flying over is 85 decibels
California Congressman Brad Sherman (D-Sherman Oaks) released a letter he sent to Dan Elwell FAA
The FAA, she added, has been "derelict in its duties" to residents
Lawmakers To Meet, Demand FAA Public Hearing On Helicopter Noise
Three cheers to the Washington Post, Paul Verchinski-Columbia, Lori Aratani (Wash Post reporter)
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-New York Employees 2017
Why are the sixty-nine top people at the FAA allowed to keep their jobs?
Request help/Contact/Request a meeting with Peters, Stabenow, Trott,
Peters, Stabenow, Trott, Tash, Evans, Danley, McPherson, Wood, Arrighi
Michigan Corruption Hall of Fame-Sen. Gary Peters (scheduler-Courtney A. Evans) Kwame Kilpatrick
Federal Highway Administration United States and Puerto Rico Employees U.S.-2017
Thanksgiving Utensils c/o Ronald W. Wood and James Frank Arrighi-
Daniel K. Elwell's FAA covers up another failure
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Maryland Employees 2017
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Delaware Employees 2017
Sky Justice National Network-The Great American Patriots of Culver City, California
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-California Employees in Year 2017
Federal Aviation Administration High Level Organization Chart (text only): November 2018
FAA Great Lakes Region Corruption starts at the top with Susan M. Schalk and Company
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Indiana Employees
November 07-08, 2018 FAA Public Input Sessions cancelled w/o warning-FAA afraid of public backlash
If private individuals like me do not stand up to the bullying tactics of FAA, who is going to?
FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Metroplex Question and Answer session
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Wisconsin Employees in Year 2017
FAA Corruption starts at the top
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Virginia Employees in Year 2017
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Washington D.C. Employees in Year 2017
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Illinois Employees in Year 2017
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Ohio Employees in Year 2017
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Michigan Employees in Year 2017
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA
Let's love God's earth-Piano version sung and arranged by Jeremy Palmer-link to music on staff paper
Let's love God's earth-Electronic version with English Horn arranged by Jeremy Palmer
Let's love God's earth-Trumpet version by Scott McCullough
Oscar Robertson, Isaiah Thomas, Charles Barkley taking heat
God was a flip-flopper in Glendale, Arizona on Saturday night. January 17, 2016
Poor Walt Disney must be turning over in his grave
Part two-Playing the What If game in sports-Nate Thurmond
Playing the What If game in sports
Athlete and crowd behavior sickens me
ESPN is The King of Hypocrisy
"Once you have wrestled, everything else in life is easy." Dan Gable
Big Ten, Big Twelve and SEC non-conference opponents broken down by team.
SEC non-conference football schedule.
The Mid-American Conference plays the toughest non-conf football schedule in the country annually
2012 Top Ten Worst Zoos for Elephants
Worst Zoos for Elephants - Hall of Shame
What college football conferences will be most represented in the NFL playoffs on Jan. 12-13, 2013
The colleges with most reps on the four winning teams of the NFL playoffs of Jan. 05-06, 2013
What college football conferences will be most represented in the NFL games on Sun., Jan. 6, 2013
What college football conferences will be most represented in the NFL games on Sat., Jan. 5, 2013
Three Cheers for Northern Illinois University of the Mid-American Conference going to the Orange Bow
States providing the most elite level High School football prospects
High School football to National Football League success rate
2012-2013 NBA player demographics
Letter to the editor: I will NOT VOTE for Vicki Barnett in this 2012 election.
Only 10 players received grades of 90.0 or above in the 2012 NFL draft.
States providing the most quality Defensive Backs to the NFL.
States providing the most quality Offensive Guards to the NFL.
States providing the most quality Tight Ends to the NFL.
States providing the most quality Offensive Ends to the NFL.
States providing the most quality running backs to the NFL.
Would you rather have the linebackers from California, Ohio, Pennsylvania or Texas?
Colleges in the state of California produce the greatest quantity of NFL offensive tackles
In Peyton Manning's 1998 NFL draft class 243 college players were selected.
1936-2011-Notable second round draft choices-including 26 in the NFL Hall of Fame.
1936-2011 NFL First round draft choices Saints-Colts (year-round-selection)
1936-2011 NFL First round draft choices Panthers-Redskins (year-round-selection)
1936-2011 NFL First round draft choices Forty Niners-Packers (year-round-selection)
1936-2011 NFL First round draft choices Bears-Cardinals (year-round-selection)
1936-2011 NFL First round draft choices Bears-Cardinals (year-round-selection)
Edmond Azadian-The Profile of Parliamentary Elections in Armenia (part 2 of 2)
Edmond Azadian-The Profile of Parliamentary Elections in Armenia (part 1 of 2)
Rita Dilanian-The latest tasteless act by the city of Farmington Hills Michigan
Martha Kouyoumdjian Mekaelian-Christmas-Some things Should Never be compromised.
Forbes Magazine names Farmington Hills (with Troy and Warren) 10th most miserable city in America
George Sarkisian-These colleges will be represented by the Patriots/Giants in the 2012 super bowl
How many Top-100 high school football players participated in the 2012 NFL playoffs?
January 15, 2012-Who today remembers the Armenians?
George Sarkisian-12/17/11-Is the best college football played NORTH or SOUTH of Mason-Dixon line?
George Sarkisian-Dec. 11, 2011-Michigan AD is "Hypocrite of the Year" in college football
George Sarkisian-Acclaimed Film maker Hrayr Toukhanian presents 2011 Vasbouragan Society Celebration
George Sarkisian-Which team deserves to be ranked where?
George Sarkisian-Which div 1-a college football teams should be allowed to play for the championship
George Sarkisian-Week Eleven report card-2011 div 1-a college football
George Sarkisian-Penn State-It saddens all of us.
George Sarkisian-Elect Ginsberg and Kahn to Farmington Board of Education November 08, 2011
George Sarkisian-The What Ifs of the NBA draft--birth year 1936 through 1949.
George Sarkisian-The What Ifs of the NBA draft-birth years 1920s-1930s.
George Sarkisian-Part Three-2011 National Football League player demographics
George Sarkisian-Part Two-2011 National Football League player demographics
George Sarkisian-2011 National Football League player demographics
George Sarkisian-Rita Dilanian-2011 Farmington Hills endorsements
George Sarkisian-Top fund raiser, Rita Dilanian, digusted with Farmington Arts Commission
George Sarkisian-2011 div 1-a college football results--weeks one through six
George Sarkisian-Derek Jeter ends up wearing the goat horns in 2011
George Sarkisian-Home field advantage in weeks one-five of the 2011 season div 1-a college football
George Sarkisian-The Home Field advantage in 2011 div 1-a college football.
George Sarkisian-Wall of Shame results-2011 season: Weeks one and two div 1-a college football
George Sarkisian-Results-week one 2011 college football div 1-a wall of shame
George Sarkisian-THANK YOU, STEVE JOBS! Adopted by Armenians
George Sarkisian-2011 season, week 1 and 2, div 1-a college football, wall of shame
George Sarkisian-Rest in Peace-Camp Dearborn
George Sarkisian-Lack of organization in the Ohio State athletic department
George Sarkisian- Shame on all 93 div 1-a football schools playing div 1-aa opponents in 2011
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George Sarkisian-Letter to the Editor: Alabama and Michigan lead the 2011 Wall of Shame for div 1-a
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George Sarkisian-Compare salary increases for Michigan University administrators
George Sarkisian-Dan Gable is the most accomplished sports person in the history of the USA.
George Sarkisian-Projected winners March 26-27, 2011 NCAA men's basketball tournament.
George Sarkisian-Projected winners March 24-25, 2011 NCAA men's basketball tournament.
George Sarkisian-hold NFL criminally responsible
George Sarkisian-suspend Mika Brzezinski
George Sarkisian-I did not watch the 2011 super bowl
George Sarkisian-boycott the super bowl
George Sarkisian-OSU's Gordon Gee stands for "Goofball"
George Sarkisian-2010 div 1-a college football wall of shame
George Sarkisian-Shame on Messers. Goodell, Selig, Stern, and Bettman:
George Sarkisian-Which side are we supposed to feel sorry for in the potential upcoming NFL lockout?
George Sarkisian-2009 NFL salaries by position
George Sarkisian-Thank God, the 2010 super bowl is over!

FAA Corruption is Rampant under the leadership of Daniel K. Elwell and Company

300 million Americans are begging for some cooperation from the FAA

www.georgesarkisian.com is very proud to join the Sky Justice National Network based in Culver City, California.

These are great people who are also fighting the Corruption of the FAA under the leadership of Daniel K. Elwell.

The groundswell of support demanding communication and cooperation from the Corrupt FAA is growing in all parts of America.

300 million American citizens deserve the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness without the strong-armed tactics employed by the FAA.

Sky Justice National Network-The Great American Patriots of Culver City, California

PURPOSE STATEMENT -This is a working group designed to connect the communities across America who have organized to change the current FAA's NextGen program.

Large and small communities throughout America are refusing to despair and give in to the outrageous intrusion upon our communities of unrelenting noise and pollution as a result of the Federal Aviation Administration's outrageous and arrogant NextGen program. We do not accept their lies, misdirection, refusal to take our concerns seriously, their efforts to stall and avoid the issues while patiently waiting for us to give up and disappear. We are not going anywhere. In fact we are banding together, getting stronger and moving forward confident that this wrong will eventually be made right with focus and unrelenting attention. This site supports that effort through shared knowledge and action plans, connecting activists, discussion, reasonable and respectful debate. A future of ever increasing aircraft relentlessly low flying over communities that did not opt to live under this health hazard is not an option.



