I strongly believe the FAA and Ronald Wood are guilty of violating the RICO Act

FAA corruption exposing activists learn from famed Nazi hunters

FAA Corruption is Rampant
Attention John Mayfield-Metro Airport FAA-page 8
Attention John Mayfield-Metro Airport FAA-page 7
Attention John Mayfield-Metro Airport FAA-page 6
Attention John Mayfield-Metro Airport FAA-page 5
Attention John Mayfield-Metro Airport FAA-page 4
Attention John Mayfield-Metro Airport FAA-page 3
Attention John Mayfield-Metro Airport FAA-page 2
Attention John Mayfield-Metro Airport FAA-page 1
New York Congressman Steve Israel calls the FAA the "Federal Arrogance Administration."
FAA corruption exposing activists learn from famed Nazi hunters
Ron Wood, James Arrighi expected to feel the wrath of millions for routing planes over Milford HS
The lack of professionalism perfectly exemplified in the office of the Connecticut Attorney General
High levels of exposure to aircraft noise linked to serious physical/mental health issues
Tell Colorado senators to support amendments addressing aviation noise
Phoenix legal defeat prompts FAA to address noise concerns
Maryland asks court to urge FAA to change low flight paths near BWI because of noise
FAA tells airline passengers-We are a safety agency, not a creature comfort agency
I went out with a decibel reader, and just a normal jet flying over is 85 decibels
California Congressman Brad Sherman (D-Sherman Oaks) released a letter he sent to Dan Elwell FAA
The FAA, she added, has been "derelict in its duties" to residents
Lawmakers To Meet, Demand FAA Public Hearing On Helicopter Noise
Three cheers to the Washington Post, Paul Verchinski-Columbia, Lori Aratani (Wash Post reporter)
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-New York Employees 2017
Why are the sixty-nine top people at the FAA allowed to keep their jobs?
Request help/Contact/Request a meeting with Peters, Stabenow, Trott,
Peters, Stabenow, Trott, Tash, Evans, Danley, McPherson, Wood, Arrighi
Michigan Corruption Hall of Fame-Sen. Gary Peters (scheduler-Courtney A. Evans) Kwame Kilpatrick
Federal Highway Administration United States and Puerto Rico Employees U.S.-2017
Thanksgiving Utensils c/o Ronald W. Wood and James Frank Arrighi-
Daniel K. Elwell's FAA covers up another failure
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Maryland Employees 2017
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Delaware Employees 2017
Sky Justice National Network-The Great American Patriots of Culver City, California
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-California Employees in Year 2017
Federal Aviation Administration High Level Organization Chart (text only): November 2018
FAA Great Lakes Region Corruption starts at the top with Susan M. Schalk and Company
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Indiana Employees
November 07-08, 2018 FAA Public Input Sessions cancelled w/o warning-FAA afraid of public backlash
If private individuals like me do not stand up to the bullying tactics of FAA, who is going to?
FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Metroplex Question and Answer session
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Wisconsin Employees in Year 2017
FAA Corruption starts at the top
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Virginia Employees in Year 2017
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Washington D.C. Employees in Year 2017
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Illinois Employees in Year 2017
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Ohio Employees in Year 2017
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA-Michigan Employees in Year 2017
Corruption is Rampant at the FAA
Let's love God's earth-Piano version sung and arranged by Jeremy Palmer-link to music on staff paper
Let's love God's earth-Electronic version with English Horn arranged by Jeremy Palmer
Let's love God's earth-Trumpet version by Scott McCullough
Oscar Robertson, Isaiah Thomas, Charles Barkley taking heat
God was a flip-flopper in Glendale, Arizona on Saturday night. January 17, 2016
Poor Walt Disney must be turning over in his grave
Part two-Playing the What If game in sports-Nate Thurmond
Playing the What If game in sports
Athlete and crowd behavior sickens me
ESPN is The King of Hypocrisy
"Once you have wrestled, everything else in life is easy." Dan Gable
Big Ten, Big Twelve and SEC non-conference opponents broken down by team.
SEC non-conference football schedule.
The Mid-American Conference plays the toughest non-conf football schedule in the country annually
2012 Top Ten Worst Zoos for Elephants
Worst Zoos for Elephants - Hall of Shame
What college football conferences will be most represented in the NFL playoffs on Jan. 12-13, 2013
The colleges with most reps on the four winning teams of the NFL playoffs of Jan. 05-06, 2013
What college football conferences will be most represented in the NFL games on Sun., Jan. 6, 2013
What college football conferences will be most represented in the NFL games on Sat., Jan. 5, 2013
Three Cheers for Northern Illinois University of the Mid-American Conference going to the Orange Bow
States providing the most elite level High School football prospects
High School football to National Football League success rate
2012-2013 NBA player demographics
Letter to the editor: I will NOT VOTE for Vicki Barnett in this 2012 election.
Only 10 players received grades of 90.0 or above in the 2012 NFL draft.
States providing the most quality Defensive Backs to the NFL.
States providing the most quality Offensive Guards to the NFL.
States providing the most quality Tight Ends to the NFL.
States providing the most quality Offensive Ends to the NFL.
States providing the most quality running backs to the NFL.
Would you rather have the linebackers from California, Ohio, Pennsylvania or Texas?
Colleges in the state of California produce the greatest quantity of NFL offensive tackles
In Peyton Manning's 1998 NFL draft class 243 college players were selected.
1936-2011-Notable second round draft choices-including 26 in the NFL Hall of Fame.
1936-2011 NFL First round draft choices Saints-Colts (year-round-selection)
1936-2011 NFL First round draft choices Panthers-Redskins (year-round-selection)
1936-2011 NFL First round draft choices Forty Niners-Packers (year-round-selection)
1936-2011 NFL First round draft choices Bears-Cardinals (year-round-selection)
1936-2011 NFL First round draft choices Bears-Cardinals (year-round-selection)
Edmond Azadian-The Profile of Parliamentary Elections in Armenia (part 2 of 2)
Edmond Azadian-The Profile of Parliamentary Elections in Armenia (part 1 of 2)
Rita Dilanian-The latest tasteless act by the city of Farmington Hills Michigan
Martha Kouyoumdjian Mekaelian-Christmas-Some things Should Never be compromised.
Forbes Magazine names Farmington Hills (with Troy and Warren) 10th most miserable city in America
George Sarkisian-These colleges will be represented by the Patriots/Giants in the 2012 super bowl
How many Top-100 high school football players participated in the 2012 NFL playoffs?
January 15, 2012-Who today remembers the Armenians?
George Sarkisian-12/17/11-Is the best college football played NORTH or SOUTH of Mason-Dixon line?
George Sarkisian-Dec. 11, 2011-Michigan AD is "Hypocrite of the Year" in college football
George Sarkisian-Acclaimed Film maker Hrayr Toukhanian presents 2011 Vasbouragan Society Celebration
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George Sarkisian-Which div 1-a college football teams should be allowed to play for the championship
George Sarkisian-Week Eleven report card-2011 div 1-a college football
George Sarkisian-Penn State-It saddens all of us.
George Sarkisian-Elect Ginsberg and Kahn to Farmington Board of Education November 08, 2011
George Sarkisian-The What Ifs of the NBA draft--birth year 1936 through 1949.
George Sarkisian-The What Ifs of the NBA draft-birth years 1920s-1930s.
George Sarkisian-Part Three-2011 National Football League player demographics
George Sarkisian-Part Two-2011 National Football League player demographics
George Sarkisian-2011 National Football League player demographics
George Sarkisian-Rita Dilanian-2011 Farmington Hills endorsements
George Sarkisian-Top fund raiser, Rita Dilanian, digusted with Farmington Arts Commission
George Sarkisian-2011 div 1-a college football results--weeks one through six
George Sarkisian-Derek Jeter ends up wearing the goat horns in 2011
George Sarkisian-Home field advantage in weeks one-five of the 2011 season div 1-a college football
George Sarkisian-The Home Field advantage in 2011 div 1-a college football.
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George Sarkisian-Projected winners March 26-27, 2011 NCAA men's basketball tournament.
George Sarkisian-Projected winners March 24-25, 2011 NCAA men's basketball tournament.
George Sarkisian-hold NFL criminally responsible
George Sarkisian-suspend Mika Brzezinski
George Sarkisian-I did not watch the 2011 super bowl
George Sarkisian-boycott the super bowl
George Sarkisian-OSU's Gordon Gee stands for "Goofball"
George Sarkisian-2010 div 1-a college football wall of shame
George Sarkisian-Shame on Messers. Goodell, Selig, Stern, and Bettman:
George Sarkisian-Which side are we supposed to feel sorry for in the potential upcoming NFL lockout?
George Sarkisian-2009 NFL salaries by position
George Sarkisian-Thank God, the 2010 super bowl is over!