1 California FAA 2017
2 FederalPay.org
3 FAA Employees
5 U.S. Office of Personnel Mgmt
9 The sum/ave of all empl salaries
11 Across all agencies and occup:
13 1,339,645 Employees
15 375 Federal Agencies
17 $69.344.22 Average Salary
19 $92.9B Total Salary
21 Name Title Salary Email
1001 Aaron B. Marks Air Traffic Contr $181,374 Aaron.Marks@faa.gov,
1002 Aaron Edwin Antone Air Traffic Contr $169,572 Aaron.Antone@faa.gov,
1003 Aaron Michael Rose Air Traffic Contr $169,322 Aaron.Rose@faa.gov,
1004 Aaron N. Cooley Air Traffic Contr $160,162 Aaron.Cooley@faa.gov,
1005 Aaron Nicholas Wagner Air Traffic Contr $151,417 Aaron.Wagner@faa.gov,
1006 Aaron P. Collins Air Traffic Contr $148,878 Aaron.Collins@faa.gov,
1007 Aaron W. Blackmon Air Traffic Contr $169,322 Aaron.Blackmon@faa.gov,
1008 Abigail Anderson Air Traffic Contr $153,681 Abigail.Anderson@faa.gov,
1009 Adam E. Calderas Air Traffic Contr $152,856 Adam.Calderas@faa.gov,
1010 Adam J. Bolwell Air Traffic Contr $189,872 Adam.Bolwell@faa.gov,
1011 Adam Torres Air Traffic Contr $179,297 Adam.Torres@faa.gov,
1012 Aiava Kolone Transport Spec $152,703 Aiava.Kolone@faa.gov,
1013 Alan D. Sheely Air Traffic Contr $189,683 Alan.Sheely@faa.gov,
1014 Albert J. Casari Air Traffic Contr $187,260 Albert.Casari@faa.gov,
1015 Albert L. Purisima Transport Spec $152,318 Albert.Purisima@faa.gov,
1016 Alberto O. Cruz Civil Engineer $151,945 Alberto.Cruz@faa.gov,
1017 Aleck Hau Air Traffic Contr $183,600 Aleck.Hau@faa.gov,
1018 Alejandro Contreras Air Traffic Contr $159,813 Alejandro.Contreras@faa.gov,
1019 Aletha Hicks-Moffatt Program Manager $152,093 Aletha.Hicks-Moffatt@faa.gov,
1020 Alex M. Gulyas Transport Spec $165,143 Alex.Gulyas@faa.gov,
1021 Alexander V. Pace Air Traffic Contr $148,878 Alexander.Pace@faa.gov,
1022 Alva W. Metcalf Mgr Prog Anal $167,364 Alva.Metcalf@faa.gov,
1023 Amanda A. Hendrix Air Traffic Contr $160,162 Amanda.Hendrix@faa.gov,
1024 Amanda B. Richardson Air Traffic Contr $165,975 Amanda.Richardson@faa.gov,
1025 Amanda Jewel Lopez Air Traffic Contr $152,366 Amanda.Lopez@faa.gov,
1026 Amber A. Roney Air Traffic Contr $153,681 Amber.Roney@faa.gov,
1027 Amy C. Strick Air Traffic Contr $178,824 Amy.Strick@faa.gov,
1028 Andre J. Graves Air Traffic Contr $165,975 Andre.Graves@faa.gov,
1029 Andrew A. Jaimes Air Traffic Contr $169,322 Andrew.Jaimes@faa.gov,
1030 Andrew D. Schiel Air Traffic Contr $152,555 Andrew.Schiel@faa.gov,
1031 Andrew Estrada Tech Sys Prog Mgr $162,537 Andrew.Estrada@faa.gov,
1032 Andrew Heier Air Traffic Contr $170,669 Andrew.Heier@faa.gov,
1033 Andrew J. Fazekas Air Traffic Contr $194,941 Andrew.Fazekas@faa.gov,
1034 Andrew J. Lathom Air Traffic Contr $160,162 Andrew.Lathom@faa.gov,
1035 Andrew Jason White Air Traffic Contr $149,133 Andrew.White@faa.gov,
1036 Andrew John Raffanti Air Traffic Contr $149,537 Andrew.Raffanti@faa.gov,
1037 Andrew Jonathan McLear Air Traffic Contr $169,012 Andrew.McLear@faa.gov,
1038 Andrew M. Marino Air Traffic Contr $172,462 Andrew.Marino@faa.gov,
1039 Andrew P. Searles Air Traffic Contr $173,196 Andrew.Searles@faa.gov,
1040 Andrew S. Warren Air Traffic Contr $189,469 Andrew.Warren@faa.gov,
1041 Ann Teresa Zwicky Air Traffic Contr $163,042 Ann.Zwicky@faa.gov,
1042 Anne M. Sullivan Air Traffic Contr $156,028 Anne.Sullivan@faa.gov,
1043 Anthony J. Dibernardo Air Traffic Contr $192,801 Anthony.Dibernardo@faa.gov,
1044 Anthony Lawrence Porras Air Traffic Contr $165,409 Anthony.Porras@faa.gov,
1045 Anthony M. Mendez Air Traffic Contr $151,417 Anthony.Mendez@faa.gov,
1046 Anthony Neal Davis Air Traffic Contr $179,904 Anthony.Davis@faa.gov,
1047 Anthony R. Barcinas Air Traffic Contr $154,581 Anthony.Barcinas@faa.gov,
1048 Anthony Tyrone Perry Info Tech Mgr $156,511 Anthony.Perry@faa.gov,
1049 Antonia M. Spiteri Air Traffic Contr $189,330 Antonia.Spiteri@faa.gov,
1050 Arlene B. Draper Tech Sys Prog Mgr $176,309 Arlene.Draper@faa.gov,
1051 Aron C. McFedries Air Traffic Contr $165,955 Aron.McFedries@faa.gov,
1052 Arthur Thomas Air Traffic Contr $160,162 Arthur.Thomas@faa.gov,
1053 Arthur Yohana General Engineer $180,600 Arthur.Yohana@faa.gov,
1054 Arturo Lopez Air Traffic Contr $185,456 Arturo.Lopez@faa.gov,
1055 Ashley A. Hartley Air Traffic Contr $155,764 Ashley.Hartley@faa.gov,
1056 August H. Bickel Air Traffic Contr $189,333 August.Bickel@faa.gov,
1057 Augusto R. Rubia General Engineer $156,861 Augusto.Rubia@faa.gov,
1058 Barbara A. Capron Aviation Safety $153,796 Barbara.Capron@faa.gov,
1059 Barry A. Gloth Air Traffic Contr $193,529 Barry.Gloth@faa.gov,
1060 Barry J. Davis Air Traffic Contr $192,960 Barry.Davis@faa.gov,
1061 Benjamin A. Rawle Air Traffic Contr $160,512 Benjamin.Rawle@faa.gov,
1062 Benjamin L. Ortega Transport Spec $155,651 Benjamin.Ortega@faa.gov,
1063 Benjamin W. Gardner Air Traffic Contr $160,162 Benjamin.Gardner@faa.gov,
1064 Bernhard K. Keller Air Traffic Contr $188,495 Bernhard.Keller@faa.gov,
1065 Bhaskar H. Bhakta Fin Admin Progr $161,567 Bhaskar.Bhakta@faa.gov,
1066 Bill H. Jay General Engineer $156,011 Bill.Jay@faa.gov,
1067 Bradford Gee Tech Sys Prog Mgr $187,553 Bradford.Gee@faa.gov,
1068 Bradford S. Gage Transport Spec $152,378 Bradford.Gage@faa.gov,
1069 Bradley M. Wilcko Air Traffic Contr $187,260 Bradley.Wilcko@faa.gov,
1070 Bradley Roy Atkinson Air Traffic Contr $167,397 Bradley.Atkinson@faa.gov,
1071 Brandon A. Ellis Air Traffic Contr $153,981 Brandon.Ellis@faa.gov,
1072 Brandon Gerard Green Air Traffic Contr $149,033 Brandon.Green@faa.gov,
1073 Brandon Kreutel Air Traffic Contr $196,347 Brandon.Kreutel@faa.gov,
1074 Brandon L. Taylor Air Traffic Contr $165,975 Brandon.Taylor@faa.gov,
1075 Brandon M. Roche Air Traffic Contr $156,705 Brandon.Roche@faa.gov,
1076 Brent R. Heller Air Traffic Contr $175,061 Brent.Heller@faa.gov,
1077 Brent S. Descalopoulis Air Traffic Contr $183,468 Brent.Descalopoulis@faa.gov,
1078 Bret Hunter Bergman Air Traffic Contr $168,881 Bret.Bergman@faa.gov,
1079 Brett A. Freeman Air Traffic Contr $176,926 Brett.Freeman@faa.gov,
1080 Brian C. McLain Air Traffic Contr $160,162 Brian.McLain@faa.gov,
1081 Brian D. Festerling Air Traffic Contr $151,417 Brian.Festerling@faa.gov,
1082 Brian D. Marshall Air Traffic Contr $171,069 Brian.Marshall@faa.gov,
1083 Brian E. Costa Air Traffic Contr $179,628 Brian.Costa@faa.gov,
1084 Brian Fagan Air Traffic Contr $192,669 Brian.Fagan@faa.gov,
1085 Brian G. Carrillo Air Traffic Contr $165,975 Brian.Carrillo@faa.gov,
1086 Brian J. Lemen Air Traffic Contr $151,817 Brian.Lemen@faa.gov,
1087 Brian J. Meyer Air Traffic Contr $159,634 Brian.Meyer@faa.gov,
1088 Brian L. Winney Air Traffic Contr $187,260 Brian.Winney@faa.gov,
1089 Brian M. Grider Air Traffic Contr $176,837 Brian.Grider@faa.gov,
1090 Brian P. Fisher Air Traffic Contr $192,846 Brian.Fisher@faa.gov,
1091 Brian Q. Armstrong Tech Sys Prog Mgr $174,668 Brian.Armstrong@faa.gov,
1092 Brian S. Mann Air Traffic Contr $162,244 Brian.Mann@faa.gov,
1093 Brian Schumaker Air Traffic Contr $176,837 Brian.Schumaker@faa.gov,
1094 Brian T. Noble Air Traffic Contr $189,380 Brian.Noble@faa.gov,
1095 Bridget A. Rivas Air Traffic Contr $160,162 Bridget.Rivas@faa.gov,
1096 Bruce D. Snoddy Air Traffic Contr $187,260 Bruce.Snoddy@faa.gov,
1097 Bruce E. Bates Air Traffic Contr $189,683 Bruce.Bates@faa.gov,
1098 Bryan A. Park Air Traffic Contr $160,038 Bryan.Park@faa.gov,
1099 Bryan D. Friedline Air Traffic Contr $166,595 Bryan.Friedline@faa.gov,
1100 Bryan K. Gore Transport Spec $157,883 Bryan.Gore@faa.gov,
1101 Bryan Lee Barrett Air Traffic Contr $189,423 Bryan.Barrett@faa.gov,
1102 Bryan M. Schwartz Air Traffic Contr $166,475 Bryan.Schwartz@faa.gov,
1103 Bryan N. Wollenberg Air Traffic Contr $161,774 Bryan.Wollenberg@faa.gov,
1104 Bryan S. Fitzgerald Electronics Tech $153,063 Bryan.Fitzgerald@faa.gov,
1105 Bryan T. Guasto Air Traffic Contr $187,260 Bryan.Guasto@faa.gov,
1106 Bryan V. Pedroche Air Traffic Contr $153,681 Bryan.Pedroche@faa.gov,
1107 Bryant G. Lusk Transport Spec $151,800 Bryant.Lusk@faa.gov,
1108 Burton W. Erikson Air Traffic Contr $179,649 Burton.Erikson@faa.gov,
1109 Calvin Emerson Transport Spec $151,875 Calvin.Emerson@faa.gov,
1110 Camille Danzi Air Traffic Contr $180,631 Camille.Danzi@faa.gov,
1111 Carlos Jovel Air Traffic Contr $168,864 Carlos.Jovel@faa.gov,
1112 Carlos R. Hinojosa Air Traffic Contr $189,580 Carlos.Hinojosa@faa.gov,
1113 Carlyann L. Blackwell Air Traffic Contr $163,530 Carlyann.Blackwell@faa.gov,
1114 Carmen V. Martinez Air Traffic Contr $151,417 Carmen.Martinez@faa.gov,
1115 Carole A. Lozito Air Traffic Contr $159,362 Carole.Lozito@faa.gov,
1116 Carrie L. Draper Air Traffic Contr $168,664 Carrie.Draper@faa.gov,
1117 Casey W. Schreiner Air Traffic Contr $192,529 Casey.Schreiner@faa.gov,
1118 Cassandra D. Ellis Air Traffic Contr $153,681 Cassandra.Ellis@faa.gov,
1119 Catherine Ann Reynolds Air Traffic Contr $153,681 Catherine.Reynolds@faa.gov,
1120 Catherine Gaye Lehman Aviation Safety $148,550 Catherine.Lehman@faa.gov,
1121 Catherine K. Siu Air Traffic Contr $153,681 Catherine.Siu@faa.gov,
1122 Chad A. Geyer Air Traffic Contr $189,330 Chad.Geyer@faa.gov,
1123 Charlene Capangpangan Air Traffic Contr $184,631 Charlene.Capangpangan@faa.gov,
1124 Charles C. Raley General Attorney $152,643 Charles.Raley@faa.gov,
1125 Charles Cordovano Air Traffic Contr $163,530 Charles.Cordovano@faa.gov,
1126 Charles D. Farwell Transport Spec $167,286 Charles.Farwell@faa.gov,
1127 Charles E. May Air Traffic Contr $178,592 Charles.May@faa.gov,
1128 Charles R. Kelley Air Traffic Contr $163,530 Charles.Kelley@faa.gov,
1129 Charles S. Hamilton Aviation Safety $155,056 Charles.Hamilton@faa.gov,
1130 Charles S. Pearce Air Traffic Contr $189,580 Charles.Pearce@faa.gov,
1131 Charles W. Howell Air Traffic Contr $149,278 Charles.Howell@faa.gov,
1132 Charles W. Martin Air Traffic Contr $149,669 Charles.Martin@faa.gov,
1133 Charlie J. Chung Air Traffic Contr $151,417 Charlie.Chung@faa.gov,