FAA corruption exposing activists are just as committed to bring justice against FAA leadership as Famed Nazi hunters were.

FAA crimes against humantiy


Attn. FAA leadership: Congress ordered the FAA to take a number of actions related to community noise

Just as the famed Nazi hunters chased down Nazi war criminals for decades after WWII, you too will be held accountable for your crimes against humanity. Those of us throughout the country who have had to withstand the relentless attacks against our peace and prosperity because of your corrupt ways are just as dedicated as Prominent Nazi hunters Simon Wiesenthal,[1] Tuviah Friedman, Serge and Beate Klarsfeld, Ian Sayer, Yaron Svoray, Elliot Welles, and Efraim Zuroff.[2]

We will not rest until justice is served. George Sarkisian

FAA must consider the feasibility of using dispersal headings to mitigate noise over residential and other sensitive areas.


Thanks to FAA Reauthorization, U.S. Airports Have Long to-do List for 2019
Article Dec 21, 2018

Photo credit: LeClair Ryan

The pace of change in the U.S. airport business is about to accelerate further now that Congress has passed the long-delayed FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018. The 1,200-page act contains a number of provisions that stand to affect U.S. airports. Below are three areas to track in the year ahead.

No. 1: Noise concerns

In passing the five-year reauthorization, Congress ordered the FAA to take a number of actions related to community noise concerns, a perennial issue for airports. For example, when proposing new area navigation departure procedures or changing existing procedures below 6,000 feet, FAA must consider the feasibility of using dispersal headings to mitigate noise over residential and other sensitive areas. The idea here is to spread flight paths out across the airspace instead of using busy “highways” in which large numbers of longitudinally separated planes continually fly over the same communities. On the other hand, anytime aircraft start taking new routes, complaints from the affected communities are a given.

Broadly speaking, FAA’s ongoing “NextGen” modernization of the national airspace could translate into a major shakeup in existing noise patterns and intensities. The reauthorization orders FAA to review its community-involvement practices for NextGen projects located in major metro areas. In addition, lawmakers ordered the agency to review and evaluate what is already known about how jet approach and takeoff speeds affect noise. They also directed FAA to commission academic research on the health effects of noise.

Wherever possible, airport operators need to have a seat at the table as the aforementioned discussions and studies progress. In particular, operators may need to reiterate certain limiting realities in play. Runways exist in their present directions and locations not just by chance, but because of specific considerations related to physics, weather and aerodynamics. The ideal situation, from the perspective of community noise mitigation, is not always viable for airport operators or the FAA to pursue.

No. 2: Supersonic Aircraft

Early in my career, I had the opportunity to fly the Concorde from Manhattan to London, a journey that took just three-and-a-half hours. In a move that feels a bit like going “back to the future,” the FAA reauthorization amounts to a major push for a return to supersonic air travel. According to the act, FAA must issue a notice of proposed rulemaking on noise standards for supersonic aircraft by March 31, 2020. Regulators also must fast-track the application process for civil supersonic aircraft.