1134 Cheryl A. Bavister Air Traffic Contr $181,745 Cheryl.Bavister@faa.gov,
1135 Cheryl L. Henderson Aviation Safety $158,312 Cheryl.Henderson@faa.gov,
1136 Chester R. Williams Air Traffic Contr $153,681 Chester.Williams@faa.gov,
1137 Chien V. Ho Air Traffic Contr $175,311 Chien.Ho@faa.gov,
1138 Chris D. Underhill Air Traffic Contr $189,330 Chris.Underhill@faa.gov,
1139 Chris K. Wong Electronics Eng $156,261 Chris.Wong@faa.gov,
1140 Christian D. Anderson Air Traffic Contr $192,529 Christian.Anderson@faa.gov,
1141 Christine M. Dunkle Air Traffic Contr $165,975 Christine.Dunkle@faa.gov,
1142 Christopher A. Burnett Air Traffic Contr $152,466 Christopher.Burnett@faa.gov,
1143 Christopher B. Anderson Air Traffic Contr $152,466 Christopher.Anderson@faa.gov,
1144 Christopher Clemons Air Traffic Contr $178,053 Christopher.Clemons@faa.gov,
1145 Christopher David Williams Air Traffic Contr $152,227 Christopher.Williams@faa.gov,
1146 Christopher F. Matsumoto Air Traffic Contr $151,417 Christopher.Matsumoto@faa.gov,
1147 Christopher Hay Air Traffic Contr $165,975 Christopher.Hay@faa.gov,
1148 Christopher J. Short Air Traffic Contr $164,014 Christopher.Short@faa.gov,
1149 Christopher J. Walker Air Traffic Contr $154,331 Christopher.Walker@faa.gov,
1150 Christopher J. Williams Air Traffic Contr $168,950 Christopher.Williams@faa.gov,
1151 Christopher Knueppel Air Traffic Contr $165,975 Christopher.Knueppel@faa.gov,
1152 Christopher M. Cherioli Air Traffic Contr $177,237 Christopher.Cherioli@faa.gov,
1153 Christopher P. Hurn Air Traffic Contr $150,862 Christopher.Hurn@faa.gov,
1154 Christopher R. King Air Traffic Contr $161,178 Christopher.King@faa.gov,
1155 Christopher Richard Rosati Air Traffic Contr $151,260 Christopher.Rosati@faa.gov,
1156 Cierra K. Rankin Air Traffic Contr $149,033 Cierra.Rankin@faa.gov,
1157 Clardy Mark A. Mc Program Manager $199,119 Mark.McClardy@faa.gov,
1158 Clifford D. Weinan General Engineer $157,424 Clifford.Weinan@faa.gov,
1159 Clifford I. Rustad General Engineer $156,651 Clifford.Rustad@faa.gov,
1160 Clifton J. Rouse Air Traffic Contr $169,822 Clifton.Rouse@faa.gov,
1161 Clinton K. Yap Air Traffic Contr $176,837 Clinton.Yap@faa.gov,
1162 Cody James Allen Air Traffic Contr $171,226 Cody.Allen@faa.gov,
1163 Colby M. Butchereit Air Traffic Contr $157,551 Colby.Butchereit@faa.gov,
1164 Cole Carter Dietrich Air Traffic Contr $151,647 Cole.Dietrich@faa.gov,
1165 Corey James McCauley Air Traffic Contr $183,505 Corey.McCauley@faa.gov,
1166 Corey M. Denham Air Traffic Contr $177,137 Corey.Denham@faa.gov,
1167 Craig D. Lucas Air Traffic Contr $157,776 Craig.Lucas@faa.gov,
1168 Craig R. Stevenson Air Traffic Contr $195,812 Craig.Stevenson@faa.gov,
1169 Cuong The Nguyen Electronics Eng $148,593 Cuong.Nguyen@faa.gov,
1170 Curtis L. Wilson Air Traffic Contr $187,000 Curtis.Wilson@faa.gov,
1171 Cynthia E. Cabico Air Traffic Contr $192,611 Cynthia.Cabico@faa.gov,
1172 Cyril Roney Air Traffic Contr $174,811 Cyril.Roney@faa.gov,
1173 Dale B. McKee Air Traffic Contr $158,574 Dale.McKee@faa.gov,
1174 Dale E. Ralph Air Traffic Contr $190,646 Dale.Ralph@faa.gov,
1175 Damien A. Mattei Air Traffic Contr $151,417 Damien.Mattei@faa.gov,
1176 Daniel A. Crowther Air Traffic Contr $174,811 Daniel.Crowther@faa.gov,
1177 Daniel A. Freeman Air Traffic Contr $191,280 Daniel.Freeman@faa.gov,
1178 Daniel A. Lopez Air Traffic Contr $170,150 Daniel.Lopez@faa.gov,
1179 Daniel C. Richardson Transport Spec $156,011 Daniel.Richardson@faa.gov,
1180 Daniel D. Arland Aviation Safety $148,550 Daniel.Arland@faa.gov,
1181 Daniel F. Dierickx Air Traffic Contr $162,147 Daniel.Dierickx@faa.gov,
1182 Daniel Garcia Air Traffic Contr $163,153 Daniel.Garcia@faa.gov,
1183 Daniel J. Foster Air Traffic Contr $190,854 Daniel.Foster@faa.gov,
1184 Daniel J. Hamilton Air Traffic Contr $167,994 Daniel.Hamilton@faa.gov,
1185 Daniel J. Hicken Air Traffic Contr $167,915 Daniel.Hicken@faa.gov,
1186 Daniel J. Lawrence Air Traffic Contr $186,004 Daniel.Lawrence@faa.gov,
1187 Daniel J. Perea Air Traffic Contr $165,975 Daniel.Perea@faa.gov,
1188 Daniel Jared Worley Air Traffic Contr $167,397 Daniel.Worley@faa.gov,
1189 Daniel Kuenzi Air Traffic Contr $163,830 Daniel.Kuenzi@faa.gov,
1190 Daniel M. Hamilton Air Traffic Contr $180,491 Daniel.Hamilton@faa.gov,
1191 Daniel M. Rossmango Air Traffic Contr $189,333 Daniel.Rossmango@faa.gov,
1192 Daniel Massey Air Traffic Contr $160,162 Daniel.Massey@faa.gov,
1193 Daniel N. Walker Air Traffic Contr $189,330 Daniel.Walker@faa.gov,
1194 Daniel P. McGuane Air Traffic Contr $169,822 Daniel.McGuane@faa.gov,
1195 Daniel R. Murdy Air Traffic Contr $189,730 Daniel.Murdy@faa.gov,
1196 Daniel R. Suarez Transport Spec $156,011 Daniel.Suarez@faa.gov,
1197 Daniel T. Carroll Air Traffic Contr $189,833 Daniel.Carroll@faa.gov,
1198 Daniel William Casey Air Traffic Contr $151,260 Daniel.Casey@faa.gov,
1199 Danny F. Tisher Aviation Safety $148,550 Danny.Tisher@faa.gov,
1200 Darin J. Stephens Air Traffic Contr $173,578 Darin.Stephens@faa.gov,
1201 Darryl A. Dembski Air Traffic Contr $190,225 Darryl.Dembski@faa.gov,
1202 Darryl J. Burke Air Traffic Contr $187,260 Darryl.Burke@faa.gov,
1203 Daryl R. Kitchen General Engineer $166,673 Daryl.Kitchen@faa.gov,
1204 Daryl Y. Wannomae Air Traffic Contr $174,811 Daryl.Wannomae@faa.gov,
1205 David A. Cumti Mgr Prog Anal $156,245 David.Cumti@faa.gov,
1206 David A. Johnson Aviation Safety $154,253 David.Johnson@faa.gov,
1207 David A. Jolley Air Traffic Contr $185,359 David.Jolley@faa.gov,
1208 David A. Pritchard Air Traffic Contr $187,260 David.Pritchard@faa.gov,
1209 David C. Carman Air Traffic Contr $148,878 David.Carman@faa.gov,
1210 David C. Piatek Air Traffic Contr $153,681 David.Piatek@faa.gov,
1211 David D. Swanson Air Traffic Contr $174,820 David.Swanson@faa.gov,
1212 David E. Mahnke Air Traffic Contr $180,790 David.Mahnke@faa.gov,
1213 David F. Cushing Tech Sys Prog Mgr $172,010 David.Cushing@faa.gov,
1214 David H. Nguyen General Engineer $158,954 David.Nguyen@faa.gov,
1215 David I. Brown Air Traffic Contr $190,331 David.Brown@faa.gov,
1216 David J. Acuna Air Traffic Contr $184,741 David.Acuna@faa.gov,
1217 David J. Carlin Air Traffic Contr $190,791 David.Carlin@faa.gov,
1218 David J. Cohen Air Traffic Contr $198,885 David.Cohen@faa.gov,
1219 David J. Dosch Electronics Eng $157,126 David.Dosch@faa.gov,
1220 David J. Quecke Air Traffic Contr $183,124 David.Quecke@faa.gov,
1221 David K. Garner Air Traffic Contr $187,250 David.Garner@faa.gov,
1222 David K. Paxton Air Traffic Contr $187,500 David.Paxton@faa.gov,
1223 David Kessler Environment Protect $163,167 David.Kessler@faa.gov,
1224 David L. Follett Air Traffic Contr $193,454 David.Follett@faa.gov,
1225 David M. Binder Aviation Safety $164,600 David.Binder@faa.gov,
1226 David M. Lehman Aviation Safety $155,368 David.Lehman@faa.gov,
1227 David Paul Galuszka Air Traffic Contr $185,490 David.Galuszka@faa.gov,
1228 David S. Williams Air Traffic Contr $150,731 David.Williams@faa.gov,
1229 David Tuminaro Air Traffic Contr $163,880 David.Tuminaro@faa.gov,
1230 David Vincent Keeling Air Traffic Contr $152,250 David.Keeling@faa.gov,
1231 David W. Swanson Air Traffic Contr $192,373 David.Swanson@faa.gov,
1232 David William Clewett General Engineer $158,954 David.Clewett@faa.gov,
1233 David Yedid Amiel Air Traffic Contr $157,402 David.Amiel@faa.gov,
1234 Dawn C. McMullin Air Traffic Contr $171,853 Dawn.McMullin@faa.gov,
1235 Dawn J. Cawrse Air Traffic Contr $179,508 Dawn.Cawrse@faa.gov,
1236 Dawn M. Owens Air Traffic Contr $183,100 Dawn.Owens@faa.gov,
1237 Deborah L. Price Air Traffic Contr $189,279 Deborah.Price@faa.gov,
1238 Deidra Mitchell HR Mgr $153,484 Deidra.Mitchell@faa.gov,
1239 Dena M. Thomas Air Traffic Contr $174,811 Dena.Thomas@faa.gov,
1240 Denise J. Houshel Air Traffic Contr $192,529 Denise.Houshel@faa.gov,
1241 Denise W. Hahn Transport Spec $155,579 Denise.Hahn@faa.gov,
1242 Dennis E. Roberts Program Manager $202,090 Dennis.Roberts@faa.gov,
1243 Dennis G. Miller Air Traffic Contr $187,747 Dennis.Miller@faa.gov,
1244 Dennis Julianna Air Traffic Contr $173,874 Dennis.Julianna@faa.gov,
1245 Dennis M. Thorpe Aviation Safety $172,488 Dennis.Thorpe@faa.gov,
1246 Dennis N. Enriquez Air Traffic Contr $151,260 Dennis.Enriquez@faa.gov,
1247 Derek W. Reich Air Traffic Contr $177,001 Derek.Reich@faa.gov,
1248 Deron N. Kong Aviation Safety $148,550 Deron.Kong@faa.gov,
1249 Diane M. Vercella Air Traffic Contr $172,972 Diane.Vercella@faa.gov,
1250 Diego Reginal B. San Air Traffic Contr $174,277 Reginal.SanDiego@faa.gov,
1251 Dixon B. Howard Aviation Safety $155,368 Dixon.Howard@faa.gov,
1252 Domingo O. Basilio General Engineer $150,336 Domingo.Basilio@faa.gov,
1253 Donald A. True Air Traffic Contr $197,304 Donald.TRUE@faa.gov,
1254 Donald C. Bobertz General Attorney $178,726 Donald.Bobertz@faa.gov,
1255 Donald H. Kirby Air Traffic Contr $197,385 Donald.Kirby@faa.gov,
1256 Donald K. Haney Air Traffic Contr $176,015 Donald.Haney@faa.gov,
1257 Donald N. Arendt Operations Research $188,000 Donald.Arendt@faa.gov,
1258 Donald W. White Air Traffic Contr $149,378 Donald.White@faa.gov,
1259 Donavan J. Hecker Air Traffic Contr $157,551 Donavan.Hecker@faa.gov,
1260 Donell L. Johnson Tech Sys Prog Mgr $177,015 Donell.Johnson@faa.gov,
1261 Donna L. Lyseng Transport Spec $181,614 Donna.Lyseng@faa.gov,
1262 Douglas E. Voelpel Air Traffic Contr $187,260 Douglas.Voelpel@faa.gov,
1263 Douglas J. Champagne Air Traffic Contr $189,330 Douglas.Champagne@faa.gov,
1264 Douglas K. Blaul Air Traffic Contr $193,536 Douglas.Blaul@faa.gov,
1265 Douglas S. Chrisman Air Traffic Contr $187,260 Douglas.Chrisman@faa.gov,
1266 Drew A. Martin Air Traffic Contr $164,761 Drew.Martin@faa.gov,
1267 Dustin M. Byerly Air Traffic Contr $189,375 Dustin.Byerly@faa.gov,
1268 Edmundo S. Yepez Air Traffic Contr $151,417 Edmundo.Yepez@faa.gov,
1269 Edson F. Perez Air Traffic Contr $150,726 Edson.Perez@faa.gov,
1270 Edward J. Yurus Air Traffic Contr $173,196 Edward.Yurus@faa.gov,
1271 Elaine Johnson Air Traffic Contr $163,530 Elaine.Johnson@faa.gov,
1272 Elbert Hang Transport Spec $156,701 Elbert.Hang@faa.gov,
1273 Elda Rosales Air Traffic Contr $151,417 Elda.Rosales@faa.gov,
1274 Eligio Arizmendis Transport Spec $151,694 Eligio.Arizmendis@faa.gov,
1275 Elizabeth G. Walker Air Traffic Contr $169,322 Elizabeth.Walker@faa.gov,
1276 Elizabeth Myers Air Traffic Contr $160,162 Elizabeth.Myers@faa.gov,