“If we can fly twice as fast, the world becomes twice as small, turning far-off lands into familiar neighbors,” notes Blake Scholl, founder and CEO of Denver-based Boom, which bills itself as the world’s first airline for supersonic flights. Boom aims to start flying 200-person passenger aircraft, capable of Mach 2.2 airspeeds, by 2023. It has already secured a deal with Japan Airlines. For its part, Aerion is collaborating with GE Aviation and Lockheed Martin on what it bills as the world’s first supersonic business jet. Supersonic aircraft are coming to U.S. airports. From noise standards, to safety and runway considerations, operators need to be part of the process—and the time to start is now.

No. 3: Unmanned Aerial Systems

The act contains wide-ranging mandates for regulators on Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and makes changes related to test sites, waivers and airworthiness; pilot, air carrier and airport certificates; design standards; package delivery; and regulation of “model” aircraft. Generally speaking, it further integrates drones into U.S. airspace—in part by ordering a federal study on allowing local control of the low-level airspace drones occupy.

Over the next year and beyond, we are likely to see real progress on UAS regulations, possibly including operation beyond the visual line of sight. Clearly, this is a potential area of concern for airports. However, the utilitarian benefits of UAS are worth considering, too. By coordinating with the tower and the FAA, airports stand to use drones safely and effectively for all kinds of tasks—bird control, runway safety inspections, security ops and more. Airlines can use UAS to inspect planes in 4K detail, with drones flying over and recording the entire fuselage, or to spot-check hangar roofs and ceilings.

Drones will be a part of U.S. airspace sooner rather than later. Airports need to be proactive, not only to defend their interests in terms of safety and security, but also to maximize the efficiency of their own operations.
It all means that U.S. airports will have plenty of items on their to-do lists for 2019.

Veteran aviation attorney Mark A. Dombroff is an Alexandria, Va.-based member of LeClairRyan and co-leader of the national law firm’s aviation industry practice; mark.dombroff@leclairryan.com .

300 million Americans are begging for some cooperation from the FAA

FAA Top Level Organization Chart headed by Administrator Daniel K. Elwell

Adrienne.Coppedge@faa.gov, Ali.Bahrami@faa.gov, Annie.Andrews@faa.gov, Bailey.Edwards@faa.gov, Carl.Burleson@faa.gov, Charles.Trippe@faa.gov, Chris.Brown@faa.gov, Chris.Rocheleau@faa.gov, Claudio.Manno@faa.gov, Clayton.Foushee@faa.gov, Courtney.Wilkerson@faa.gov, Daniel.Elwell@faa.gov,
David.Chien@faa.gov, Donald.Faulkner@faa.gov, Dorenda.Baker@faa.gov, Dorothy.Reimold@faa.gov,
Earl.Lawrence@faa.gov, Elizabeth.Dayan@faa.gov, Elliott.Black@faa.gov, Geofrey.Frazier@faa.gov, George.Nield@faa.gov, Gerald.Moore@faa.gov, Glen.Martin@faa.gov, Greg.Martin@faa.gov, Janet.McLaughlin@faa.gov, Jeffrey.Vincent@faa.gov, Jerry.Mellody@faa.gov, Jodi.McCarthy@faa.gov, Joe.Miniace@faa.gov, John.Dermody@faa.gov, john.h.mcFall@faa.gov, Joseph.Post@faa.gov, Josh.Holtzman@faa.gov, Karen.Gahart@faa.gov, Kelvin.Coleman@faa.gov, Kem.Parton@faa.gov,
Kevin.Welsh@faa.gov, Kevin.Willis@faa.gov, Kristen.Burnham@faa.gov, Laura.Glading@faa.gov,
Lirio.Liu@faa.gov, Lisbeth.Mack@faa.gov, Mark.Bury@faa.gov, Mark.House@faa.gov, Melissa.King@faa.gov, Michael.A.Meyers@faa.gov, Michael.Artist@faa.gov, Michael.Berry@faa.gov,
Michelle.Root@faa.gov, Mike.ODonnell@faa.gov, Nathan.Tash@faa.gov, Pamela.Whitley@faa.gov,
Pat.McNall@faa.gov, Patricia.Pausch@faa.gov, Paul.Fontaine@faa.gov, Ravi.Chaudhary@faa.gov, Renee.Coates@faa.gov, Rick.Domingo@faa.gov, Roosevelt.Mercer@faa.gov, Sean.Torpey@faa.gov,
Shelley.Yak@faa.gov, Steve.Gottlieb@faa.gov, Sunny.Fanning@faa.gov, Tammy.VanKeuren@faa.gov,
Teri.Bristol@faa.gov, Tina.Amereihn@faa.gov, Vaughn.Turner@faa.gov, Winsome.Lenfert@faa.gov,