1277 Elliot H. Brann Air Traffic Contr $190,366 Elliot.Brann@faa.gov,
1278 Elliot K. Oki Air Traffic Contr $153,681 Elliot.Oki@faa.gov,
1279 Emily Bawden Air Traffic Contr $170,321 Emily.Bawden@faa.gov,
1280 Enrique E. Capati General Engineer $156,511 Enrique.Capati@faa.gov,
1281 Eric A. Booe Air Traffic Contr $189,219 Eric.Booe@faa.gov,
1282 Eric D. Whitaker Air Traffic Contr $190,915 Eric.Whitaker@faa.gov,
1283 Eric Daniel Kunz Air Traffic Contr $151,860 Eric.Kunz@faa.gov,
1284 Eric J. Lohrman Air Traffic Contr $187,000 Eric.Lohrman@faa.gov,
1285 Eric K. Chavez Air Traffic Contr $157,666 Eric.Chavez@faa.gov,
1286 Eric K. Hall Air Traffic Contr $165,975 Eric.Hall@faa.gov,
1287 Eric R. Sarbacker Air Traffic Contr $185,456 Eric.Sarbacker@faa.gov,
1288 Eric S. Carter Air Traffic Contr $189,225 Eric.Carter@faa.gov,
1289 Eric T. Corscadden Air Traffic Contr $187,939 Eric.Corscadden@faa.gov,
1290 Erik M. Larson Air Traffic Contr $189,330 Erik.Larson@faa.gov,
1291 Erik W. Mandt Air Traffic Contr $161,367 Erik.Mandt@faa.gov,
1292 Erin L. Calabria Air Traffic Contr $151,417 Erin.Calabria@faa.gov,
1293 Erin Stephanie Malody Air Traffic Contr $192,529 Erin.Malody@faa.gov,
1294 Ernest E. Snow Air Traffic Contr $190,830 Ernest.Snow@faa.gov,
1295 Ernesto Rodriguez Air Traffic Contr $188,269 Ernesto.Rodriguez@faa.gov,
1296 Eugene A. Conklin Program Manager $157,120 Eugene.Conklin@faa.gov,
1297 Evelyn A. Green Transport Spec $148,942 Evelyn.Green@faa.gov,
1298 Ezra Sugar Air Traffic Contr $163,830 Ezra.Sugar@faa.gov,
1299 Faron R. Hahn Tech Sys Prog Mgr $177,875 Faron.Hahn@faa.gov,
1300 Ferdinand A. Ling Air Traffic Contr $181,745 Ferdinand.Ling@faa.gov,
1301 Francine G. Malabo Air Traffic Contr $187,764 Francine.Malabo@faa.gov,
1302 Frank Hernandez Air Traffic Contr $163,530 Frank.Hernandez@faa.gov,
1303 Frederick F. Fordis Air Traffic Contr $183,681 Frederick.Fordis@faa.gov,
1304 Garrett J. Norr Air Traffic Contr $149,033 Garrett.Norr@faa.gov,
1305 Garth G. Koleszar Air Traffic Contr $189,330 Garth.Koleszar@faa.gov,
1306 Gary Johnson Air Traffic Contr $153,159 Gary.Johnson@faa.gov,
1307 Gary Levin Air Traffic Contr $159,307 Gary.Levin@faa.gov,
1308 Gary M. Suozzi Aviation Safety $155,368 Gary.Suozzi@faa.gov,
1309 Geoffrey M. Klein Air Traffic Contr $151,767 Geoffrey.Klein@faa.gov,
1310 George A. Nestojko Air Traffic Contr $173,196 George.Nestojko@faa.gov,
1311 George C. Wu Info Tech Mgr $149,845 George.Wu@faa.gov,
1312 George D. Wilton Air Traffic Contr $169,322 George.Wilton@faa.gov,
1313 George J. Pineda Program Manager $157,120 George.Pineda@faa.gov,
1314 Gerald A. Boots Aviation Safety $155,411 Gerald.Boots@faa.gov,
1315 Gerald A. Duhonich General Engineer $157,540 Gerald.Duhonich@faa.gov,
1316 Gerald D. Bryant Air Traffic Contr $192,529 Gerald.Bryant@faa.gov,
1317 Gerald K. Moore Program Manager $191,231 Gerald.Moore@faa.gov,
1318 Gillian V. Garfield Air Traffic Contr $163,830 Gillian.Garfield@faa.gov,
1319 Glen E. Goehrs Air Traffic Contr $187,260 Glen.Goehrs@faa.gov,
1320 Glenn A. Orfitelli Aviation Safety $164,050 Glenn.Orfitelli@faa.gov,
1321 Glenn H. Puzon General Engineer $159,704 Glenn.Puzon@faa.gov,
1322 Gordon Choi Transport Spec $152,771 Gordon.Choi@faa.gov,
1323 Grant S. Stillwell Air Traffic Contr $151,260 Grant.Stillwell@faa.gov,
1324 Greg A. Johnson Transport Spec $153,279 Greg.Johnson@faa.gov,
1325 Gregory A. Avery Air Traffic Contr $173,196 Gregory.Avery@faa.gov,
1326 Gregory E. Haywood Air Traffic Contr $190,273 Gregory.Haywood@faa.gov,
1327 Gregory E. Schildmeier Air Traffic Contr $151,767 Gregory.Schildmeier@faa.gov,
1328 Gregory L. Kalla Air Traffic Contr $190,497 Gregory.Kalla@faa.gov,
1329 Gregory S. Popores Air Traffic Contr $190,794 Gregory.Popores@faa.gov,
1330 Guillermo Ramirez Air Traffic Contr $165,955 Guillermo.Ramirez@faa.gov,
1331 Guy D. Minor Aviation Safety $156,994 Guy.Minor@faa.gov,
1332 Guy S. Blackwell Air Traffic Contr $174,367 Guy.Blackwell@faa.gov,
1333 Ha Anh Nguyen General Engineer $152,406 Ha.Nguyen@faa.gov,
1334 Haley Pamela Ledesma Air Traffic Contr $153,076 Haley.Ledesma@faa.gov,
1335 Hamid Ghaffari Air Traffic Contr $189,330 Hamid.Ghaffari@faa.gov,
1336 Hani A. Khalil General Engineer $153,762 Hani.Khalil@faa.gov,
1337 Hardie H. Deguzman Tech Sys Prog Mgr $190,328 Hardie.Deguzman@faa.gov,
1338 Harlow Voorhees Aviation Safety $151,571 Harlow.Voorhees@faa.gov,
1339 Harold A. Nitowitz Air Traffic Contr $187,260 Harold.Nitowitz@faa.gov,
1340 Harry Moreau General Engineer $157,870 Harry.Moreau@faa.gov,
1341 Harry P. Ansorge Transport Spec $167,286 Harry.Ansorge@faa.gov,
1342 Heather Borcalli Air Traffic Contr $173,196 Heather.Borcalli@faa.gov,
1343 Heather J. Stein Air Traffic Contr $174,277 Heather.Stein@faa.gov,
1344 Heather Joy Monita Air Traffic Contr $168,803 Heather.Monita@faa.gov,
1345 Heidi L. Mountain Air Traffic Contr $177,237 Heidi.Mountain@faa.gov,
1346 Hesham S. Chaban Air Traffic Contr $148,878 Hesham.Chaban@faa.gov,
1347 Holly A. King Air Traffic Contr $189,774 Holly.King@faa.gov,
1348 Horace Alex Matamoros Tech Sys Prog Mgr $157,120 Horace.Matamoros@faa.gov,
1349 Hsiang Hsiao Air Traffic Contr $153,981 Hsiang.Hsiao@faa.gov,
1350 Ian A. Newell Air Traffic Contr $148,878 Ian.Newell@faa.gov,
1351 Ian N. Gregor Public Affairs Worker $179,650 Ian.Gregor@faa.gov,
1352 Ira Farnoush General Engineer $156,011 Ira.Farnoush@faa.gov,
1353 Irene Willard Air Traffic Contr $152,484 Irene.Willard@faa.gov,
1354 Jaclyn R. Williams Air Traffic Contr $176,837 Jaclyn.Williams@faa.gov,
1355 Jacob Sather Air Traffic Contr $166,595 Jacob.Sather@faa.gov,
1356 Jacqueline M. Fragas Air Traffic Contr $163,530 Jacqueline.Fragas@faa.gov,
1357 Jad H. Lyttle Air Traffic Contr $163,830 Jad.Lyttle@faa.gov,
1358 Jaime Duran Misc Admin Prog $162,317 Jaime.Duran@faa.gov,
1359 Jaime Torres Air Traffic Contr $171,226 Jaime.Torres@faa.gov,
1360 Jamel Lennox Melville Air Traffic Contr $162,835 Jamel.Melville@faa.gov,
1361 James A. Hurst Air Traffic Contr $187,260 James.Hurst@faa.gov,
1362 James A. Zimmerman Air Traffic Contr $156,790 James.Zimmerman@faa.gov,
1363 James B. Montgomery Air Traffic Contr $153,680 James.Montgomery@faa.gov,
1364 James C. Meadows Air Traffic Contr $191,046 James.Meadows@faa.gov,
1365 James D. Becker Air Traffic Contr $189,330 James.Becker@faa.gov,
1366 James D. Deignan Air Traffic Contr $189,074 James.Deignan@faa.gov,
1367 James D. Squire Air Traffic Contr $149,033 James.Squire@faa.gov,
1368 James D. Thompson Air Traffic Contr $173,196 James.Thompson@faa.gov,
1369 James D. Wood Air Traffic Contr $183,124 James.Wood@faa.gov,
1370 James F. Cassidy Air Traffic Contr $175,229 James.Cassidy@faa.gov,
1371 James Grippi Air Traffic Contr $165,975 James.Grippi@faa.gov,
1372 James H. Motley Misc Admin Prog $157,120 James.Motley@faa.gov,
1373 James H. Schmidt Air Traffic Contr $161,899 James.Schmidt@faa.gov,
1374 James J. Ford Aviation Safety $148,550 James.Ford@faa.gov,
1375 James J. Giovengo Air Traffic Contr $176,837 James.Giovengo@faa.gov,
1376 James K. Baker Transport Industry Anal $156,011 James.Baker@faa.gov,
1377 James L. Harper Air Traffic Contr $187,260 James.Harper@faa.gov,
1378 James L. Reichert Transport Spec $149,373 James.Reichert@faa.gov,
1379 James M. Reasoner Air Traffic Contr $177,137 James.Reasoner@faa.gov,
1380 James Michael Kosanovich Air Traffic Contr $177,106 James.Kosanovich@faa.gov,
1381 James P. Edwards Transport Spec $169,177 James.Edwards@faa.gov,
1382 James P. Hamilton Air Traffic Contr $187,260 James.Hamilton@faa.gov,
1383 James R. Black Info Tech Mgr $178,692 James.Black@faa.gov,
1384 James Richard Day Air Traffic Contr $190,187 James.Day@faa.gov,
1385 James S. Belknap Aviation Safety $148,550 James.Belknap@faa.gov,
1386 James W. Decker Air Traffic Contr $163,930 James.Decker@faa.gov,
1387 James W. Tincup Transport Spec $169,520 James.Tincup@faa.gov,
1388 Jamie Lee Nuss Air Traffic Contr $148,957 Jamie.Nuss@faa.gov,
1389 Jared M. Gregg Air Traffic Contr $171,226 Jared.Gregg@faa.gov,
1390 Jason A. Bush Air Traffic Contr $178,817 Jason.Bush@faa.gov,
1391 Jason A. Fellers Air Traffic Contr $182,729 Jason.Fellers@faa.gov,
1392 Jason F. Rafferty Air Traffic Contr $165,975 Jason.Rafferty@faa.gov,
1393 Jason M. Asbell Air Traffic Contr $165,335 Jason.Asbell@faa.gov,
1394 Jason M. Beard Air Traffic Contr $163,530 Jason.Beard@faa.gov,
1395 Jason M. Lacefield Air Traffic Contr $191,226 Jason.Lacefield@faa.gov,
1396 Jason P. Dedrick Air Traffic Contr $164,272 Jason.Dedrick@faa.gov,
1397 Jason Robert Bower Air Traffic Contr $158,821 Jason.Bower@faa.gov,
1398 Jason Scott Air Traffic Contr $163,530 Jason.Scott@faa.gov,
1399 Jasper A. Spence Transport Spec $154,851 Jasper.Spence@faa.gov,
1400 Jay B. Beach Air Traffic Contr $190,799 Jay.Beach@faa.gov,
1401 Jay E. Robinson Air Traffic Contr $190,446 Jay.Robinson@faa.gov,
1402 Jean S. Raspante Air Traffic Contr $188,925 Jean.Raspante@faa.gov,
1403 Jeff B. Hubert Air Traffic Contr $193,399 Jeff.Hubert@faa.gov,
1404 Jeff L. Duggan Air Traffic Contr $189,330 Jeff.Duggan@faa.gov,
1405 Jeffery A. Cunnyngham Air Traffic Contr $197,073 Jeffery.Cunnyngham@faa.gov,
1406 Jeffery A. Schroeder General Engineer $192,038 Jeffery.Schroeder@faa.gov,
1407 Jeffrey A. Plendl Air Traffic Contr $176,837 Jeffrey.Plendl@faa.gov,
1408 Jeffrey A. Sweet Air Traffic Contr $183,206 Jeffrey.Sweet@faa.gov,
1409 Jeffrey B. Bohnsack Air Traffic Contr $165,975 Jeffrey.Bohnsack@faa.gov,
1410 Jeffrey Claxton Engineer Tech $152,435 Jeffrey.Claxton@faa.gov,
1411 Jeffrey D. Geddes Air Traffic Contr $187,250 Jeffrey.Geddes@faa.gov,
1412 Jeffrey E. Brown Air Traffic Contr $190,146 Jeffrey.Brown@faa.gov,
1413 Jeffrey Hutson Air Traffic Contr $163,530 Jeffrey.Hutson@faa.gov,
1414 Jeffrey J. Doden Air Traffic Contr $185,727 Jeffrey.Doden@faa.gov,
1415 Jeffrey J. Gordon Aviation Safety $157,544 Jeffrey.Gordon@faa.gov,
1416 Jeffrey J. Litwin Air Traffic Contr $153,681 Jeffrey.Litwin@faa.gov,
1417 Jeffrey K. Koger Air Traffic Contr $191,582 Jeffrey.Koger@faa.gov,
1418 Jeffrey L. Begley Air Traffic Contr $178,325 Jeffrey.Begley@faa.gov,
1419 Jeffrey L. Weathersby Air Traffic Contr $171,940 Jeffrey.Weathersby@faa.gov,
1420 Jeffrey M. Richardson Aviation Safety $150,194 Jeffrey.Richardson@faa.gov,
1421 Jeffrey S. Neuin Aviation Safety $154,253 Jeffrey.Neuin@faa.gov,
1422 Jeffrey S. Taysom Air Traffic Contr $189,219 Jeffrey.Taysom@faa.gov,
1423 Jeffrey T. Cornwell Air Traffic Contr $189,219 Jeffrey.Cornwell@faa.gov,
1424 Jennie L. Montoya Air Traffic Contr $153,681 Jennie.Montoya@faa.gov,
1425 Jennifer A. Adair Aviation Safety $151,192 Jennifer.Adair@faa.gov,
1426 Jennifer L. Sobkoviak Air Traffic Contr $187,000 Jennifer.Sobkoviak@faa.gov,
1427 Jennifer L. Teshima Air Traffic Contr $153,681 Jennifer.Teshima@faa.gov,
1428 Jennifer V. Jorgensen Aviation Safety $150,050 Jennifer.Jorgensen@faa.gov,
1429 Jenny Rubert Air Traffic Contr $156,416 Jenny.Rubert@faa.gov,
1430 Jerald N. Beckner Air Traffic Contr $189,330 Jerald.Beckner@faa.gov,
1431 Jeremia Gillo Air Traffic Contr $170,262 Jeremia.Gillo@faa.gov,
1432 Jeremy F. Rueda Air Traffic Contr $149,814 Jeremy.Rueda@faa.gov,
1433 Jeremy G. Smith Air Traffic Contr $163,214 Jeremy.Smith@faa.gov,
1434 Jeremy M. Hart Air Traffic Contr $163,530 Jeremy.Hart@faa.gov,
1435 Jeremy Morgan Hroblak Air Traffic Contr $160,990 Jeremy.Hroblak@faa.gov,
1436 Jeremy Todd Beecher Air Traffic Contr $159,738 Jeremy.Beecher@faa.gov,
1437 Jermaine A. Gill Air Traffic Contr $154,067 Jermaine.Gill@faa.gov,
1438 Jeronimo F. Gil Aviation Safety $148,550 Jeronimo.Gil@faa.gov,
1439 Jerry C. Roberts Air Traffic Contr $177,037 Jerry.Roberts@faa.gov,
1440 Jerry D. Hall Air Traffic Contr $169,322 Jerry.Hall@faa.gov,
1441 Jerry M. Rivas Air Traffic Contr $160,162 Jerry.Rivas@faa.gov,
1442 Jerry S. Lau Air Traffic Contr $185,880 Jerry.Lau@faa.gov,
1443 Jerry S. Torres Air Traffic Contr $183,883 Jerry.Torres@faa.gov,
1444 Jesse M. Randall Air Traffic Contr $153,681 Jesse.Randall@faa.gov,
1445 Joaquin Z. Pena Air Traffic Contr $159,466 Joaquin.Pena@faa.gov,
1446 Joel D. Wong Air Traffic Contr $176,837 Joel.Wong@faa.gov,
1447 Joel M. Weber Air Traffic Contr $188,324 Joel.Weber@faa.gov,
1448 Joel W. Ortiz Air Traffic Contr $179,664 Joel.Ortiz@faa.gov,
1449 John A. Aartman Air Traffic Contr $190,423 John.Aartman@faa.gov,
1450 John A. Blanco Aviation Safety $187,165 John.Blanco@faa.gov,
1451 John C. Houston Transport Spec $152,858 John.Houston@faa.gov,
1452 John C. McCullough Air Traffic Contr $175,477 John.McCullough@faa.gov,
1453 John C. Roman Air Traffic Contr $190,390 John.Roman@faa.gov,
1454 John D. Arntz Air Traffic Contr $188,909 John.Arntz@faa.gov,
1455 John D. Gale Air Traffic Contr $192,766 John.Gale@faa.gov,
1456 John E. Campa Air Traffic Contr $190,187 John.Campa@faa.gov,
1457 John E. Downie Info Tech Mgr $183,864 John.Downie@faa.gov,
1458 John F. Nelson Air Traffic Contr $187,906 John.Nelson@faa.gov,
1459 John F. Young Air Traffic Contr $189,219 John.Young@faa.gov,
1460 John H. Bahns Air Traffic Contr $188,178 John.Bahns@faa.gov,
1461 John Hayes Somerville Air Traffic Contr $149,056 John.Somerville@faa.gov,
1462 John Ich Taing General Engineer $160,140 John.Taing@faa.gov,
1463 John K. Stambaugh Air Traffic Contr $185,770 John.Stambaugh@faa.gov,
1464 John K. White Air Traffic Contr $162,121 John.White@faa.gov,
1465 John L. Goldfluss Aviation Safety $156,368 John.Goldfluss@faa.gov,
1466 John Lenhart Air Traffic Contr $165,975 John.Lenhart@faa.gov,
1467 John M. Macchiaroli Air Traffic Contr $174,624 John.Macchiaroli@faa.gov,
1468 John M. Paulus Air Traffic Contr $189,986 John.Paulus@faa.gov,
1469 John M. Wentz Air Traffic Contr $189,219 John.Wentz@faa.gov,
1470 John O. Bakken Transport Spec $164,404 John.Bakken@faa.gov,
1471 John R. Burger Air Traffic Contr $193,899 John.Burger@faa.gov,
1472 John R. McClain Air Traffic Contr $157,998 John.McClain@faa.gov,
1473 John T. Condon Aviation Safety $176,085 John.Condon@faa.gov,
1474 John T. Giraudo Air Traffic Contr $159,886 John.Giraudo@faa.gov,
1475 John Taggart Air Traffic Contr $192,078 John.Taggart@faa.gov,
1476 Johnathan W. Diehl Air Traffic Contr $179,633 Johnathan.Diehl@faa.gov,
1477 Johnna R. Hall Air Traffic Contr $149,600 Johnna.Hall@faa.gov,
1478 Jon A. Prater Aviation Safety $162,967 Jon.Prater@faa.gov,
1479 Jon E. Ralph Air Traffic Contr $191,083 Jon.Ralph@faa.gov,
1480 Jonathan A. Bouhebent Air Traffic Contr $151,417 Jonathan.Bouhebent@faa.gov,
1481 Jonathan A. Carpenter Air Traffic Contr $151,417 Jonathan.Carpenter@faa.gov,
1482 Jonathan A. Nelson Air Traffic Contr $165,975 Jonathan.Nelson@faa.gov,
1483 Jonathan D. Boyett Air Traffic Contr $151,417 Jonathan.Boyett@faa.gov,
1484 Jonathan Danko Air Traffic Contr $189,719 Jonathan.Danko@faa.gov,
1485 Jonathan H. Bergstrom Air Traffic Contr $159,544 Jonathan.Bergstrom@faa.gov,
1486 Jonathan M. Reynoso Air Traffic Contr $151,417 Jonathan.Reynoso@faa.gov,
1487 Jonathan P. Frost Air Traffic Contr $170,170 Jonathan.Frost@faa.gov,
1488 Joni K. Deutsch Transport Spec $152,452 Joni.Deutsch@faa.gov,
1489 Jorge J. Boubion Info Tech Mgr $163,163 Jorge.Boubion@faa.gov,
1490 Jorge Richard Ortiz Air Traffic Contr $152,856 Jorge.Ortiz@faa.gov,
1491 Jose B. Garcia Air Traffic Contr $172,943 Jose.Garcia@faa.gov,
1492 Jose Cortez Info Tech Mgr $164,833 Jose.Cortez@faa.gov,
1493 Jose J. Gonzalez Air Traffic Contr $189,405 Jose.Gonzalez@faa.gov,
1494 Jose L. Ortiz Air Traffic Contr $182,728 Jose.Ortiz@faa.gov,
1495 Jose Luis Perez Air Traffic Contr $173,401 Jose.Perez@faa.gov,
1496 Josef E. McNickle Air Traffic Contr $151,785 Josef.McNickle@faa.gov,
1497 Joseph A. Abramski Aviation Safety $159,062 Joseph.Abramski@faa.gov,
1498 Joseph A. Davoust Air Traffic Contr $156,752 Joseph.Davoust@faa.gov,
1499 Joseph C. Falcone Air Traffic Contr $173,196 Joseph.Falcone@faa.gov,
1500 Joseph C. Santos General Engineer $156,011 Joseph.Santos@faa.gov,
1501 Joseph Draves Air Traffic Contr $173,196 Joseph.Draves@faa.gov,
1502 Joseph L. Manalili General Attorney $152,794 Joseph.Manalili@faa.gov,
1503 Joseph M. Santoro Tech Sys Prog Mgr $186,150 Joseph.Santoro@faa.gov,
1504 Joseph S. Bremerman Air Traffic Contr $149,033 Joseph.Bremerman@faa.gov,
1505 Joseph William Potter Air Traffic Contr $165,064 Joseph.Potter@faa.gov,
1506 Joseph Y. Okuda Air Traffic Contr $164,010 Joseph.Okuda@faa.gov,
1507 Joshua A. Caldwell Air Traffic Contr $160,162 Joshua.Caldwell@faa.gov,
1508 Joshua A. Lohrman Air Traffic Contr $151,417 Joshua.Lohrman@faa.gov,
1509 Joshua J. Schwartz Air Traffic Contr $151,417 Joshua.Schwartz@faa.gov,
1510 Joshua McKeever Air Traffic Contr $188,411 Joshua.McKeever@faa.gov,
1511 Joshua P. Lane Air Traffic Contr $151,417 Joshua.Lane@faa.gov,
1512 Joshua S. Cooper Air Traffic Contr $163,011 Joshua.Cooper@faa.gov,
1513 Joshua T. Parrish Air Traffic Contr $157,551 Joshua.Parrish@faa.gov,
1514 Joy N. Purpus Air Traffic Contr $167,800 Joy.Purpus@faa.gov,
1515 Juan J. Ramirez Transport Spec $175,084 Juan.Ramirez@faa.gov,
1516 Judith L. Ekmalian Misc Admin Prog $189,559 Judith.Ekmalian@faa.gov,
1517 Julia L. Broussard Air Traffic Contr $187,000 Julia.Broussard@faa.gov,
1518 Julie A. Coleman Air Traffic Contr $166,225 Julie.Coleman@faa.gov,
1519 Julieann H. Peterson Air Traffic Contr $180,721 Julieann.Peterson@faa.gov,
1520 Justin B. Bullinger Air Traffic Contr $149,396 Justin.Bullinger@faa.gov,
1521 Justin C. Devitt Air Traffic Contr $165,955 Justin.Devitt@faa.gov,
1522 Justin J. Bonanno Air Traffic Contr $163,530 Justin.Bonanno@faa.gov,
1523 Justin Parsons Air Traffic Contr $154,284 Justin.Parsons@faa.gov,
1524 Justin Shane McDermott Air Traffic Contr $166,407 Justin.McDermott@faa.gov,
1525 Kalen D. Hansen Air Traffic Contr $149,533 Kalen.Hansen@faa.gov,
1526 Karen A. Arendt Aviation Safety $150,194 Karen.Arendt@faa.gov,
1527 Karen Denese Ward Info Tech Mgr $163,911 Karen.Ward@faa.gov,
1528 Karen L. McDonald Misc Admin Prog $156,006 Karen.McDonald@faa.gov,
1529 Karen M. Pecchia HR Mgr $154,735 Karen.Pecchia@faa.gov,
1530 Karena F. Marinas Air Traffic Contr $163,530 Karena.Marinas@faa.gov,
1531 Katharine E. Morrow Air Traffic Contr $165,975 Katharine.Morrow@faa.gov,
1532 Kavin K. Krum Aviation Safety $150,150 Kavin.Krum@faa.gov,
1533 Keegan M. Hurley Air Traffic Contr $153,931 Keegan.Hurley@faa.gov,
1534 Keith A. Frable Aviation Safety $180,133 Keith.Frable@faa.gov,
1535 Keith A. Miller Air Traffic Contr $152,990 Keith.Miller@faa.gov,
1536 Keith C. Moore Air Traffic Contr $189,404 Keith.Moore@faa.gov,
1537 Keith E. Reynolds Air Traffic Contr $189,399 Keith.Reynolds@faa.gov,
1538 Keith Richard Jackson Air Traffic Contr $179,894 Keith.Jackson@faa.gov,
1539 Kelli R. Dunlap Air Traffic Contr $151,417 Kelli.Dunlap@faa.gov,
1540 Kelly L. Desio Air Traffic Contr $149,333 Kelly.Desio@faa.gov,
1541 Kelly R. Sandfer Air Traffic Contr $191,871 Kelly.Sandfer@faa.gov,
1542 Kelly S. Yamakawa General Engineer $157,870 Kelly.Yamakawa@faa.gov,
1543 Kelvin F. Feik Air Traffic Contr $192,766 Kelvin.Feik@faa.gov,
1544 Ken J. Penoyer Air Traffic Contr $190,758 Ken.Penoyer@faa.gov,
1545 Kenneth A. Levin Air Traffic Contr $154,561 Kenneth.Levin@faa.gov,
1546 Kenneth D. Hinzman Aviation Safety $156,323 Kenneth.Hinzman@faa.gov,
1547 Kenneth L. Necochea Air Traffic Contr $190,413 Kenneth.Necochea@faa.gov,
1548 Kenneth M. Weyerman Air Traffic Contr $169,050 Kenneth.Weyerman@faa.gov,
1549 Kenneth Paul Myak Air Traffic Contr $188,473 Kenneth.Myak@faa.gov,
1550 Kenneth Scott Mann Air Traffic Contr $180,823 Kenneth.Mann@faa.gov,
1551 Kenny L. Courts Air Traffic Contr $163,930 Kenny.Courts@faa.gov,
1552 Kent E. Theobald Civil Engineer $157,127 Kent.Theobald@faa.gov,
1553 Kent J. Cornelius Air Traffic Contr $189,219 Kent.Cornelius@faa.gov,
1554 Kevin B. Maes Air Traffic Contr $153,681 Kevin.Maes@faa.gov,
1555 Kevin C. Schlieper Air Traffic Contr $189,236 Kevin.Schlieper@faa.gov,
1556 Kevin D. Gillem Air Traffic Contr $151,817 Kevin.Gillem@faa.gov,
1557 Kevin David Laude Info Tech Mgr $156,011 Kevin.Laude@faa.gov,
1558 Kevin F. Kirkpatrick Air Traffic Contr $195,647 Kevin.Kirkpatrick@faa.gov,
1559 Kevin G. Prude Air Traffic Contr $185,086 Kevin.Prude@faa.gov,
1560 Kevin J. McLaughlin Air Traffic Contr $187,405 Kevin.McLaughlin@faa.gov,
1561 Kevin J. Teare Air Traffic Contr $193,469 Kevin.Teare@faa.gov,
1562 Kevin L. Clover Aviation Safety $186,656 Kevin.Clover@faa.gov,
1563 Kevin Michaels Air Traffic Contr $190,497 Kevin.Michaels@faa.gov,
1564 Kevin R. Bannon Air Traffic Contr $163,930 Kevin.Bannon@faa.gov,
1565 Kevin Seong Air Traffic Contr $163,530 Kevin.Seong@faa.gov,
1566 Kevin W. Hlavacek Air Traffic Contr $174,811 Kevin.Hlavacek@faa.gov,
1567 Kevin Wegner Air Traffic Contr $166,225 Kevin.Wegner@faa.gov,
1568 Khanh V. Tran General Engineer $156,011 Khanh.Tran@faa.gov,