Great Lakes Region - Office of the Director, AGL-600
Federal Aviation Administration
Office of the Division Manager, AGL-600
2300 East Devon Avenue
Des Plaines, Illinois 60018
Phone Numbers

Voice: (847) 294-7272 Fax: (847) 294-7036
Office of the Director, AGL-600 Title Name (email) Phone 2017 salary
Director, Susan Mowery-Schalk, 847-294-7272, susan.mowery-schalk@faa.gov, $192,362
Deputy Director, Jim Keefer 847-294-7055, jim.keefer@faa.gov, james.keefer@faa.gov, $189,931
Secretary, Theresa Bonk, 847-294-7272, theresa.bonk@faa.gov,
Administrative Officer, Geralyn Zachas, 847-294-7273 geralyn.zachas@faa.gov, $103,232
Program Analyst, Jeannette Felkins, 847-294-8446 jennette.felkins@faa.gov,
Air Traffic Controller, Ronald W. Wood, 440-251-0353, ronald.wood@faa.gov, $185,029
Air Traffic Controller, James Frank Arrighi, 202-567-1284, james.arrighi@faa.gov, $180,178


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FAA failing to cost effectively implement nextgen tech


The Ugly History of tool Development at the FAA


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FAA Failure on 9/11: The Wall Street Lawyer and the JSOC Hijack Coordinator


FAA’s MSAW Failures: 16 years and no progress?


NTSB FAA investigations


Oversight Broken, Broken, Broken, Particularly in Texas


Advocate statements on FAA failures


The Failures of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)


FAA failures are too close for comfort


Spotlight revealed FAA’s failures. Here’s how to eliminate them.


Lake Arrowhead residents asks for cooperation from FAA


Washington D.C. residents ask for cooperation from FAA


Burien, Washington residents intensify fight with the FAA over airplane noise


FAA flight changes continue to affect Charlotte, North Carolina residents


Studio City, California Residents oppose FAA


Appeals court rules against D.C. residents in fight over noise from National Airport


Point Loma, California Residents Protest Plane Route Change


Airport called on to silence ‘unrelenting’ airplane noise


San Diegans are tired of airport noise


San Diegans air frustrations over flight path changes


Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan asked Attorney General Brian Frosh to sue the Federal Aviation Administration over the noise from aircraf


San Diegans reject proposed Lindbergh Field flight path changes


The problems were caused by a change the administration made in 2014, when the Next Generation Air Transportation System was implemented, the residents said.


FAA to held Southern California public briefings


Culver City, California sues FAA


Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan directed Attorney General Brian E. Frosh on Tuesday to sue the Federal Aviation Administration over new flight patterns at BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport.


Newport Beach sues FAA over proposed flight routes


Pamela Barsam Brown: Now is the time to battle FAA over south Boulder air route


The bill also contains measures to address airplane noise including studies to better understand the effect of noise on communities, programs to address the specific subsets of noise impacts, and the funding to execute these programs.


Laguna Beach and Newport Beach file suit against FAA


Culver City, California lawsuit against FAA


Legal Firm to take action against FAA


Laguna Beach and the FAA


Baltimore Citizens group annual report says FAA 'disowns responsibility' for BWI noise


Columbus, Ohio Nextgen changes delayed again.

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