1569 Kimtuoc C. Nguyenphuoc Transport Spec $157,870 Kimtuoc.Nguyenphuoc@faa.gov,
1570 Kristen L. Hildenbrand Air Traffic Contr $174,811 Kristen.Hildenbrand@faa.gov,
1571 Kristian A. Berena Air Traffic Contr $153,681 Kristian.Berena@faa.gov,
1572 Kristin Elizabeth Grulke Air Traffic Contr $170,864 Kristin.Grulke@faa.gov,
1573 Kristin M. Bergeson Air Traffic Contr $187,350 Kristin.Bergeson@faa.gov,
1574 Kristina L. Harold Air Traffic Contr $163,830 Kristina.Harold@faa.gov,
1575 Kristy D. Yantos Air Traffic Contr $173,196 Kristy.Yantos@faa.gov,
1576 Laird A. White Air Traffic Contr $189,544 Laird.White@faa.gov,
1577 Lance L. Eldredge Air Traffic Contr $189,330 Lance.Eldredge@faa.gov,
1578 Lane A. Thuet Air Traffic Contr $193,611 Lane.Thuet@faa.gov,
1579 Larry D. Moheit Aviation Safety $158,312 Larry.Moheit@faa.gov,
1580 Larry J. Towles General Engineer $156,011 Larry.Towles@faa.gov,
1581 Laura E. Murillo Transport Spec $157,620 Laura.Murillo@faa.gov,
1582 Laura J. Hsieh Air Traffic Contr $164,460 Laura.Hsieh@faa.gov,
1583 Laurence D. Randolph Air Traffic Contr $188,526 Laurence.Randolph@faa.gov,
1584 Lawrence W. Lehr Aviation Safety $182,291 Lawrence.Lehr@faa.gov,
1585 Lee Farrier Air Traffic Contr $160,503 Lee.Farrier@faa.gov,
1586 Lee J. Bynum Air Traffic Contr $188,324 Lee.Bynum@faa.gov,
1587 Lee P. Pigford Air Traffic Contr $190,997 Lee.Pigford@faa.gov,
1588 Leeann M. Young Air Traffic Contr $160,162 Leeann.Young@faa.gov,
1589 Leif M. Pedersen Air Traffic Contr $189,219 Leif.Pedersen@faa.gov,
1590 Leo H. Haanpaa Air Traffic Contr $165,114 Leo.Haanpaa@faa.gov,
1591 Leonard A. Jackson Air Traffic Contr $177,237 Leonard.Jackson@faa.gov,
1592 Leonard A. Nichols Air Traffic Contr $184,194 Leonard.Nichols@faa.gov,
1593 Leonard Gioia Info Tech Mgr $151,657 Leonard.Gioia@faa.gov,
1594 Leonard P. Ciarnelli Air Traffic Contr $169,322 Leonard.Ciarnelli@faa.gov,
1595 Leonard T. D'elia Air Traffic Contr $151,260 Leonard.D'elia@faa.gov,
1596 Leslie K. Arnold Info Tech Mgr $153,086 Leslie.Arnold@faa.gov,
1597 Lierre M. Green General Attorney $160,910 Lierre.Green@faa.gov,
1598 Linda M. Rebar Air Traffic Contr $163,530 Linda.Rebar@faa.gov,
1599 Lindsay E. Plein Air Traffic Contr $163,930 Lindsay.Plein@faa.gov,
1600 Lindsay P. Pedroche Air Traffic Contr $151,260 Lindsay.Pedroche@faa.gov,
1601 Linh D. Vu General Engineer $156,151 Linh.Vu@faa.gov,
1602 Lisa Ann Dussell Air Traffic Contr $165,975 Lisa.Dussell@faa.gov,
1603 Lisa J. Toscano General Attorney $177,554 Lisa.Toscano@faa.gov,
1604 Lisa L. Martin Air Traffic Contr $171,118 Lisa.Martin@faa.gov,
1605 Lisa R. Langford Air Traffic Contr $157,699 Lisa.Langford@faa.gov,
1606 Lloyd A. Proffitt Air Traffic Contr $189,830 Lloyd.Proffitt@faa.gov,
1607 Lorenzo A. Casas Air Traffic Contr $174,811 Lorenzo.Casas@faa.gov,
1608 Louise R. Markowski Tech Sys Prog Mgr $164,587 Louise.Markowski@faa.gov,
1609 Luis A. Castilleja Air Traffic Contr $163,530 Luis.Castilleja@faa.gov,
1610 Lyndon E. Lawyer General Engineer $156,661 Lyndon.Lawyer@faa.gov,
1611 Majid K. Arab Air Traffic Contr $173,196 Majid.Arab@faa.gov,
1612 Mallori R. Novak Air Traffic Contr $154,181 Mallori.Novak@faa.gov,
1613 Maranda L. McCain Air Traffic Contr $182,572 Maranda.McCain@faa.gov,
1614 Marc A. Murphy Air Traffic Contr $160,162 Marc.Murphy@faa.gov,
1615 Marc Snaer Air Traffic Contr $163,530 Marc.Snaer@faa.gov,
1616 Marco A. Patino Air Traffic Contr $189,330 Marco.Patino@faa.gov,
1617 Margaret F. Granillo Air Traffic Contr $156,975 Margaret.Granillo@faa.gov,
1618 Mari L. Duck Air Traffic Contr $157,949 Mari.Duck@faa.gov,
1619 Maria C. Nauman Air Traffic Contr $189,447 Maria.Nauman@faa.gov,
1620 Mark A. Isberner Transport Spec $152,826 Mark.Isberner@faa.gov,
1621 Mark A. Payne Air Traffic Contr $190,146 Mark.Payne@faa.gov,
1622 Mark A. Rice Aviation Safety $150,632 Mark.Rice@faa.gov,
1623 Mark A. Thompson Air Traffic Contr $181,570 Mark.Thompson@faa.gov,
1624 Mark A. Underwood Air Traffic Contr $181,745 Mark.Underwood@faa.gov,
1625 Mark Alvarez Air Traffic Contr $151,417 Mark.Alvarez@faa.gov,
1626 Mark Ayemin Aviation Safety $156,956 Mark.Ayemin@faa.gov,
1627 Mark B. Ward Air Traffic Contr $156,580 Mark.Ward@faa.gov,
1628 Mark David Ritchie Air Traffic Contr $185,317 Mark.Ritchie@faa.gov,
1629 Mark F. Peacox Air Traffic Contr $191,543 Mark.Peacox@faa.gov,
1630 Mark F. Villanueva Air Traffic Contr $174,811 Mark.Villanueva@faa.gov,
1631 Mark G. Kuck Air Traffic Contr $190,779 Mark.Kuck@faa.gov,
1632 Mark J. McGarrity Air Traffic Contr $189,689 Mark.McGarrity@faa.gov,
1633 Mark J. Sherry Air Traffic Contr $190,562 Mark.Sherry@faa.gov,
1634 Mark L. Hanna Air Traffic Contr $189,683 Mark.Hanna@faa.gov,
1635 Mark S. Swinson Air Traffic Contr $173,196 Mark.Swinson@faa.gov,
1636 Marti J. Gross Air Traffic Contr $163,530 Marti.Gross@faa.gov,
1637 Martin Ramirez Air Traffic Contr $163,530 Martin.Ramirez@faa.gov,
1638 Marty B. Beattie Air Traffic Contr $189,109 Marty.Beattie@faa.gov,
1639 Marvin W. Jackson Medical Officer $192,244 Marvin.Jackson@faa.gov,
1640 Mary J. Karsten Air Traffic Contr $177,087 Mary.Karsten@faa.gov,
1641 Mary K. Flores Air Traffic Contr $192,766 Mary.Flores@faa.gov,
1642 Matthew A. Cordes Transport Spec $153,521 Matthew.Cordes@faa.gov,
1643 Matthew D. Hodges Air Traffic Contr $152,417 Matthew.Hodges@faa.gov,
1644 Matthew R. Burgess Air Traffic Contr $189,219 Matthew.Burgess@faa.gov,
1645 Matthew R. Conley Air Traffic Contr $167,800 Matthew.Conley@faa.gov,
1646 Matthew R. Harris Air Traffic Contr $151,417 Matthew.Harris@faa.gov,
1647 Matthew R. Morter Air Traffic Contr $175,196 Matthew.Morter@faa.gov,
1648 Matthew T. Parra Air Traffic Contr $175,267 Matthew.Parra@faa.gov,
1649 Maurice Pitts Air Traffic Contr $152,518 Maurice.Pitts@faa.gov,
1650 Megan K. Gailey Air Traffic Contr $148,878 Megan.Gailey@faa.gov,
1651 Megan K. Holst Air Traffic Contr $148,788 Megan.Holst@faa.gov,
1652 Megan L. Wade Air Traffic Contr $181,277 Megan.Wade@faa.gov,
1653 Megumi E. Takasaki Air Traffic Contr $165,305 Megumi.Takasaki@faa.gov,
1654 Melissa A. Holmes Air Traffic Contr $191,757 Melissa.Holmes@faa.gov,
1655 Melissa H. Bauman Air Traffic Contr $162,244 Melissa.Bauman@faa.gov,
1656 Melody Lane Moran Info Tech Mgr $175,827 Melody.Moran@faa.gov,
1657 Mia J. Hartvikson Air Traffic Contr $174,811 Mia.Hartvikson@faa.gov,
1658 Micah L. Wouters Air Traffic Contr $151,417 Micah.Wouters@faa.gov,
1659 Michael A. Galvan Air Traffic Contr $155,683 Michael.Galvan@faa.gov,
1660 Michael A. Jandra Air Traffic Contr $166,143 Michael.Jandra@faa.gov,
1661 Michael A. Schaadt Aviation Safety $154,253 Michael.Schaadt@faa.gov,
1662 Michael A. Smith Air Traffic Contr $190,958 Michael.Smith@faa.gov,
1663 Michael A. Valencia Air Traffic Contr $188,333 Michael.Valencia@faa.gov,
1664 Michael Andrew Pernick Air Traffic Contr $171,226 Michael.Pernick@faa.gov,
1665 Michael D. Foote Air Traffic Contr $182,606 Michael.Foote@faa.gov,
1666 Michael D. Freilich EEOC $192,214 Michael.Freilich@faa.gov,
1667 Michael D. Martinez Air Traffic Contr $151,417 Michael.Martinez@faa.gov,
1668 Michael F. Schoelen Air Traffic Contr $151,417 Michael.Schoelen@faa.gov,
1669 Michael J. Becker Aviation Safety $181,175 Michael.Becker@faa.gov,
1670 Michael J. Degarmo Air Traffic Contr $149,033 Michael.Degarmo@faa.gov,
1671 Michael J. Flores Air Traffic Contr $165,335 Michael.Flores@faa.gov,
1672 Michael J. Piolatto Air Traffic Contr $151,417 Michael.Piolatto@faa.gov,
1673 Michael J. Puffer Air Traffic Contr $161,200 Michael.Puffer@faa.gov,
1674 Michael J. Putarek Air Traffic Contr $169,075 Michael.Putarek@faa.gov,
1675 Michael Knezovich Air Traffic Contr $157,815 Michael.Knezovich@faa.gov,
1676 Michael L. Ward Air Traffic Contr $188,824 Michael.Ward@faa.gov,
1677 Michael M. Smith Air Traffic Contr $172,943 Michael.Smith@faa.gov,
1678 Michael Martinez Air Traffic Contr $170,817 Michael.Martinez@faa.gov,
1679 Michael R. Cauich Air Traffic Contr $153,681 Michael.Cauich@faa.gov,
1680 Michael R. Manzanares Air Traffic Contr $153,931 Michael.Manzanares@faa.gov,
1681 Michael R. Rocheck Air Traffic Contr $187,260 Michael.Rocheck@faa.gov,
1682 Michael R. Romero Transport Spec $158,120 Michael.Romero@faa.gov,
1683 Michael R. Sanders Air Traffic Contr $173,172 Michael.Sanders@faa.gov,
1684 Michael Steven Bidwell Air Traffic Contr $164,325 Michael.Bidwell@faa.gov,
1685 Michael W. Kemmis Air Traffic Contr $187,250 Michael.Kemmis@faa.gov,
1686 Michael Wollert Air Traffic Contr $189,457 Michael.Wollert@faa.gov,
1687 Michele L. Lanoue Air Traffic Contr $190,497 Michele.Lanoue@faa.gov,
1688 Michelle L. Eddy Air Traffic Contr $169,322 Michelle.Eddy@faa.gov,
1689 Michelle M. Nelson Air Traffic Contr $182,832 Michelle.Nelson@faa.gov,
1690 Michelle Mancinelli Air Traffic Contr $160,511 Michelle.Mancinelli@faa.gov,
1691 Michelle S. Murray Aerospace Eng $175,995 Michelle.Murray@faa.gov,
1692 Mike G. Ascherl Air Traffic Contr $189,219 Mike.Ascherl@faa.gov,
1693 Mike L. Mishreki General Engineer $156,011 Mike.Mishreki@faa.gov,
1694 Milan A. Dudley Air Traffic Contr $160,162 Milan.Dudley@faa.gov,
1695 Minh Q. Tran Transport Spec $187,673 Minh.Tran@faa.gov,
1696 Mitchell R. Horacek Air Traffic Contr $169,804 Mitchell.Horacek@faa.gov,
1697 Mohammad T. Kushan Air Traffic Contr $154,246 Mohammad.Kushan@faa.gov,
1698 Molly S. Davis Air Traffic Contr $175,882 Molly.Davis@faa.gov,
1699 Monica E. Mumford-Swinson Transport Spec $153,935 Monica.Mumford-Swinson@faa.gov,
1700 Nancy I. Qasem Air Traffic Contr $183,625 Nancy.Qasem@faa.gov,
1701 Natale Pair Air Traffic Contr $163,530 Natale.Pair@faa.gov,
1702 Nathan P. Benninger Air Traffic Contr $151,417 Nathan.Benninger@faa.gov,
1703 Nathan Thomas Fischer Air Traffic Contr $173,196 Nathan.Fischer@faa.gov,
1704 Nathaniel X. Mullins Air Traffic Contr $148,878 Nathaniel.Mullins@faa.gov,
1705 Nelley Matthew J. Mc Air Traffic Contr $169,220 Matthew.McNelley@faa.gov,
1706 Neville J. Ralph Air Traffic Contr $193,323 Neville.Ralph@faa.gov,
1707 Nicholas A. Riepma Air Traffic Contr $151,667 Nicholas.Riepma@faa.gov,
1708 Nicholas G. Lodovici Air Traffic Contr $152,789 Nicholas.Lodovici@faa.gov,
1709 Nick Tomaszewski Air Traffic Contr $165,011 Nick.Tomaszewski@faa.gov,
1710 Nico T. Nguyen Electronics Eng $156,011 Nico.Nguyen@faa.gov,
1711 Nicolas J. Carey Air Traffic Contr $178,729 Nicolas.Carey@faa.gov,
1712 Nicole L. Findlay Air Traffic Contr $157,949 Nicole.Findlay@faa.gov,
1713 Nicole M. Korkowski Air Traffic Contr $174,811 Nicole.Korkowski@faa.gov,
1714 Nolan A. Izumi Air Traffic Contr $161,569 Nolan.Izumi@faa.gov,
1715 Norbert Leland Peterson Transport Spec $165,817 Norbert.Peterson@faa.gov,
1716 Noreen M. Rodenhurst Air Traffic Contr $174,811 Noreen.Rodenhurst@faa.gov,
1717 Ollon H. Downing Air Traffic Contr $186,094 Ollon.Downing@faa.gov,
1718 Orlando D. Farinas General Engineer $156,361 Orlando.Farinas@faa.gov,
1719 Pamela L. Logan Air Traffic Contr $173,196 Pamela.Logan@faa.gov,
1720 Patricia J. Wilson Air Traffic Contr $189,378 Patricia.Wilson@faa.gov,
1721 Patricia M. Rodriguez Air Traffic Contr $153,931 Patricia.Rodriguez@faa.gov,
1722 Patrick A. Diehl Air Traffic Contr $165,975 Patrick.Diehl@faa.gov,
1723 Patrick J. Scanlan Air Traffic Contr $176,660 Patrick.Scanlan@faa.gov,
1724 Patrick J. Sullivan Air Traffic Contr $189,330 Patrick.Sullivan@faa.gov,
1725 Patrick L. Hunt Air Traffic Contr $180,879 Patrick.Hunt@faa.gov,
1726 Patrick R. Burke Air Traffic Contr $189,461 Patrick.Burke@faa.gov,
1727 Paul A. Ramirez Aviation Safety $161,632 Paul.Ramirez@faa.gov,
1728 Paul C. Janak Air Traffic Contr $189,442 Paul.Janak@faa.gov,
1729 Paul D. Reed Air Traffic Contr $189,580 Paul.Reed@faa.gov,
1730 Paul D. Stott Air Traffic Contr $187,526 Paul.Stott@faa.gov,
1731 Paul F. Owen Air Traffic Contr $187,581 Paul.Owen@faa.gov,
1732 Paul G. Pegadiotes Air Traffic Contr $192,677 Paul.Pegadiotes@faa.gov,
1733 Paul Huynh Transport Spec $156,258 Paul.Huynh@faa.gov,
1734 Paul J. Higgins Air Traffic Contr $171,586 Paul.Higgins@faa.gov,
1735 Paul Koscheka Aircraft Operator $162,338 Paul.Koscheka@faa.gov,
1736 Paul L. Davied Air Traffic Contr $187,260 Paul.Davied@faa.gov,
1737 Paul M. Foster Aviation Safety $148,550 Paul.Foster@faa.gov,
1738 Paula Marie Ashtyn Air Traffic Contr $155,927 Paula.Ashtyn@faa.gov,
1739 Pete Luna Transport Spec $152,826 Pete.Luna@faa.gov,
1740 Peter J. Kim Air Traffic Contr $157,128 Peter.Kim@faa.gov,
1741 Peter R. Escobar Air Traffic Contr $172,020 Peter.Escobar@faa.gov,
1742 Philip D. Chlentzos General Engineer $156,411 Philip.Chlentzos@faa.gov,
1743 Philip J. Thummel Air Traffic Contr $173,196 Philip.Thummel@faa.gov,
1744 Philip S. Yee Transport Spec $190,583 Philip.Yee@faa.gov,
1745 Phillip J. Delgado Air Traffic Contr $166,654 Phillip.Delgado@faa.gov,
1746 Quentin Carlos Baca Air Traffic Contr $160,162 Quentin.Baca@faa.gov,
1747 Quentin D. Miles Air Traffic Contr $192,554 Quentin.Miles@faa.gov,
1748 Rachel Nicole Couche Air Traffic Contr $153,156 Rachel.Couche@faa.gov,
1749 Rainee Marshall Air Traffic Contr $177,795 Rainee.Marshall@faa.gov,
1750 Ramey Warren Gonzalez Air Traffic Contr $173,862 Ramey.Gonzalez@faa.gov,
1751 Randall Gubert Tech Sys Prog Mgr $170,226 Randall.Gubert@faa.gov,
1752 Randall J. Martin Air Traffic Contr $169,322 Randall.Martin@faa.gov,
1753 Randall L. Gustin General Engineer $152,413 Randall.Gustin@faa.gov,
1754 Raphell P. Taylor Air Traffic Contr $189,719 Raphell.Taylor@faa.gov,
1755 Raquel Girvin Gen Phys Science $190,485 Raquel.Girvin@faa.gov,
1756 Raul J. Heredia Air Traffic Contr $166,225 Raul.Heredia@faa.gov,
1757 Reggie T. Urell Air Traffic Contr $163,530 Reggie.Urell@faa.gov,
1758 Reggie Y. Palacioz Air Traffic Contr $167,225 Reggie.Palacioz@faa.gov,
1759 Reid S. Walburg Aviation Safety $156,368 Reid.Walburg@faa.gov,
1760 Richard A. Lindsey Air Traffic Contr $178,824 Richard.Lindsey@faa.gov,
1761 Richard A. Silva Air Traffic Contr $194,820 Richard.Silva@faa.gov,
1762 Richard Baker Aviation Safety $154,253 Richard.Baker@faa.gov,
1763 Richard C. Cecil Transport Spec $186,660 Richard.Cecil@faa.gov,
1764 Richard Corona Air Traffic Contr $165,975 Richard.Corona@faa.gov,
1765 Richard D. Ferris Air Traffic Contr $159,588 Richard.Ferris@faa.gov,
1766 Richard J. Nessler Tech Sys Prog Mgr $181,075 Richard.Nessler@faa.gov,
1767 Richard J. Petzold Air Traffic Contr $178,431 Richard.Petzold@faa.gov,
1768 Richard Jerome Engel Air Traffic Contr $176,837 Richard.Engel@faa.gov,
1769 Richard M. Hamilton Air Traffic Contr $174,811 Richard.Hamilton@faa.gov,
1770 Richard M. Hull Air Traffic Contr $179,885 Richard.Hull@faa.gov,
1771 Richard M. Mansapit Transport Spec $151,881 Richard.Mansapit@faa.gov,
1772 Richard M. Savage Air Traffic Contr $161,081 Richard.Savage@faa.gov,
1773 Richard P. Dykas Misc Admin Prog $158,170 Richard.Dykas@faa.gov,
1774 Richard S. Mayer Air Traffic Contr $154,010 Richard.Mayer@faa.gov,
1775 Richard W. Lau Info Tech Mgr $155,585 Richard.Lau@faa.gov,
1776 Roanna M. McCoy Air Traffic Contr $183,409 Roanna.McCoy@faa.gov,
1777 Rob Sutton General Engineer $173,789 Rob.Sutton@faa.gov,
1778 Robby M. Beck Air Traffic Contr $163,530 Robby.Beck@faa.gov,
1779 Robert A. Walker Transport Spec $166,817 Robert.Walker@faa.gov,
1780 Robert D. Kappel Air Traffic Contr $181,591 Robert.Kappel@faa.gov,
1781 Robert D. Norris Air Traffic Contr $170,324 Robert.Norris@faa.gov,
1782 Robert D. Turner Air Traffic Contr $189,330 Robert.Turner@faa.gov,
1783 Robert E. Wade Air Traffic Contr $159,620 Robert.Wade@faa.gov,
1784 Robert F. Bruns Tech Sys Prog Mgr $185,800 Robert.Bruns@faa.gov,
1785 Robert F. Necochea Air Traffic Contr $189,219 Robert.Necochea@faa.gov,
1786 Robert G. Daniel Air Traffic Contr $189,330 Robert.Daniel@faa.gov,
1787 Robert K. Jones Air Traffic Contr $173,130 Robert.Jones@faa.gov,
1788 Robert M. Smedley Aviation Safety $150,194 Robert.Smedley@faa.gov,
1789 Robert O. Campbell Electronics Tech $159,954 Robert.Campbell@faa.gov,
1790 Robert S. Convery Air Traffic Contr $192,179 Robert.Convery@faa.gov,
1791 Robert S. Cook Air Traffic Contr $189,887 Robert.Cook@faa.gov,
1792 Robert S. Gates Info Tech Mgr $171,232 Robert.Gates@faa.gov,
1793 Robert S. Patton Air Traffic Contr $189,330 Robert.Patton@faa.gov,
1794 Robert Scott Erlick Air Traffic Contr $155,871 Robert.Erlick@faa.gov,
1795 Robert T. Visee Air Traffic Contr $185,640 Robert.Visee@faa.gov,
1796 Robert V. Summers Air Traffic Contr $189,356 Robert.Summers@faa.gov,
1797 Robin C. King Air Traffic Contr $169,322 Robin.King@faa.gov,
1798 Robin E. Taylor Air Traffic Contr $165,975 Robin.Taylor@faa.gov,
1799 Robin K. Hunt Tech Sys Prog Mgr $192,833 Robin.Hunt@faa.gov,
1800 Robin M. Jones Air Traffic Contr $159,171 Robin.Jones@faa.gov,
1801 Robin Stacy Koleszar Air Traffic Contr $157,854 Robin.Koleszar@faa.gov,
1802 Robin T. Greisen Air Traffic Contr $190,337 Robin.Greisen@faa.gov,
1803 Rodney A. Hewitt Air Traffic Contr $189,330 Rodney.Hewitt@faa.gov,
1804 Rodney P. Hooper Air Traffic Contr $189,471 Rodney.Hooper@faa.gov,
1805 Rodolfo Fuentes Air Traffic Contr $183,920 Rodolfo.Fuentes@faa.gov,
1806 Rogelio Hernandez Air Traffic Contr $189,498 Rogelio.Hernandez@faa.gov,
1807 Roger A. Giles Air Traffic Contr $173,196 Roger.Giles@faa.gov,
1808 Roger N. Green Air Traffic Contr $151,427 Roger.Green@faa.gov,
1809 Roland John McKee Aviation Safety $158,368 Roland.McKee@faa.gov,
1810 Roldan C. Piga Air Traffic Contr $149,825 Roldan.Piga@faa.gov,
1811 Rolf R. Knaack Air Traffic Contr $195,339 Rolf.Knaack@faa.gov,
1812 Ron T. Le General Engineer $156,011 Ron.Le@faa.gov,
1813 Ronald Berg Transport Spec $158,754 Ronald.Berg@faa.gov,
1814 Ronald E. McAuley Air Traffic Contr $183,124 Ronald.McAuley@faa.gov,
1815 Ronald J. Geyer Air Traffic Contr $187,260 Ronald.Geyer@faa.gov,
1816 Ronald L. Wilson Air Traffic Contr $189,719 Ronald.Wilson@faa.gov,
1817 Ronald W. Marcus Air Traffic Contr $187,007 Ronald.Marcus@faa.gov,
1818 Ronnie L. Williams Air Traffic Contr $187,000 Ronnie.Williams@faa.gov,
1819 Rosalie Panagopoulos Air Traffic Contr $176,837 Rosalie.Panagopoulos@faa.gov,
1820 Roy F. Presley Air Traffic Contr $187,260 Roy.Presley@faa.gov,
1821 Roy H. Dickerson Transport Spec $156,639 Roy.Dickerson@faa.gov,
1822 Roy T. Teshima Air Traffic Contr $179,801 Roy.Teshima@faa.gov,
1823 Rudy R. Horabuena Transport Spec $169,036 Rudy.Horabuena@faa.gov,
1824 Russell M. Guenther Air Traffic Contr $193,006 Russell.Guenther@faa.gov,
1825 Russell T. West Air Traffic Contr $189,570 Russell.West@faa.gov,
1826 Ryan A. Harvey Air Traffic Contr $149,601 Ryan.Harvey@faa.gov,
1827 Ryan A. Munro Air Traffic Contr $153,811 Ryan.Munro@faa.gov,
1828 Ryan B. Barker Air Traffic Contr $189,399 Ryan.Barker@faa.gov,
1829 Ryan E. Osenkowski Air Traffic Contr $156,288 Ryan.Osenkowski@faa.gov,
1830 Ryan Griffin Air Traffic Contr $179,904 Ryan.Griffin@faa.gov,
1831 Ryan L. Holloman Air Traffic Contr $159,650 Ryan.Holloman@faa.gov,
1832 Ryan S. Johnson Air Traffic Contr $151,417 Ryan.Johnson@faa.gov,
1833 Ryan T. Bertsche Air Traffic Contr $165,975 Ryan.Bertsche@faa.gov,
1834 Samuel E. Serrano Air Traffic Contr $185,797 Samuel.Serrano@faa.gov,
1835 Samuel V. Pono Air Traffic Contr $173,224 Samuel.Pono@faa.gov,
1836 Sandra M. Damotta Air Traffic Contr $176,727 Sandra.Damotta@faa.gov,
1837 Sara E. Haight Air Traffic Contr $156,580 Sara.Haight@faa.gov,
1838 Sarah Jane Fletcher Air Traffic Contr $159,603 Sarah.Fletcher@faa.gov,
1839 Sarah L. Harris Air Traffic Contr $151,717 Sarah.Harris@faa.gov,
1840 Sarah Lynn Berbrich Air Traffic Contr $172,502 Sarah.Berbrich@faa.gov,
1841 Sarah N. Goldfarb Tech Sys Prog Mgr $165,080 Sarah.Goldfarb@faa.gov,
1842 Sashi A. Shreedaran Air Traffic Contr $151,098 Sashi.Shreedaran@faa.gov,
1843 Scott A. Burton Aviation Safety $187,165 Scott.Burton@faa.gov,
1844 Scott Alan Moll Air Traffic Contr $152,856 Scott.Moll@faa.gov,
1845 Scott C. Conde Air Traffic Contr $189,219 Scott.Conde@faa.gov,
1846 Scott E. Beale Air Traffic Contr $163,530 Scott.Beale@faa.gov,
1847 Scott F. Fineron Air Traffic Contr $169,322 Scott.Fineron@faa.gov,
1848 Scott G. Walschlager Transport Spec $161,051 Scott.Walschlager@faa.gov,
1849 Scott J. Waring Air Traffic Contr $174,467 Scott.Waring@faa.gov,
1850 Scott P. Embry Air Traffic Contr $181,547 Scott.Embry@faa.gov,
1851 Scott W. Earl General Engineer $157,211 Scott.Earl@faa.gov,
1852 Sean E. Davis Air Traffic Contr $176,429 Sean.Davis@faa.gov,
1853 Sean Francis Galenzoga Air Traffic Contr $153,130 Sean.Galenzoga@faa.gov,
1854 Sean J. Driscoll Air Traffic Contr $177,955 Sean.Driscoll@faa.gov,
1855 Sean M. Corcoran Air Traffic Contr $187,000 Sean.Corcoran@faa.gov,
1856 Sereiryth Leandre Air Traffic Contr $176,837 Sereiryth.Leandre@faa.gov,
1857 Seth L. Figurido Air Traffic Contr $165,955 Seth.Figurido@faa.gov,
1858 Shaista Malik Info Tech Mgr $157,511 Shaista.Malik@faa.gov,
1859 Shane A. Bickel Air Traffic Contr $151,417 Shane.Bickel@faa.gov,
1860 Shane T. Evanshine Air Traffic Contr $149,332 Shane.Evanshine@faa.gov,
1861 Sharon M. Oldenburg Transport Spec $166,751 Sharon.Oldenburg@faa.gov,
1862 Shaun A. Butch Air Traffic Contr $151,417 Shaun.Butch@faa.gov,
1863 Shaun E. Pierce Air Traffic Contr $165,975 Shaun.Pierce@faa.gov,
1864 Shawn A. Skaggs Aviation Safety $166,534 Shawn.Skaggs@faa.gov,
1865 Shawn C. Noland Air Traffic Contr $159,652 Shawn.Noland@faa.gov,
1866 Shawn D. Maly Air Traffic Contr $176,837 Shawn.Maly@faa.gov,
1867 Shawn R. Banks Air Traffic Contr $173,196 Shawn.Banks@faa.gov,
1868 Sheri S. Kaneshiro Air Traffic Contr $164,749 Sheri.Kaneshiro@faa.gov,
1869 Sheryl D. Avery Air Traffic Contr $191,222 Sheryl.Avery@faa.gov,
1870 Shorn A. Samuel Air Traffic Contr $166,574 Shorn.Samuel@faa.gov,
1871 Simon Eugene Hur Air Traffic Contr $165,026 Simon.Hur@faa.gov,
1872 Sonja Wong Air Traffic Contr $165,975 Sonja.Wong@faa.gov,
1873 Spencer E. Ford Air Traffic Contr $155,686 Spencer.Ford@faa.gov,
1874 Spencer W. Myszka Air Traffic Contr $174,811 Spencer.Myszka@faa.gov,
1875 Stacy D. Ferrell Air Traffic Contr $177,237 Stacy.Ferrell@faa.gov,
1876 Stephan C. Lenchner Medical Officer $191,411 Stephan.Lenchner@faa.gov,
1877 Stephanie Teresa Drews Air Traffic Contr $169,200 Stephanie.Drews@faa.gov,
1878 Stephen Aguirre Tech Sys Prog Mgr $190,487 Stephen.Aguirre@faa.gov,
1879 Stephen C. Giddens Air Traffic Contr $187,000 Stephen.Giddens@faa.gov,
1880 Stephen Daniel Loeffler Air Traffic Contr $149,643 Stephen.Loeffler@faa.gov,
1881 Stephen E. Palmer Air Traffic Contr $180,238 Stephen.Palmer@faa.gov,
1882 Stephen J. Currier Air Traffic Contr $151,260 Stephen.Currier@faa.gov,
1883 Stephen J. Hansen Air Traffic Contr $177,337 Stephen.Hansen@faa.gov,
1884 Stephen McCoy Air Traffic Contr $181,868 Stephen.McCoy@faa.gov,
1885 Stephen T. May Info Tech Mgr $158,214 Stephen.May@faa.gov,
1886 Stephen W. Griswold Medical Officer $199,136 Stephen.Griswold@faa.gov,
1887 Stephen W. Lanier Air Traffic Contr $188,469 Stephen.Lanier@faa.gov,
1888 Steve K. Fragas Air Traffic Contr $189,633 Steve.Fragas@faa.gov,
1889 Steve N. Yang General Engineer $158,954 Steve.Yang@faa.gov,
1890 Steven A. Woolridge General Engineer $156,511 Steven.Woolridge@faa.gov,
1891 Steven Elikan Air Traffic Contr $189,447 Steven.Elikan@faa.gov,
1892 Steven J. McMahon Air Traffic Contr $151,260 Steven.McMahon@faa.gov,
1893 Steven J. Steinhoff Aviation Safety $158,312 Steven.Steinhoff@faa.gov,
1894 Steven J. Thompson Air Traffic Contr $188,490 Steven.Thompson@faa.gov,
1895 Steven M. Flogerzi Transport Spec $165,253 Steven.Flogerzi@faa.gov,
1896 Steven M. Whorton Air Traffic Contr $182,512 Steven.Whorton@faa.gov,
1897 Steven R. Dunlap Air Traffic Contr $152,297 Steven.Dunlap@faa.gov,
1898 Steven Richard Crabtree Air Traffic Contr $149,537 Steven.Crabtree@faa.gov,
1899 Sun N. Han Air Traffic Contr $187,250 Sun.Han@faa.gov,
1900 Sunny Castilleja Air Traffic Contr $163,530 Sunny.Castilleja@faa.gov,
1901 Sunshine L. Genevicz Air Traffic Contr $160,162 Sunshine.Genevicz@faa.gov,
1902 Susan M. Cole Info Tech Mgr $162,067 Susan.Cole@faa.gov,
1903 Svetlana McCarthy Air Traffic Contr $159,697 Svetlana.McCarthy@faa.gov,
1904 Syreeta A. Rampollo Air Traffic Contr $169,572 Syreeta.Rampollo@faa.gov,
1905 Talitha E. Meyer Air Traffic Contr $179,678 Talitha.Meyer@faa.gov,
1906 Tamara A. Swann Misc Admin Prog $177,889 Tamara.Swann@faa.gov,
1907 Tambra Embry Air Traffic Contr $151,518 Tambra.Embry@faa.gov,
1908 Tami L. Tollefson Air Traffic Contr $185,651 Tami.Tollefson@faa.gov,
1909 Taurean J. Graves Air Traffic Contr $151,417 Taurean.Graves@faa.gov,
1910 Terrance J. Dugan Air Traffic Contr $187,260 Terrance.Dugan@faa.gov,
1911 Terrence W. Boyle Air Traffic Contr $196,234 Terrence.Boyle@faa.gov,
1912 Terri Lee Moon Air Traffic Contr $176,837 Terri.Moon@faa.gov,
1913 Terry B. Sanders Air Traffic Contr $181,745 Terry.Sanders@faa.gov,
1914 Thann McLeod Air Traffic Contr $189,273 Thann.McLeod@faa.gov,
1915 Thomas C. Pactol Air Traffic Contr $192,785 Thomas.Pactol@faa.gov,
1916 Thomas D. Breech Air Traffic Contr $151,767 Thomas.Breech@faa.gov,
1917 Thomas F. Thomson Air Traffic Contr $192,766 Thomas.Thomson@faa.gov,
1918 Thomas G. Borja Air Traffic Contr $154,181 Thomas.Borja@faa.gov,
1919 Thomas J. Dray Air Traffic Contr $155,104 Thomas.Dray@faa.gov,
1920 Thomas J. Hayes Air Traffic Contr $194,666 Thomas.Hayes@faa.gov,
1921 Thomas J. O'brien Air Traffic Contr $185,100 Thomas.O'brien@faa.gov,
1922 Thomas J. Seidler Aviation Safety $154,253 Thomas.Seidler@faa.gov,
1923 Thomas K. Kamman Air Traffic Contr $173,196 Thomas.Kamman@faa.gov,
1924 Thomas M. Anderson Air Traffic Contr $148,878 Thomas.Anderson@faa.gov,
1925 Thomas Monahan Air Traffic Contr $172,615 Thomas.Monahan@faa.gov,
1926 Thomas R. Atkinson Air Traffic Contr $187,260 Thomas.Atkinson@faa.gov,
1927 Thomas R. Gray Air Traffic Contr $189,186 Thomas.Gray@faa.gov,
1928 Thomas S. Gordon Air Traffic Contr $162,071 Thomas.Gordon@faa.gov,
1929 Thomas Sherwood Flemming Air Traffic Contr $149,895 Thomas.Flemming@faa.gov,
1930 Thomas W. Goodwin Air Traffic Contr $149,033 Thomas.Goodwin@faa.gov,
1931 Thomas W. Holifield Air Traffic Contr $193,097 Thomas.Holifield@faa.gov,
1932 Tiffany E. Garland-Howard Air Traffic Contr $153,681 Tiffany.Garland-Howard@faa.gov,
1933 Timothy A. Branagan Air Traffic Contr $160,613 Timothy.Branagan@faa.gov,
1934 Timothy A. Flores Air Traffic Contr $174,053 Timothy.Flores@faa.gov,
1935 Timothy D. Hayes Air Traffic Contr $189,404 Timothy.Hayes@faa.gov,
1936 Timothy Guy Air Traffic Contr $165,975 Timothy.Guy@faa.gov,
1937 Timothy H. Sayre Air Traffic Contr $160,447 Timothy.Sayre@faa.gov,
1938 Timothy J. Samsel Air Traffic Contr $171,086 Timothy.Samsel@faa.gov,
1939 Timothy J. Smith Air Traffic Contr $173,196 Timothy.Smith@faa.gov,
1940 Timothy J. Whalen Air Traffic Contr $151,417 Timothy.Whalen@faa.gov,
1941 Timothy P. Lucchesi Transport Spec $157,697 Timothy.Lucchesi@faa.gov,
1942 Timothy R. Green Air Traffic Contr $169,322 Timothy.Green@faa.gov,
1943 Timothy R. Hatfield Air Traffic Contr $167,396 Timothy.Hatfield@faa.gov,
1944 Tina M. Kratz Air Traffic Contr $177,461 Tina.Kratz@faa.gov,
1945 Todd A. Rupert Air Traffic Contr $182,590 Todd.Rupert@faa.gov,
1946 Todd A. Smith Air Traffic Contr $175,452 Todd.Smith@faa.gov,
1947 Todd A. Stauffer Air Traffic Contr $161,773 Todd.Stauffer@faa.gov,
1948 Todd D. Cormier Air Traffic Contr $174,811 Todd.Cormier@faa.gov,
1949 Todd M. Berry Air Traffic Contr $171,320 Todd.Berry@faa.gov,
1950 Tom Phan Air Traffic Contr $175,882 Tom.Phan@faa.gov,
1951 Tonya J. Patterson Air Traffic Contr $181,030 Tonya.Patterson@faa.gov,
1952 Tracy L. Kroeten Air Traffic Contr $174,811 Tracy.Kroeten@faa.gov,
1953 Traecy D. Bowen Air Traffic Contr $188,324 Traecy.Bowen@faa.gov,
1954 Travis E. Clementsmith Air Traffic Contr $173,196 Travis.Clementsmith@faa.gov,
1955 Trent W. Hinkel Air Traffic Contr $177,137 Trent.Hinkel@faa.gov,
1956 Trenton R. Mauldin Air Traffic Contr $163,530 Trenton.Mauldin@faa.gov,
1957 Trevor M. Bourland Air Traffic Contr $151,860 Trevor.Bourland@faa.gov,
1958 Trevor S. Dunlap Air Traffic Contr $151,417 Trevor.Dunlap@faa.gov,
1959 Trisha Lyn-Marie Cummings Air Traffic Contr $149,283 Trisha.Cummings@faa.gov,
1960 Troy Dleemon White Air Traffic Contr $188,886 Troy.White@faa.gov,
1961 Troy E. Daniels Air Traffic Contr $187,754 Troy.Daniels@faa.gov,
1962 Troy J. Ford Air Traffic Contr $169,012 Troy.Ford@faa.gov,
1963 Troy L. Bigelow Air Traffic Contr $174,811 Troy.Bigelow@faa.gov,
1964 Ty Meyers Air Traffic Contr $163,880 Ty.Meyers@faa.gov,
1965 Tyler K. Stonebraker Air Traffic Contr $170,642 Tyler.Stonebraker@faa.gov,
1966 Tyson L. Shakespeare Air Traffic Contr $174,811 Tyson.Shakespeare@faa.gov,
1967 Valerie A. Jovel Air Traffic Contr $169,322 Valerie.Jovel@faa.gov,
1968 Victor L. Goodell Aviation Safety $169,422 Victor.Goodell@faa.gov,
1969 Walter F. Alexis Air Traffic Contr $189,330 Walter.Alexis@faa.gov,
1970 Walter L. Williams Air Traffic Contr $163,530 Walter.Williams@faa.gov,
1971 Walter W. Bearden Aviation Safety $150,194 Walter.Bearden@faa.gov,
1972 Wayne E. Duren Air Traffic Contr $191,616 Wayne.Duren@faa.gov,
1973 Weldon T. Ward Air Traffic Contr $174,811 Weldon.Ward@faa.gov,
1974 Wendy P. Parker Air Traffic Contr $176,837 Wendy.Parker@faa.gov,
1975 Wendy T. Tani Air Traffic Contr $189,830 Wendy.Tani@faa.gov,
1976 Wesley L. Dale Air Traffic Contr $186,469 Wesley.Dale@faa.gov,
1977 Wilbert J. Robinson Aviation Safety $150,194 Wilbert.Robinson@faa.gov,
1978 William A. Greer Air Traffic Contr $176,109 William.Greer@faa.gov,
1979 William A. Medina Transport Spec $154,613 William.Medina@faa.gov,
1980 William B. Carr Air Traffic Contr $171,881 William.Carr@faa.gov,
1981 William C. Campbell Transport Spec $165,817 William.Campbell@faa.gov,
1982 William C. Dillon Air Traffic Contr $189,330 William.Dillon@faa.gov,
1983 William D. Glen Air Traffic Contr $173,196 William.Glen@faa.gov,
1984 William E. Hannan Air Traffic Contr $183,980 William.Hannan@faa.gov,
1985 William E. Woods Air Traffic Contr $170,384 William.Woods@faa.gov,
1986 William G. Blanchette Air Traffic Contr $169,322 William.Blanchette@faa.gov,
1987 William J. Indalecio Air Traffic Contr $148,878 William.Indalecio@faa.gov,
1988 William L. Hoppe Air Traffic Contr $173,322 William.Hoppe@faa.gov,
1989 William M. Beck Program Manager $196,906 William.Beck@faa.gov,
1990 William M. Gramlich Air Traffic Contr $158,207 William.Gramlich@faa.gov,
1991 William N. Rodenhurst Air Traffic Contr $174,811 William.Rodenhurst@faa.gov,
1992 William T. Mamola Air Traffic Contr $187,500 William.Mamola@faa.gov,
1993 William T. Poole Air Traffic Contr $189,680 William.Poole@faa.gov,
1994 Willis A. Blankenship Air Traffic Contr $177,137 Willis.Blankenship@faa.gov,
1995 Winkle Bryan A. Van Air Traffic Contr $158,646 Bryan.VanWinkle@faa.gov,
1996 Yolanda G. Dijkstra-Nisani Air Traffic Contr $176,837 Yolanda.Dijkstra-Nisani@faa.gov,
1997 Zachary Jerome McFall Air Traffic Contr $154,865 Zachary.McFall@faa.gov,
1998 Zachary R. Jarrett Air Traffic Contr $160,162 Zachary.Jarrett@faa.gov,
1999 Zachary Scott Baker Air Traffic Contr $161,969 Zachary.Baker@faa.gov,
2000 Zoem S. Patel Air Traffic Contr $170,293 Zoem.Patel@faa.gov,

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